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  • salinamedlin Mar 17, 2012

    Too many adds that bash their opponent can make the public look at their bashing as desperation.

  • daddybnctown Apr 9, 2011

    As a 28 year UPS employee, I can tell you that Bob Ethridge always used to come and speak to the employess, shake hands and all that every year. THEN, about 5 years ago he stopped coming He didn't return repeated phone calls or invitations to speak to the employees.THAT's why he got FIRED! He lost track of what is important, his constituents at home. Too much time in Washington!

  • nancykadams Jan 31, 2011

    No...I am not a staunched democrat... however, this documentary brought about the awareness that we all need to be reminded of.... Does our vote really count??? Who are the American's for Job Security... Let's be realistic.....WRAL's timing on this issue was right on point for the new Red and Blue regime.... This was an honest, fair and balanced report.... Thank you David....

  • stevenblalock Jan 26, 2011

    Let me get this right. I completely understand that the aim of this "documentary/editorial" is to display Capital Broadcastings/WRAL's dislike of a recently constitutionally upheld law regarding campaign financing. It would be refreshing if they would not veil their political leanings under the documentary label. Both candidates received lots of monies from many unidentified groups. the reality is that Etheridge lost because of his positions and Ellmers won because of Etheridge's positions. She will also lose if her positions do not represent her district. WRAL should stick to reporting what they hear on the Raleigh/Durham police scanner, the weather, the sports and some interesting Tarheel Travellers facts. Finally, tommyaugustine84, on behalf of my uneducated Southern Baptist North Carolinian's let me just say, "bless your little heart". God bless.

  • tommyaugustine84 Jan 25, 2011

    All of you who think this is about Ethridge are ether dumb or deaf. The center peice to this documentary was about the recent changes in campaign finance. I'm sure if Ethridge won with the help of this phantom organization, then all you uneducated-southern-baptist-"Republicans" would be screaming for Sarah Palin to come down to Raleigh and cry about it for you.

  • Micro citizen Jan 25, 2011

    As a citizen of the 2nd district, I voted for Elmers because of the liberal voting record of Bob Etheridge...not because of any TV ad or political contribution. How arrogant and ignorant of Etheridge and WRAL to imply he lost the election because of outside funding. If outside contributions are such a concern, why didn't we hear about them in the Helms/Hunt election years ago when Hunt was bombarded with money from the liberal California entertainment industry? Etheridge lost the votes and respect of district 2 voters. If WRAL continues their one-sided 'news' reporting, they will also lose district 2 viewers...I've already switched my TV to WTVD!!

  • trip2010 Jan 23, 2011

    MR. Etherage has had is 30 Min. policital add. When will you do a 30 Min. policatal add for Congresswoman Elmers?

  • rjwerner Jan 23, 2011

    I watched the "documentary" on line yesterday and wanted to comment but after reading the postings it seems everyone has the same opinion it has to be 10 to 1 that Ethridge was not "harmed" by the outside interests.

    After Obamacare I called Ethridge and said I would now do everything I could the see that he was not re-elected never thinking it could actually happen.

    When your congressman's office tells you that all "town hall" meeting are private and closed you know you have a problem.

  • wiquick Jan 23, 2011

    I started watching this special report and became so disgusted with the bias of the WRAL reporter that I turned it off midway through the story. Isn't it funny that Etheridge received large contributions from Labor Unions who do not represent the 2nd district citizens, yet this did not seem to be an issue for WRAL.
    Bottom line, Etheridge lost the election because he was more interested in representing the left-wing of the democrat party than the largely conservative 2nd district. I pleaded with him NOT to support Obamacare; but, to go slowly and READ THE BILL before voting for it. He ignored the will of the people of the 2nd district and, therefore, lost the election to a lady who pledges to represent US.

  • micoot Jan 22, 2011

    Where the money came from is not the issue in this election. Etheridge lost touch with the constituants. He sided with obama and pelosi on all issues and that is what cost him the election. The people of NC elected someone else because etheridge does not represent the majority.

  • adanc Jan 22, 2011

    Absurd and ridiculous, we all know exactly where WRAL stands now. Etheridge, who had "gone Washington" years ago, should have lost years ago when he stopped representing the people. All it took was a breath of fresh air (Ellmers) which gives people a little hope.

