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  • disgruntled Jan 29, 2010

    These people were originally sentenced to DEATH! Commuting their sentences to life should still mean they leave prison when they are DEAD!

  • chfdcpt Jan 29, 2010

    Actually itls, the problem is with the knuckleheads legislature in those years. At that time, life expectancy was around 75, so they made life sentence to mean 80 years.

    If there is any incompetence in this issue, it rests with the legislature. They are the ones that come up with the laws, yet they don't review what is in the current codes.

    What should scare you folks more than anything else is that we have an elected governor that is spouting that she does not care what the law says about this issue. The next law she does not care about could be the one that affects you directly.

  • WHEEL Jan 29, 2010

    All those geniuses in the Legislature and high paid administrators in the Dept. of Corrections that cannot pass or enforce a simple LIFE SENTENCE law is a furthur embarassement to a State with plenty to go around already.

  • gm Jan 28, 2010

    "If they aint DEAD, the LIFE sentence has NOT been carried out."

    lol, you beat me to it!

  • Geminigirl Jan 28, 2010

    If they aint DEAD, the LIFE sentence has NOT been carried out.

    A LIFE sentence means you are CARRIED out of the prison in a prone position.

  • Eightball Jan 28, 2010

    The people they killed were given a sentence...NO LIFE, forever & ever...why should they be given the chance to resume theirs???

  • ranquick Jan 28, 2010

    I DO NOT understand me LIFE means LIFE

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