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  • james27613 Nov 12, 2010

    Perhaps he can cut back on some of his expenses, like cable tv, internet, cell phone plan, etc.

    I've always had coverage since I started working back in 1975.

    Yes, things are a little different now, however, you got to pay your own way.

    The man is going to need a cat scan, at the very least to find out what the problem(s) is/are with him.

    If he needs insurance coverage, then he should look at another type of work such as retail.

    Self medicating himself is the wrong way to go, too many people kill themselves by doing this.

    Instead, he has come up with his own prescription of probiotics and vitamins, and he has started looking for a job that provides health benefits.

  • james27613 Nov 12, 2010

    I don't know of any MD office where they will see you without getting your copay up front OR your payment in full.

    Just go to the doctors that you need to and don't pay.

    i would rather deal with collection agencies than be sick and maybe even die.

  • me2you Nov 12, 2010

    cary1969...who said anything about catastrophy. why can't people go out and get health care if they're sick and it be affordable? WHY does it have to be unbelievably expensive?

  • me2you Nov 12, 2010

    jprime..i think the moral of the story is...for many people, including him. $300-$400 isn't there. must be great to live in an ivory tower.

  • jprime Nov 12, 2010

    "I think what I realize in all of this is my life has a price tag"

    And apparently $300-$400 a month is more than he is willing to pay for his life.

  • ncguy Nov 12, 2010

    Yes you can get that catastrophic insurance but the deductable is way out there.

    Just go to the doctors that you need to and don't pay.

    i would rather deal with collection agencies than be sick and maybe even die.

  • cary1969 Nov 12, 2010

    Please...catastrophic insurance at BCBS is $84.82, I know because I've been on it for two years. You can afford insurance if you set your priorities.

  • koala295 Nov 12, 2010

    "Get more financially responsible," "cut expenses," "increase your revenue?" Seriously? That's easy to say, but not always possible. If you are trying every way you can (short of sitting on your behind drawing welfare) to keep your head above water, that's sometimes all you can do especially in this economy. I think I'll go out and get myself taller, and I hope some people will go out and get them some humanity!

  • ohmygosh Nov 12, 2010

    Things have changed so much. In 1966 the company sponsored health premium was $9.33 per month for a family plan. No managed care. The bills were paid. Drugs were covered.

    Of course, this was before big medicine/technology figured out how to drive up costs astronomically. Also it was before big lawyers attacked the system in droves.

    To some extent, one got what they paid for. For example the level of technology: A pregnancy test still required killing a rabbit. If you went to the hospital, chances were 50/50 that you died. Salt was good for you, so were meat and dairy products.

    One problem is the lack of cures. Lifetime treatments for XYZ are bleeding the system and enriching pill suppliers and treatment facilities.

  • melanie3 Nov 12, 2010

    but companies have also been increasingly getting rid of offering benefits like health insurance, they too cannot afford it. Of course, every republican and their supporters fought us tooth and nail in helping sick people and corporations from this continued burden that only we require companies deal with. Every other western nation doesn't. But, it would have made health not as profitable as it used to be so can't have that, the CEO's of health insurance companies convinced us of that. Did you guys pay any attn to how much money BCBSNC gave to Burr? Thank god the GOP is now planning on repealing it.. that'll help the economy and regain jobs..

  • we_all_have_it_coming Nov 12, 2010

    Hey man - just hang on.... as soon as O's health care plan gets going.... you can wait until you get sick to buy insurance. Cool, heh?

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Nov 11, 2010

    "It is pathetic in the United States that someone who is working and trying to keep their head above water is beaten down by an unfair system."

    The unfair part of the system is the over burdened tax system. If working people were allowed to keep more of their hard earned money, they could buy health insurance. And for me, I could afford both strippers AND booze.

  • hadtotry Nov 11, 2010

    I work in healthcare. The dirty little secret is that the government has been shifting cost for years. What they will pay, if they pay, for Medicare and Medicaid patients doesn't even cover overhead. That is what causes the "rising cost of healthcare". The government caused it and now they propose to solve it? I'm so sick of the situation after many years, I am back in school so I can get out of healthcare. This healthcare bill is going to ruin healthcare in the US. The rich will just go elsewhere.

    I know many doctors that will retire or leave the country. Clinics and hospitals are being built right now in Costa Rica, Honduras (there is already a hospital in operation for Americans there) and the Caribbean.

    You can have your healthcare plan... it won't be what you think your wonderful Congress gave you! I believe that our rights derive from a Higher Source, not Congress. There is no right to healthcare.

  • IceCreamMan Nov 11, 2010

    God forbid services cost money. This guy knew he had no insurance and that any type of serious health problem could cost a good bit. It's his own fault for not being financially responsible. He should've been cutting expenses or increasing his revenue all along. He didn't and now he's paying the price.

  • koala295 Nov 11, 2010

    I only registered to comment on "Keepin's" comment, but now I see no need. They always "open their mouths and remove all doubt" if you wait long enough!

  • howdiditgettothis Nov 11, 2010

    Keepin it real in NC - please plug your flow of stupid comments. Good grief.

    It is pathetic in the United States that someone who is working and trying to keep their head above water is beaten down by an unfair system.

    Yet, the deadbeats who get their medicaid, welfare and food stamps get FREE health care folks (courtesy of your tax dollars).

  • shortz1994 Nov 11, 2010

    go to wake med an tell them your homeless, or you get billed an don't pay, were is the health care mr.obama, promised all americans.. it goes to all the illegals thats were it is, or to the ones who drive 20-30" rims an hummers to get food stamps.. trust me been there seen it..

  • Squirreling Dervish Nov 11, 2010

    yet he has a computer, flat screen monitor, printer...Listen, I can sympathize with this guy, I really can. No matter how much ( or little) I made, I ALWAYS had health insurance and when I was renting, renters insurance...Sometimes I had to work to jobs to afford it, but I had ( have) it.. I don't expect anyone to pay for me.

  • Mom2two Nov 11, 2010

    I have always been covered by health insurance either through my employer or my husband's until this year. I pay $211/mo with a $2700 deductible. I had to have kidney stone surgery in October so I maxed out my $5K out-of-pocket. I am making about 9K a year in a part-time contractor job. I figured that without the insurance ($7500 for premiums and deductibles) that I would have been out $20K or more.

    I am blessed to be married to a man with a secure, full-time job who carries our children on his policy. I am one of the lucky ones. But there are so many out there that aren't so lucky. I truly believe that we need insurance reform so badly, and hopefully, so will our new legislators, despite there being a strong political will from some that have a different opinion.

  • rplain Nov 11, 2010

    I guess you're a christian, too, Keepin?
    Anyways, I've been in this situation, until just recently. Insurance is the ONLY thing that will even get you in to a Dr's office, and "clinics" are NOT free people. Health care in the richest country is only for the richest. If you aren't in that percentile, than you can plan on suffering until it's ER time, or die. No other choice, and that's disgraceful.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 11, 2010

    Insurance or not, I hope he won't endanger his life by not seeing a doctor. I believe he could work out a payment plan with a doctor.

  • psycho Nov 11, 2010

    Your taxes pay his salary if he's a public school system contractor. It's a societal problem of high cost of medical care versus salaries and benefits that don't allow insurance to be feasible. Making flip remarks doesn't help come up with a real answer. If your life were in danger because you couldn't afford medical care, would you feel differently?

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