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  • Buddy1 Dec 18, 2009

    English teachers must weep any time they read comments on WRAL.

  • HeBlessesMe Dec 18, 2009

    It's funny reading about all these people that are so adamant about keeping these inmates in prison, but no one seems to care that the woman who killed the 6 year old after running past the stopped school bus is in prison. Wrong is wrong, so why is she free? Murder is murder and she knew better and just blantanly disregarded the law of stopping for school busses and children. She killed a child and served NO time. This little girl was 6 years old!!!!!!! If she can be set free with a slap on the wrist, a person who is being kept in prison and by law should be released, should go home.

  • pwilliamson53 Dec 18, 2009

    These two had a choice when they made it,which is why they are in prison now. The people that were killed, didn't get the chance to say I want to live!! This release is wrong, life is life. They took the life of their victims, were spared the death penalty and giving a life sentence. Well I don't know who's life they were talking about but "life" is in my opinion until you die in prison. This is the first thing Perdue has done that I stand by her. If only she would get mad and do more for our state as she has to fight the release.

  • Tackman792000 Dec 18, 2009

    It's ironic how our laws work! The pastor in Sanford who killed his wife got out after only serving 5 years. These two are just like any other inmates. If their sentence is up, release them. If they were sentenced under that 1974 law, we have to abide by the law. As unpopular as it may be what choices do we have? That's why we have laws and if the State of NC is not going to abide by it's own law, I certainly hope they don't expect me to abide by them either!

  • tarheelalum Dec 18, 2009

    Disregard the law! Who needs law! So what it is illegal to keep these inmates detained! The law is irrelevant if someone feels it's wrong! If I disagree with a law, of course I don't have to abide by it! Right? You people are unbelievable

  • sylviatyson Dec 18, 2009

    Why not let everybody that have commited a crime such as murder, rape stay in prison. Don't let nobody out. Because if you don't let these people out because some feel they should be kept in prison, well let all stay. Wrong is Wrong. There will be so many prison around, they're probably be building some in your neighborhood. Some people can be rehabilitated and some can't. A chance we take. Can't change the law to fit our feelings. Pray for these people that they have change. People let God be the judge. Let us follow the law, because if we start to change or adjust the law because we feel it don't fit the crime, well it may affect you or some of your family members one day. Think about it.

  • timothycapwell Dec 18, 2009

    I don't see what so hard to understand here. The (really flawed) law that was on the books when these people were convicted has been carried out. You can't go back and retro-activate their sentences. It's absurd to think so.

    I bet "Bev" Perdue has gone from "furious" to, oh, I dunno, "really furious"?? Although her grandstanding is baseless since she signed 2 bills passed by her democrat-controlled legislature that reduces sentences for convicted felons. She's a hack, and a bad one to boot!

  • whatsupwiththat Dec 18, 2009

    and how come I don't get credit for good behavior???

  • whatsupwiththat Dec 18, 2009

    I know several people who have served far less time for murder....does that make it right? No. But, like I tell me kids, the "fair" comes once a year, and it ain't today. They should be the custody of their victims' family.

  • HeBlessesMe Dec 18, 2009

    It's interesting that everyone wants these inmates kept in prison due to the crimes they committed over 40 years ago. Now, do you all realize that there are many murders that were sentenced to life sentences already released and walking the same streets you walk everyday? How do I know? I know people who were incarcerated for petty crimes that have done time with murders. Under the current law, they were given LIFE sentences and had to serve a mandatory 10 or 25 year sentence. Once completed, they were released because they served their term under the LAW!!!!!!! No need to ask for facts, those who have been incarcerated for the petty crimes, pointed out people who have murdered and then I was able to pull their public record. And guess what? They have don't bother me because I don't bother them. Keep in mind, you never truly know who is in your neighborhood, on your job, or walking the streets with you.

  • tanner Dec 18, 2009

    I think a lot of people are missing the point. The argument against their release is that "credit for good behavior" should not be automatic. Just because they were in prison for a certain amount of time, the credit shouldn't be adjusted against their time. It should be reviewed to see if they actually deserved the time for good behavior. Someone with 15 infractions a year should not get credit for good behavior. According to their attorneys, the new release date is based on credit for good behavior deducted from their initial sentences. Who says they earned it?

  • Iconoclast Dec 17, 2009

    It is vitally important that the rule of law prevail no matter what the popular opinion might be. To fail to follow the law would be the first step in changing our government to one where the law is what the person in charge says the law is. You know, like Iran and North Korea. Thankfully, Governor Perdue is not our dictator yet, even if she may want to be.

  • GoGreen Dec 17, 2009

    No worries, the snow will keep them incarcerated at least 'til Monday.

  • Tarheelfan13 Dec 17, 2009

    Let me bring this up again as others have stated in that ex post facto applies here where inmates cannot receive a greater punishment after the fact from a new law. That is actually a principle of the United States Constitution which is the Supreme law of the Land. The reality is that these inmates would likely be released under a federal court order even if the state of North Carolina does everything within the state legal system to continue to hold these prisoners. This case is a good Constitutional lesson and a reminder that legislatures need to pay closer attention to the specifics of legislation they write in reference to future controversies such as this one.

