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  • Timetogo Mar 9, 2010

    Dontcha just love rehabilitation? Let's spend more money on computers, classes and self improvement for these fine, mis-guided individuals. :)

  • superman Mar 9, 2010

    beach4me-- guess you never been to many stores. You ever been to Lowes or Home Depot? Most stores have people at the door now-- maybe not checking receipts but they are there checking you as you come in and as you leave. If you arent taking anything why do you care that they are checking you? Reducing shoplifting helps to reduce the prices. Honest people dont mind being checked.

  • ncguy Mar 9, 2010

    what happened to 3 strikes?

    bad part about it is he has spent more time in jail then a sex offender?

  • genie2u Mar 9, 2010

    Worthless. Don't let them back out, they are a drain on society. I know my tax dollars will support them but at least I do not have to worry about them trying to break into my house and steal what doesn't belong to them.

    Citizens really ought to start just piling up on people like this and handling business before cops get there, maybe that will make them think twice

  • fishon Mar 9, 2010

    Stealing, assault, and armed robbery is worth the effort when you know that a color tv, food, shelter, work out room, heat-A/C, is waiting for you.

    Bring on Sheriff Joe from AZ. Tofu or other meat subsitute, pink clothing, tents, no basketball, weights, TV or radio. Bore them into becoming good citizens.

  • Journey985 Mar 9, 2010

    What a couple of Model citizens!!!

  • cth1 Mar 9, 2010

    Good Lord....what's it going to take to keep this guy behind bars? With all those charges I don't understand why he was walking the streets and able to do this again. I guess someone has to be killed to keep this guy in prison!! I sure hope I never cross his path!! I don't want to be his next victim!!

  • whatusay Mar 9, 2010

    Prison is not a deterrent and does not rehabilitate criminals, it only emboldens them. After they see what prison is like I really believe they think that if that's the worse that can happen it is worth it. Stealing, assault, and armed robbery is worth the effort when you know that a color tv, food, shelter, work out room, heat-A/C, is waiting for you.

    Government might consider setting up a reservator for them with armed guards. Let them grown their own food and stay on the reservation and make their own laws, ours isn't working.

  • tanlyn2 Mar 8, 2010

    why was he even out of jail? Look at his priors...throw away thekey.

  • mewuvbb Mar 8, 2010

    If people would spend their time looking for a job instead of stealing the stuff in the stores would not be so high. One thing I can not stand is a lie and a thief.

  • anonemoose Mar 8, 2010

    Next time, go to a Wal Mart where the police have a no chase policy, and all will be okie-doke.

  • Beach4Me Mar 8, 2010

    Another reason I don't go to Walmart. Something is always happening inside or in the parking lot. Also, I can't stand being checked as I go out. They should be checking folks as they come in.

  • 1 of the original Americans Mar 8, 2010

    Both suspects were placed in the Wayne County jail. Braswell was given a $290,000 bond, and Hunter a $75,000 bond.

    looks like Wayne county knows how to set bonds!!!

  • working for deadbeats Mar 8, 2010

    You mean people don't have the right to take whatever they want whenever they want it? The gov't steals from me every two weeks.

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