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  • NRAalltheway Aug 27, 2010

    A true warrior in the strictest way. Unwavering in his love of his troops. Glad that I was able to serve during his tenure. And to top it off, he's from the great state of North Carolina! Hooah General!

  • ncwiseguy Aug 27, 2010

    general shelton.......from speed....close to hobgood, lawrence (also known as killquick), and leggett. all great eastern north carolina places.

    what a great american from this part of our state!!!!

  • ncwiseguy Aug 27, 2010

    congratulations general shelton........thanks for a job well done!!!

  • nnb Aug 27, 2010

    And he's a fine product of NC STate University

  • u stand corrected Aug 27, 2010

    God bless you! Job well done. America owes you much!

  • DiscoStu65 Aug 27, 2010

    awesome! i was fortunate enough to hear him speak to my freshman class in college. he's a true hero.

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