  • Bob12345 Dec 17, 2009

    What a disgrace to the justice system.if they had been given the needle like they should have we would not have this problem

  • sylvia12 Dec 17, 2009


  • mandrepage Dec 17, 2009

    After reading the comments to date on this topic,in my singular pathetic opionion, there appears to be a majority of posters who have never been locked up!Those with the opinion of "keep em locked mentality" cannot know what prison life does to a human, and how much it changes one.Time to think? Time to accept their faults and make a better life? ......A possibility?..... Not to those who choose to dare think a little!!

  • Harvey Dec 17, 2009

    What part of "legal" don't y'all get?

  • clickhere Dec 17, 2009

    citizen782 has some good points. I don't think they should allow any time off for good behavior in a murder conviction, or at the most 10%. These 2 folks are getting more than 50%, and that seems grossly wrong. The governor shouldn't be trying to change the law after-the-fact, but she should get some credit for trying to hold them in jail for a fair amount of time (like 70 or 80 years).

  • Tax Man Dec 17, 2009

    I think we need to take this to the Supreme Court - I also think these felons should require 24/7 electronic monitoring if released and if they so much as drop a cigarette on the sidewalk need to be punished to the full extent of the current laws. Perhaps Ms Faye could perform community service for the police department for the rest of her life - since she saw fit to actively assist in the murder of a police officer. Cleaning the toilets in all the police stations might work - under supervision of the deceased policeman's wife and kids!

  • teacher-mom Dec 17, 2009

    Why can't the powers that be rewrite the laws? Life should mean life.

  • colliedave Dec 17, 2009

    The Rule of Law must apply and they must be set free. This proves that poorly crafted laws have unintended results.

  • WRALblows Dec 17, 2009

    Anger at the Judges is misdirected. Anger at the Gov. would be misdirected if it wasn't for her childish behavior. The only justified rage is that towards legislators who create the legal definition of the life sentence in the 70's. And they're either dead or gone.

    The Supreme Court probably won't even grant a hearing. They might but it would just be to give the State a platform to spew on. It will change nothing. Shame on Roy Cooper for not advising the Gov. correctly before she crossed into legal territory she didn't understand.

    But then everyone would have bashed her for "letting killers go", again completely misdirected since she has no say what-so-ever.

  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Dec 17, 2009

    For a nation that prides itself on being a nation of laws, we do seem too ready to toss the law out when a hiccup arises. I don't like this situation, and I'm more upset over the bad decision by the legislature than I am the courts. The court system is doing its job.

    No ex post facto law is a fundamental, Constitutional right. Justice is not the same thing as fairness. We are a nation of law, not equity.

    I worry over the fact that so many people will abandon integrity over this. What's the point of having laws when we only enforce them when we care to?

  • Road-wearier Dec 17, 2009

    Kids, the rule of law has to apply. The way the law was written when these people were incarcerated, they have legal rights to be free now. It matters not if we like it or not now - that's the way the law was written then and must be applied. This country runs under law, not under the whim of the governor or president or we're no different than a two bit banana republic governed by the whim of the leaders.

  • chfdcpt Dec 17, 2009

    Ok folks, our Governor is trying to come up with an ex post facto; which is illegal according to our Constitution...

    'The 'words and the intent' of the Ex Post Facto Clause encompass '[e]very law that changes the punishment, and inflicts a greater punishment, than the law annexed to the crime, when committed.' Calder v. Bull, 3 U.S. (1 Dall.) 386, 390 (1798) (opinion of Chase, J.).

    An ex post facto law is a law passed after the occurrence of an event or action which retrospectively changes the legal consequences of the event or action."

  • mimser Dec 17, 2009

    You can't have it both ways people. You say "keep these people locked up because they didn't abide by the law", then simultaneously say "don't abide by the law, keep them locked up"

    The law is the law, or it isn't. It's clear the law indicates their release. No amount of knee-jerk kill 'em all politics should apply.

  • Redneck Fun Dec 17, 2009

    I hate to say this, but let them go. The law is the law. Maybe now the politicians in NC will think before they vote. Maybe NC citizens will think before they vote as well. Time to wake up people, this state has really screwed up our legal system!!

  • euimport Dec 17, 2009

    why do they actually want to be out? who would hire them? who would rent to these "people"? never mind ... the tax payer will keep them well fed as reward for not killing anyone while in prison. they'll be arrested for something else within weeks.

  • eviltwinbob Dec 17, 2009

    Well again NC is the place to kill a law enforcement officer and not get your just punishment. I get sick of NC law makers, judges and those that feel for the criminal. Bull-ony criminals have no fear in NC that their crimes will be punished. That is why heinous murder and crimes are taking place more and more with the violators becoming younger. Just once I would like a victim to be a senator's, judge's, or law maker's family. There will a public outcry like no other. Emergency sessions, behind the scenes lobbing, back door deals will be made. What about the public servants that enforce the laws. Where is their outcry form the law makers? Be fore warned law work for us because we can replace you. Remember Elizabeth Dole. Hagen may not be a Dole, but Dole forgot who she worked for and got replaced. I think a shake up in Raleigh is need to remind folks that they need to protect those that protect the public. When a L/E officer is murdered, the death penalty should be issued

  • adamfranklin1787 Dec 17, 2009

    furburg: believe me, no one will miss you if you leave this 'joke' of a state. We have too many people like you here already.

