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  • stevensstuartharold Sep 30, 2010

    Pay on weekly draw system. The government does it and you don't see them getting screwed.

  • Luv2Camp Sep 29, 2010

    They key is to pay as you go. About 10 years back, I trusted a "friend" to do some work for me. I paid him in full for the job as he WAS a family friend. He came up with excuse after excuse after excuse. I finally was FORCED to fire him when he put my kids' health in jeopardy. I got most of the money back through a threat of a lawsuit. Lesson learned - friend or not, pay only 10% down and then pay as the contract completes the job. Learn from me and don't make my mistakes....particularly with "friends".

  • HangOnThere Sep 29, 2010

    There's an NC Landscape Contractor Registration Board for a reason! The good, honest, experienced people who know what they're doing are Registered Landscape Contractors; same with Irrigation contractors.
    BBB means nothing. It has no power, just a rating/arbitration service and businesses have to PAY to be a "member". There are plenty of honest businesses who refuse to pay exorbitant BBB dues just for their blessing.

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