  • tdtdkearney Jan 22, 2011

    SO how is that video actually different than the "Macacca" video used against George Allen?

  • Objective Scientist Jan 22, 2011

    I don't know, have NO idea what the "TRUTH" is with regard to the Etheridge-Ellmers election. Unfortunately, I am - like almost all of us - dependent on sorting through and evaluating as best I can the "news" of such events, including so called documentaries, as presented by local and national news staff and organizations. Documentaries should be the "TRUTH" but perhaps not always. I'm intelligent and discerning, but can never know for certain if I have "figured out" the "TRUTH". I am 100% sure, however, that a lack of transparency with regard to campaign/candidate support a recipe for disaster in our society and political system. The Supreme Court's latest ruling spells BIG TIME trouble and legislation needs to be written to deal with that issue. With regard to "news organizations" (WRAL, CBS, WTVD, ABC, etc., etc.)... that those who "read the news" to us are promoted and advertised not only as "reporters" but as celebrities is very problematic!!!

  • beccasdogs Jan 21, 2011

    It is my opinion, that David Crabtree may well be the best thing to ever happen to WTVD 11. You go Larry Stogner.

  • Barely Jan 21, 2011

    This horrible piece of sham journalism also distracts from the fact that the public is not made up of complete fools. They know a "blindside ambush" when they see one. The video was clearly that. But Etheridge's voting record and questionable ties to the lobbies wer what buried his career in Washington. Not a video, and not mysterious donations to a group that is not a part of the winning candidates campaign.

  • Barely Jan 21, 2011

    Hey, WRAL. How about investigating the actual money that Etheridge took during his career. Ellmers didn't take money from this group and the Supreme Court already ruled on this subject. In fact, the President publicly chastized the Supreme Court for their ruling on that case.

  • BrightLight Jan 21, 2011

    This is a "non-story" story. The real story is about the influence of the "special interests" money on the legislative behavior of the politician after he/she gets to Washington. Does the elected politician cast "payback" votes for special interest donors that are detrimental to the voters who elected him/her? In Ellmers case, this is not a concern since she(or anybody else in this story, for that matter)doesn't know the identity of the special interest donors. You know, if you don't
    know'em you don't owe'em. Beyond the influence of the secret donor dollars, the disparity between the total dollars spent by the Etheridge and Ellmers campaigns should be pointed out. According to a report issued yesterday by the NC FreeEnterprise Foundation, Etheridge spent $1,506,034 and Ellmers spent $627,453. In the end, he was obviously overwhelmed by her secret donor dollars.

  • masars Jan 21, 2011

    For the past 2-3 years I have quietly watched the WRAL evening news and upon its closing simply turned the TV off to forgo the biased journalism of the CBS evening news. It is terribly sad when the LOCAL news affiliates enter that same arena of BIASED reporting under the name, DOCUMENTARY.
    My wife and I are both public educators with graduate and post-graduate degrees. We both sat watching with utter disdain at the level of biased reporting by a supposed veteran journalist. The real story here should have been the focus and desire of a registered nurse to put her career on hold to run for election against a multi-year incumbent for a chance to go to Washington to make a difference in what she believes in. I am not in that district, therefore did not cast a vote either way.
    Renee won, and largely without the backing of the Republican machine, which I thing is great, and a great story; Democrat or Republican. To ask a new Congresswoman, who just left the field of nursing to assume such

  • Chapel Hill Conservative Jan 21, 2011

    WRAL... make a note:

    After the next election cycle when a conservative incumbent loses his/ her seat in Congress, I hope you will be intellectually honest enough to spend the same time and resources that you spent on this "documentary" analyzing why they lost. Turn it into a special "documentary" just as you have this story.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Jan 21, 2011

    Bob Etheridge will need more than 30 minutes of TV time to rehibilitate his name and reputation.

  • Whosays Jan 21, 2011

    You know the votes were re-counted and you are out....nuf said.

  • livinggood2 Jan 21, 2011

    I wish I could find another station where I just could get the local news,Wral is so far off base.You think maybe Crabtree even reads these comments.Wral needs new management.I just hope the owners of the station look at all these statments see where they are headed.If they think this gets good ratings,they are right,with the few liberals who watch such trash.