    The governor is showing her true colors in this pathetic act of blatant political pandering. It is rather sad that the executive of our state has such a little grasp of basic Civics. The law is the law, despite what she might wish it to be. Why are so many people up in arms about the courts simply doing its job and obeying the law?

  • Buddy1 Dec 17, 2009

    peyton1717 said: "We have gang members on the street that have killed, served a couple years and are back out on the streets again."

    Could please cite facts to backup this assertion?

  • francinefeldman Dec 17, 2009

    Stay in jail!!! Life means you stay in jail for the rest of your life. No credits! Why do we have a court system and a jury trial? Sentencing was already determined!!!! What about the people you killed? They will never be able get their life back!!!

  • peyton1717 Dec 17, 2009

    had the same crimes been committed today they probably would have gotten 10 years versus life. Our justice system is messed up. We have gang members on the street that have killed, served a couple years and are back out on the streets again. Those are the ones the Gov needs to be concerned with. These two have served time under the law they were sentenced under. Let them go and fight the crime going on NOW!!!!!!

  • patrick85ed Dec 17, 2009

    I have little issue with this so long as they move into your neighborhood.

  • sinenomine Dec 17, 2009

    Life may mean life now, but anyone who claims it did under the 1974 law hasn't read Judge Rand's order, much less the law as it existed thirty or so years ago. The fact that someone may WANT life to have meant life at that time has nothing to do with it no matter how loud anyone may shout to the contrary.

    Inane? Yes, probably. But don't go blaming governors, judges, attorneys, or the murderers themselves. The people who dreamed up this idiotic law were the legislators who voted for it three decades ago, pure and simple. If you can find any of them still in office after all this time throw them out at the next election.

    As for the prisoners, they have a right to their freedom under the law. How long they keep it will depend on how they use it.

  • JayJay Dec 17, 2009

    While I do agree that life ought to mean life I also agree that you can't retroactvely change the law. So they should be released. Besides if you look at the deails of many of these cases these crimes were committed when many of these poeple were in their teens and twenties. Most are close to 50 now. They are not the same people.

  • jafarmg2 Dec 17, 2009

    Did you all see ABC's story last night about how furious the governor is? She hosted her Christmas party and invited convicted felons who work at the mansion. She hugged them, shook their hands, etc. Yep, she's really furious all right.
    Rational Thinking

    Yea, and I had to laugh! Among her guests were 2 men convicted of first degree murder and 5 convicted of 2nd degree murder. You go Gov!!! tough on crime....soft on crime....tough on crime...soft on crime. which way will it be today?

  • Bellamia Dec 17, 2009

    Law was probably changed by some Liberal Yank, Wish you would take the rest of them with you when you leave furburg

  • Suasponte Dec 17, 2009

    My $.02 I believe they should have been put to death in the first place. That said, the state of NC botched that process. The legislature continued in their debacle by enacting stupid sentencing laws, no doubt to benefit one of their own. Now they must live with the consequence. The governor is trying to gain political points, no more. These cases have been festering for years and nobody cared. I hear shouts of "but what about the victims and their families". The state of NC demonstrated their "care" by their laws and sentencing. The day has arrived to face the consequence of their ignorance. Open the gates. Citizenry, arm yourselves. Aim small, miss small.

  • jurydoc Dec 17, 2009

    And here we go again. Please just let the people out to join the other 512 first and second degree murderers who were released from NC prisons in the last year without any hoopla.

  • josep4567 Dec 17, 2009

    furburg-"good...... bye"

  • ranquick Dec 17, 2009

    a LIFE sentence is LIFE you people!!!!! no good behavior should be even looked at.... The guy I saw on the News last night looks harden and I would bet he will kill again. You lawyer defending them need to be in the cell beside them and live with them get to know them before they decide to let a MURDER out of a life sentence

  • furburg Dec 17, 2009

    This is one big reason why im hoping to move out of this Joke of a state, Go ahead and let them murders out first time they dont get their way they will end up killing someone, might end up being you or one of your kids, and i would sure like to know why these to were eligible for good behavior credits.

  • RonnieR Dec 17, 2009

    Life did not mean life when they were sentenced, it meant 80 years and a later law cut in half all sentences being served at that time. Life became 40 years. DOC awarded good time and gain time and their sentences have been served. The Gurverness ought to let them go. Today life does mean life.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Dec 17, 2009

    Did you all see ABC's story last night about how furious the governor is? She hosted her Christmas party and invited convicted felons who work at the mansion. She hugged them, shook their hands, etc. Yep, she's really furious all right.

  • 00100111 Dec 17, 2009

    Ok. "The law is the law" in the red corner. "Life should mean life" in the blue corner. Everyone come out swinging. And.....fight!

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