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  • wildcat Nov 4, 2009

    Supervision in this state doesn't mean someone is with her 24/7...

    Exactly! Hear about the case where the ten bodies were found. The officials were only allowed to go to his door. They would have to have a warrant to "enter" the home. I believe these laws need to be change for the safety of the public people.

  • wildcat Nov 4, 2009

    Right about now, I know there are some unhappy criminals. So now its a wait and see what is going to really happen.

  • wildcat Nov 4, 2009

    I am still wondering how all of this is going to turn out. No its does not make sense to allow these dangerouse criminals out, when the courts continually to put dangerous criminals behind bars. Am I confused or what? Maybe the Supreme courts along with the Gov. Purdue will solve this soon.

  • concerncitizen Nov 4, 2009

    Governor, you don't know what Sally Holloman is doing, she could easily be poisoning people all over the country! Supervision in this state doesn't mean someone is with her 24/7... In this state, she comes to an office tells some person setting behind a desk that she is obey the laws. then she leaves and goes about her business of killing more people...after working all day at that good job with good pay you helped her get.... How concerned have you been with her victims families. Have you help them get good jobs with good pay? I bet you don't know one thing about how they are doing? Now you expect me to believe you're concerned about me! Arrogance and no common sense! Why didn't you just stay out of this. Why did you run for office? Did you really think no one was going to look closely at you? Easley NCSU, campaign finance, murder working in the capital. What were you think? Oh, forget I asked!

  • Raptor06 Nov 4, 2009

    "...and good behavior..."

    Murder is the ultimate "bad" behavior. Not to be flippant, but these "people" should be released only with the verbal permission of their dead victims. No release.

  • lilreno is in the wind Nov 4, 2009

    I'm taking bets that bev WONT be gov next time.

  • HanginTough Nov 4, 2009

    She is a loon. How in the world could she have hired a convicted felon anyway? Yes, they need jobs but you murder to people why are you still breathing? Just another example of a system that is too lax on punishment - why didn't she get the dealth penalty. Beverly is an embarrassment and the state of NC is not too far behind. Last night elections did show us a glimmer of hope...Bad Beverly...very bad!

  • TiredOleMan Nov 4, 2009

    Ugghhh, The laws need to be changed. Maybe they should re-examine shortening sentancing based on good behaviour. It sounds humane - but what about the crime? Should'nt 'good behaviour' just award them w/ certain ammenties in prison?
    Does early release apply to 'blue collar' crimes?

  • just my2cents Nov 4, 2009

    I hope those who voted for her are pleased with their decision. I didn't, and wouldn't.

  • mistersinister Nov 4, 2009

    There's a chance this woman may poison you, shoot you, or set you on fire, but she types 75 words a minute and is a wiz on the fax machine.

  • Raleigh Boys Nov 4, 2009

    What is it the bible thumpers say... Forgive and forget, or forgive those that trespass against you.. Is that just something they say on Sundays, but forget it out of church?

  • mrr03 Nov 4, 2009

    Somebody wake the Governor up..she is asleep at the wheel...again.

  • crzyoutlaws Nov 4, 2009

    i'm not saying that all these ppl need to be out on the streets,but it seems some(Bev) think they are above the law...did the supreme court judge not say they were to be released because of the laws on the books? Now Bev is sayin she's not lettin them out....that is contempt of court! Will she be locked up with these same ppl...NO!! because some are above the law...get it right ppl, you want to enforce the laws to the fullest just as long as it doesnt happen to you..

  • OrdinaryCitizen Nov 4, 2009

    "I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live on this Earth."

    Please vote Independant. Both parties(repubs and Demos) are crooks and do not care about the masses but only themselves and friends.
    BTW, RB that would have been a nice job for you, someone who deserves it over a murderer.

  • thought Nov 4, 2009

    WOW! unbeleiveable. so I have worked all my life, never ever hurt a person in any way -Never in trouble or even been late on a bill - I've been out of a job since January and I can't get anything-
    so has anyone checked to see if this position was open for others to even try? Who can check to see if the job was posted and if others even had a chance to apply? How about hiring me to look into cases like this? i have a background to do it- and I am not a softy, and I do not give in to babies. I don't even need a hugh salary. hire me Bev, your state might like you a little bit better after I clean it up.

  • kilnntime Nov 3, 2009

    finally Purdue is doing something for the citizens of NC.

  • lkanzig Nov 3, 2009


    Sally Holloman was convicted in 1981 of fatally poisoning her husband and killing a Selma businessman by shooting him five times in the back and setting him on fire.