  • stevenblalock Jan 21, 2011

    Let me get this right. WRAL and Capital Broadcasting, who willingly and freely accepted money from these groups for all of these advertisements are now demonizing those same groups plus giving Bob Etheridge a 30 minute platform to declare foul? How much is 30 minutes of TV time worth to rehibilitate the name and reputation of Bob Etheridge? Isn't that special interest money as well? The bottom line is Bob Etheridge forgot where he came from and looked very bad on the streets of DC regardless of the questioning source. He simply got beat. I suggest that Bob Etheridge accept the free gift from Capital Broadcasting and WRAL and get to know the people of the 2nd District and he might have a future in Congress. I also suggest Renee Ellmers never forget that she represents the people in her district and hold true to not necessarily Republican values but to conservative values. There is a difference. God bless.

  • Chapel Hill Conservative Jan 21, 2011

    6079 SMITH W - "Surely you can do better than to believe all that "Fair and Balanced" "News" that you regurgitate on demand, whenever you and your "ILK" get cornered with facts."


    That I regurgitate on demand??? Perhaps you missed where I stated... "To assume that if you're conservative that you automatically buy into Hannity's spin (and Fox New's take on all political matters), shows a serious amount of ignorance on your part." Perhaps you should bother reading the replies before hitting your "add comment" button.

    Again, for you to parrot the "Fox News is evil" attack you constantly hear from libs instead of discussing the merits of the story at hand simply shows your lack of a credible argument for Crabtree's biased interview of Etheridge. So, you got anything of real substance to discuss regarding THIS story or is the extent of your in-depth analysis pretty much stuck on the simple minded bashing Fox News and conservatives?? - SQUAWK!

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 21, 2011

    Me thinketh thou assumist too much. NICE try with that old tactic of demonizing your opponent by using the "He can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me" defense. Good job also of jumping to the conclusion that I MUST be a "liberal parrot" because we don't agree that your brand of governance-by-talking-points is the new wave. You just may be surprised that I happen to be a native of Harnett County, am not a socialist (never were we visited by any Marxist propagandists out in the 100 degree heat in the tobacco fields, imploring us to rise up against our evil masters) You and your "ILK" are destroying REAL CONSERVATISM in the United States. You wouldn't know a Fascist if he bought your local Congressional seat.

    Surely you can do better than to believe all that "Fair and Balanced" "News" that you regurgitate on demand, whenever you and your "ILK" get cornered with facts. Maybe you should consider pulling your head out of that dark, warm, foul smelling place. ;)

  • tapes37352 Jan 21, 2011

    We need to dump more of the Pelosi puppets.

  • Chapel Hill Conservative Jan 21, 2011

    6079 SMITH W - "Yeah, That's the ticket! Unbiased Sean "Ungiddy" Hannity, right? (HOWLING hysterical laughter) ;)"

    To assume that if you're conservative that you automatically buy into Hannity's spin (and Fox New's take on all political matters), shows a serious amount of ignorance on your part. On a side note, when has Hannity ever represented himself as a news reporter? He's a hack who is good at giving his opinion... that's it.

    Surely you can do better than the liberally parroted "Fox News" argument and stay on track at the same time. If the "Fox News" deflection is what you're bringing to the table, maybe you should reconsider giving your opinion. This is about Crabtree (a local news anchor) and WRAL...

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 21, 2011

    Yeah, That's the ticket! Unbiased Sean "Ungiddy" Hannity, right? (HOWLING hysterical laughter) ;)

  • Chapel Hill Conservative Jan 21, 2011

    donbollinger - "WRAL should fire David Crabtree and apologize to North Carolina! Shame on you all!!!!"

    For that to happen, WRAL would have to admit that David Crabtree violated journalistic ethics by not only doing this "documentary" in the first place, but more so by smooching Bob's rear end all the way through it. It won't happen. After this dog and pony show, WRAL and Crabtree both have lost a good deal of my respect and I hate it.

    David seems like a nice enough guy, but an unbiased reporter, he most definitely is not. Honestly the primary reason I even watch WRAL news anymore is because they have a really good weather crew. Other than that... meh.

