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  • donnied1952 Jan 12, 2010

    The really sad part is these people knew they were being overpaid and didn't even have to show up at work and they just kept quiet and kept taking out tax paid money.

    They should all be in jail for corruption, bribery and a whole laundry list of charges.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 12, 2010

    What group of people do you think would be the biggest blockade in getting liquor sold in private stores?

    Hints: It's not the goverment. And, they hold services every Sunday.

    Heck, we're still trying to fight the religious Blue Laws.

  • WHEEL Jan 12, 2010

    Banker says it was one of the best business models he had ever seen. The only business in the County selling, with State enforcement, an addictive substance is a pretty good start.

  • pbjbeach Jan 12, 2010


    It doesnt really matter what their party afflation is corruption is corruption in my estimation. But when you get right down to it they were probably (blue dog democrats) because they aren't any different than a right-winged wing nut of the republican party Thank You

  • pbjbeach Jan 12, 2010

    I personaly fail to to see the difference in what these employees have accepted gifts from the industry in which they work an why is this any different than our good old boy network of legisturs respresentives an state senators being on the take from the people that lobby them everyday to get things done their way graft is graft regardles of where it come from thank you

  • BULLDOZER Jan 12, 2010

    Always ask yourself this question, "How much would the free market pay these folks to run a liquor store?" The answer is, a whole lot less than they are being paid. Yet, ANOTHER great example of government run 'anything' run badly and over budget.

  • chfdcpt Jan 12, 2010

    Sort of like how much we are paying the Wake Co school superintendant. And the funny thing is that the schools are not getting any better.

  • gcmann Jan 11, 2010

    For that kind of money they must of been paid by the drink - theirs, not the public's.

  • superman67112005 Jan 11, 2010

    Gas = Liquor

    Does anyone see the connection?

    Gas sells. Sells to public at high price while company makes record profits each quarter. Poor man goes broke.

    Liquor sells. Sells to public at higher cost than a pepsi. Record Salaries. Poor man goes broke, but broke with a smile.

  • lynnsings Jan 11, 2010

    If North Carolina wants to truly be a modern, up & coming State...they need to relinquish the sale of liquor to privately owned businesses. They would still receive any set taxes but save on the extravagant salaries and "good 'ol boy" politics that continue to haunt and hamper our continued success. It's 2010...get with it!

  • superman67112005 Jan 11, 2010

    "Stephen Culbreth, a former member of the New Hanover County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board said in an interview with WRAL News that, in light of recent controversy, the board probably should have paid their top administrator less money."

    Ya Think!......Takes an interview to realize that!

    A little bit o' the juice aday, will help to keep the "common sense" thoughts away!

  • Vietnam Vet Jan 11, 2010

    I've said it before. Government control of alcohol simply doesn't work. Remember that farce known as prohibition? Let the private sector take care of the sales, and get rid of the good old boy network, which will save the counties and the state money which can be used elsewhere. The state and counties will still receive revenue via taxes without having to have the infrastructure and expense of selling the product. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. State makes money without having to spend money. And of course the private sector will cater to its customers by making more convenient store hours?? Win-win for us!

  • tatermommy52 Jan 11, 2010

    Their party affiliation was not listed so they must be Democrats.

  • jas1022 Jan 11, 2010

    Any government run program is really just another phrase for laundering money so they can line their already fat wallets. It's all a sham and the NC government is a PERFECT example of how a government should not be run. They are running ours into the ground. Let actual stores sell the liquor and get rid of the 'sin tax' (another phrase for lining their wallets), other states do it and it works 10 times better than the mess we got.

  • superman Jan 11, 2010

    How can he defend the salaries. Just admit that what they did was wrong and take the heat. You dont have to do much to sell liquor-- it kinda sells itself. The whole county system of government needs to be investiaged. Where were the CC when this was going-- part of the profit goes to the county. Any business is always looking to make profits as high as possible and spending 500,000 for two people doesnt look good.

  • indrdw Jan 11, 2010

    These salaries are ridiculous and then the bonuses and kickbacks on top of that. Funny this is a father and son deal. Good old boy system working for them I am sure. This is a shame and insult when there is such a need in our state treasury and the state keeps sucking the life out of its taxpayers. These guys need to go or have their pay cut in half. A lot of people just as qualified would be there to take their positions if they didn't like the paycuts.

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