  • woodrowboyd2 Nov 3, 2009

    this govener has poor views about right and wrong

  • chfdcpt Nov 3, 2009

    @ discowhale, sadly, you are correct. The sheep will not remember any of this when the next election comes along.

    @celticsubnoize, and what else is new? Since 1976 I have heard every politician running for Governor promise to bring our teachers up to national level pay. Whell, 33 years later and countless broken promises, the teachers are still getting low pay and our state employees are still getting shafted by the governors office.

    And yet the sheep will put them back in office again.

  • nufsaid Nov 3, 2009

    Time for Bev to get her spin doctor working overtime. Her publicity stunt to get public support and make her look tough on crime doesn't seem to be working as planned. But at least people aren't talking about her China boondoggle.

  • Adelinthe Nov 3, 2009

    meh2 - "Do democrats have any morals whatsoever?"

    Does anyone? Regardless of political party???

    Those that do are few and far between my friend, and those that are not, aren't solely of one polical party or the other.

    Humankind is rarely kind, or honest, or trustworthy.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Nov 3, 2009

    "I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live on this Earth."

    You're holding the entire party responsible for the actions of one or a few?

    Interesting! And that's just one of the reasons why our politics are such a mess in this country.

    Have you ever bought a car that turned out to be a lemon? Did you never then buy another car???


    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Nov 3, 2009

    This time I agree with Bev.

    The woman fully served her time - and who would be a better advisor for her position than someone who knows.

    The problem with the inmates being considered for this particular release is - there's question if they've fully served their sentence, and if there's recent bad behavior on their prison record, what assurance is there that they've actually changed while in prison and that the public won't be at risk if they're released?

    That's the difference.

    God bless.


  • meh2 Nov 3, 2009

    Do democrats have any morals whatsoever? Any sense of right and wrong? I know they like to spend other people's money, but come on - the woman is a convicted murderer. Have you no shame, Bev?

  • twc Nov 3, 2009

    Painfully poisoned one to death with arsenic. Shot one 5 times in the back and then set him on fire. Sounds like she would really do well on work release!

    Why does this two-time callous, cold-blooded murderer deserve a second chance? How many that are in prison were more deserving? How many only made one mistake; sometimes in the heat of passion and were never given an opportunity?

    There is simply no way to justify the opportunities this murderer has been given; NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandrepage Nov 3, 2009

    I love it! Excellent investigative work.I applaud the one who discovered this story.Wanna talk about a Hypocritic Governor?....Behold!.... Mrs. Perdue!!!

  • jwblady Nov 3, 2009

    I would just like to add my thoughts on this. I am a single mom trying to support me and my son, and I have a two year degree, never been in any trouble, but do you think the governor will hire me and give me a job. Only a murderer??? When i first heard this I thought the woman had been convicted of something like self defense, but two murders and the governor hires her. this outrages me. Many of us need work, who abide by the law, why not give a job to us. Just my thoughts on it.

  • celticsubnoize Nov 3, 2009

    or better yet --

    Hire Charles Manson as a Parenting and Child Development teacher in Wake County.

  • roe Nov 3, 2009

    So Ms Statusquo is able to pick who should be released under a law these criminals had nothing to do with writing but yet you hired a murderer to work for you....Really now Bev what is the difference here? She isn't under any kind of supervision now and you see a difference. Ok that says to me you are really shakey here or you are showing some prejudice and you need to explain.

  • celticsubnoize Nov 3, 2009

    Her Party affiliation has nothing to do with this. I voted for her because I thought that she would help us teachers with pay raises and perhaps provide a better way of life in this state. Boy, was I wrong!!!

    Just so we are clear, she penalizes state employees but then rewards someone who brutal murdered another human being. Sure, this employment will relieve the strain that she would have put on our already defunct welfare system, but this is a job that someone who hasn't murdered (and then burnt) another could have had.
    People were outraged when Clinton lied to cover up an affair from his wife, but this woman is hiring a deranged person when there are thousands of unemployed NC citizens that deserve a job MUCH more than this woman.
    Hell; while she is at it, let's get Charles Manson employed as cheif curator at the Museum of Natural Sciences. Who's with me?!!?

  • VT1994Hokie Nov 3, 2009

    Gov., Bev is burning her own house down. She will be a one term Governor. I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live on this Earth.

  • celestemary Nov 3, 2009

    but did this woman get out of prision because of a technicality in the laws or did she actually get approved for parole? If i remember correctly these other inmates were repeatedly denied over and over again but were still going to be released for the 80 years rule.

  • moth Nov 3, 2009

    Wow - and I thought it was just a republican political trait to just keep right on digging when you get in a big hole.Guess it must be the bipartisanship the politicians are all taking about.