    I agree with an earlier post... we desperately need a TRULY unbiased tv news organization here in the Triangle. Even if reporters are biased, they should conceal their "giddiness" when interviewing their favorite politicians. Etheridge interview by Crabtree = FAIL

    Come on WRAL. You can (and should) do better than this.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Jan 21, 2011

    SUSPICIOUS DONATIONS???? Guess I was one of those suspicious donors since I sent it money as a private citizen....guess if you don't get large payments from companies like Bob, then it is suspicious

  • ccacrabbitdog Jan 21, 2011

    i knew it was gonna be pro least wral is consistent

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Jan 21, 2011

    2012 Election coverage reads 'Constituents Turned Off By Etheridge's Pity Party After 2010 Ellmer's Win', reasons as to why Bob Etheridge lost his bid for election.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Jan 21, 2011

    Easley, a Democrat, got off with just a $1000 dollar fine, yet WRAL supports Etheridge in his paranoia that he lost the election because of suspicious donations to Ellmer's campaign by airing this "documentary".

    CAN YOU SAY OBAMACARE WRAL????? THAT is why he lost, but he conviently failed to mention that when interviewed by YOU as to what reasons cost him the election. Etheridge LOST because of OBAMACARE.

    WHERE WERE YOU WRAL, on election night? Why didn't YOU send a camera crew to Dunn to the Shriner's Club to cover Ellmer's reaction to the elections? WDVT and NBC-17 were there, WHERE WERE YOU?????

  • donbollinger Jan 21, 2011

    WRAL should fire David Crabtree and apologize to North Carolina! Shame on you all!!!!

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 21, 2011

    Yeah! THIS is democracy in ACTION! The people have SPOKEN! Now, if we only knew who they are, or why they spent 360,000 dollars supporting a candidate that doesn't represent them, or who paid those "students" to "interview" Bob, or what their price is gonna be for helping her win,(no such thing as a free lunch) or why Ellmers and her propaganda minister, Carter Wrenn, (Mr. Congressional Club HIMSELF) have NO IDEA WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE,(?!) or why $arah stuck her nose in our election to rally the Palinista bloc to support a carpetbagger insurance lobby shill, or why the fleeced have no clue that they've all been sold...mighty BADLY sold. A school board here, a Congressional district there.....soon we will rid ourselves of the sinister clutches of democracy and fair elections and create a new, corporate state where all men can be free once again, and live blissfully ignorant of history's teachings forever after. 50 bucks says it lasts at least a thousand years. ;)

  • samj7577 Jan 21, 2011

    With the help of WRAL Bobby has started his run for reelection. There was not one word in this spot about Bobby's love of the Unions and there financial support of his reelection bid. He started the campaign with well over one million $$ were did that come from and how much flow to him during the election and were did it come from. I didn't see much in depth reporting .
    Bobby lost because he forgot were he came from and who sent him to DC. He forgot his voting record is public and we the voters are able to get our new from sources other than WRAL.

  • sammyg Jan 21, 2011

    I'm rather concerned that the supreme court ruled in favor of allowing all this money to be funneled into the system. We've lost the ability to interact with our statesmen and now they are just puppets on the end of someone else's string. This could blow any direction, regardless of party.

  • Let Us Reason Together Jan 21, 2011

    WRAL you are being taken to the woodshed for good reason.

    Some one in management (insert news director here) should have objected to this pity party for a long time WRAL favored candidate. This should have been called the "Bob Etheridge Re-election Campaign" documentary.

    By the way WRAL, "who are you" to spend this much time and money on sour grapes?

    Junk reporting like this makes me wish there were a real local Fox news channel. Fox 50 is just WRAL on a different channel.

  • Chapel Hill Conservative Jan 21, 2011

    Hey Bob, it's over. Quit pouting, suck it up and move on. This whole story is coming across as nothing more than sour grapes.

  • rbutterw Jan 21, 2011

    This is a ridiculously biased reporting. I don't really care who won, but the reporting and finger pointing here only tend to further divide our population. Interesting that there were several assertions without supporting information on both candidates. Are we making up news now. WRAL and Crabtree you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Do something that serves the people and not add to the momentum begun at the time of the most recent presidential campaigning which is tearing us apart.
    Please report facts and quit trying to instigate - this serves no good purpose. btw it appears that some good 'ol boy network was behind this production, again shame, shame, shame.

  • bluegrass4u2 Jan 21, 2011

    Right message wrong messagers. Why dont't you & Bob take defeat like an adult and quit crying like a BABY!!!!

  • adelaidestallings Jan 21, 2011

    To Me, bobs biggest problem was that he was a 7 term incumbant, smoozing around with all the other bigwigs and the perks that came with the office. Congessman its not a lifetime appointment, after 1 maybe 2 terms its time to go home and let somebody else do their civic duty. However passing healthcare without ever reading the whole bill and fully understanding it because Pelosi said to, did't help your case any

  • qrvmedic Jan 21, 2011

    David Crabtree is obviously a big fan of Etheridge - this showed during his interviews with the candidates prior to the election when he pressed Elmers aggressively for answers to questions and treated Etheridge with kid gloves. He will not let his buddy loosing the election go as this "documentary" shows. Likewise WRAL is obviously going to make every attempt to portray Elmers in a negative light during her term in office. Calling this piece of journalistic trash a documentary is as inaccurate as calling David Crabtree an unbiased journalist. Perhaps WRAL needs to make sure their reporters keep their personal political preferances off the air or hire more professional reporters.

  • tomesmith Jan 20, 2011

    Why not talk about where Bob was coming from when he grabbed that kid by the neck and screamed the now infamous "who are you???"? He was coming from a get together with Nancy Pelosi. That is a fact. Check it out. She spent more money on alcohol than anyone in the congress. The way that he looked and acted leaves much to the imagination. Bob outspent Ellmers by nearly a million dollars. Over half a million came from outside sources. The Ehteridge campaign had someone at every Ellmers event and most of the time they were filming her every move. Believe me had they been able to catch her doing the least thing out of bounds it would have been on WRAL news in a flash.

  • ttabar Jan 20, 2011

    What are those guidelines ?.....not TOO conservative ?

  • ttabar Jan 20, 2011

    Wheres the doc. on David Price or Brad Miller ? Or Obama's illegal internet contributions, or Bev Perdues illegal flights ?...or ACORN's illegal contributions ? No wonder FOX beats you guys so badly !! They are the only "FAIR & ACCURATE " ones !!!

  • jdupree Jan 20, 2011

    The Comentator seemed biased in this program. While he asked in depth questions of Mrs. Elmers, he did not ask Etheridge for any sources of his adds and what if any of his contributions came from out of state. Etheridge and WRAL seemed upset with the amount of money spent on the adds but no exception was taken with the truthfulness of the adds. I guess this is one of those "If they cannot complain about what you did, they will complain about how you did it" things. If Etheridge voted with Pelosi 97% of the time, he was unAmerican and needed to be voted out. I agree that too much money is spent on elections, but union money is just as big a problem as organizations like Americans for Jobs. Overall, I felt the program was biased and basically a comercial for Democrats.

  • helen2 Jan 20, 2011

    It is scary that a lot of people leaving comments here are not concerned about who puts up the money for candidates ads. This is a real problem. No one should be afraid to put their name to their donations. Party affiliation is not the issue. Full disclosure about donations removes the possibility of unfair practices.

  • williammjohnston Jan 20, 2011

    David, What about all the labor union money always given to Democrats (including BOB) , the NEA, etc. (also) you really think BOB's pre election millions in his war chest came from millions of concerned individuals who just like BOB? What is the difference in corporate concern (from successful business)
    vs special interest groups like NEA, AFL/CIO, Auto Workers, Title Lawyers, Bar Associations and the hundreds of other labor related groups that have only a liberal agenda?

  • ttabar Jan 20, 2011

    Thanks for this ! It made me so angry I got a great workout at the gym ! Where is the "fair & accurate"? This was neither! Where is the doc. on David Price or Brad Miller ?.....or on the illegal internet contributions from terrorists org. to obama ?....or from ACORN ? Sorry "YOUR" candidate lost ! Maybe America can stave off socialism/communism for awhile longer!!! Thank goodness for FOX news !! They ARE "fair & accurate"!!! Where did Ethridge get HIS money ? Where is your REAL investigative reporting ?.....or is that reserved for conservatives ?

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