  • Here kitty kitty Nov 3, 2009

    Do you think there is a possibility Gov. Bev reads these comments? To bad that wasn't one of the 10 questions that was asked of her a few weeks ago.

  • tatermommy52 Nov 3, 2009

    Another Beverism that would make Yogi Bera look like Shakespere. I hope this stuff isnt beamed into outer space.

  • Eduardo1 Nov 3, 2009

    What type of supervision does this brutal murderer have.
    I would not have her in my home or business with a full time armed guard supervising her. I do not know the details of why she murdered her husband BUT...the second murder, 5 shots in the back and burning of the deceased,WOW! She would not be free on my WATCH. Gov Bev,. you are in a hole, that I do not think you can worm yourself out of on this one. This is a MAJOR show of BAD judgement.

  • WRALblows Nov 3, 2009

    28 years ago she "was convicted of fatally poisoning her husband and killing a Selma businessman by shooting him five times in the back and setting him on fire." yet she was paroled??? Really???

    There are guys serving mandatory minimum life sentences, without parole, for 3rd strike felonies for stealing socks from Wal-Mart. Oh yes, our justice system is indeed equitable.

    The really bad part is that so many would fight to the death to prevent "change" in this system despite how much upended chaos it contains because structural "change" is the enemy so many are most scared of.

  • mistersinister Nov 3, 2009

    Hey I may be a criminal, but I am a TOTALLY DIFFERENT criminal than that other guy over there. Get it straight please.

  • teacher-mom Nov 3, 2009

    Wow! What do you think of this? This woman murders two people and has a job. Many people have been turned down for jobs because of their credit ratings. Do not get a drug charge... I cannot believe this.

  • discowhale Nov 3, 2009

    Ah yes, the old Yellow Dog Two-Step.

    See if ya'll remember this in two MORE years. But I already know the answer. It won't happen.

    NC voters will always remember important stuff like UNC B'ball scores, Duke football losses, NC State coaching changes. Wake Forest athlete dorm paint colors!! But Democrats talking out of both sides of their mouth, that never gets into the data banks for future use.

    YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, I know, you blame Bush, Cheney and the Republicans.

    But they had nothing to do with this. This is state business. And it gets controlled by Democrats by and large. So, try, again.

    Blame Jim Martin, he's only been gone 16 years. Rave on Yellow Dogs, rave on.

  • WHEEL Nov 3, 2009

    State Govt ie Easley/Perdue have known about this "good time release" problem since at least 2004 and have been sitting on their thumbs hoping it would go away. Now it's back to bite her and I hope THE COURT acts on her refusal to "uphold the state constitution" and she gets IMPEACHED.

  • skblaine Nov 3, 2009

    I am a firm believer in life means life. There should be no time off for good behavior. Since when do murderers and child molesters and rapists have more rights than their victims? Lock them up and throw away the key.

  • nic Nov 3, 2009

    Not totally different at all. This woman had two life sentences and was let out on work release and then parole after 24 years. These 27 inmates have life sentences and are on work release. I'm sure if you said the only way to let you out is to agree to be on parole they would take it. Bev Perdue = Hypocrite

  • timothycapwell Nov 3, 2009

    This "totally different" quote is almost, but not quite, as precious as her saying the reason the temporary tax will be temporary is "because I'm the guvnah". Our precious, precious "Bev". So quaint and charming. She's our very own Blanche Devereaux.

  • csplantlover Nov 3, 2009

    Good ole Bev - she's at it again......when will NC voters EVER learn??? They voted this boob in on the coattails of the Obama craze and now EVERYbody's paying for their stupid short-sighted emotionally-based decision. To say the least, this woman is incompetent, she is an embarrassment to this state.

  • jas1022 Nov 3, 2009

    How many more days until we can vote this woman out? It is unbelievable that she was even voted for, let alone voted into office. There are MANY more qualified individuals for this job than someone who was voted in because of straight party voting. Can she even spell vote or does she need one of her CEO's to do that for her as well?

  • concerncitizen Nov 3, 2009

    It's worth saying again. I have never been so ashamed of a vote made in an election!

  • concerncitizen Nov 3, 2009

    Man this governor frightens me. She doesn't have boundaries. If she does or if she wants it, then it is OK for Bev..... Sad! Ask the parents of the poor Duke students what they think of NC parolee supervision!

  • pappy1 Nov 3, 2009

    "Joker" strikes again!

  • thinkbee Nov 3, 2009

    I bet since Bev hired her she has become a pillar of the community. Afterall, she only killed 2 people and set one on fire! What a lovely person to be working with. I agree with Bev's decision not to release the cons but she just continues to lose all credibility!

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