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  • nccowbo Oct 22, 2009

    Bev, you breaking the law is not the way to go. To me it shows your more then able now to commit a crime on what you feel is right and not what the law requires. I'm not with these people being released, BUT it is the law and we all have to follow it. I may not like a law but I have to follow it. AND YOU HAVE TO DO THE SAME, ITS THE LAW SO BUCKLE UP AND DEAL WITH IT.

  • Tax Man Oct 21, 2009

    "The Department of Correction is attempting to notify victims of these crimes. Victims who have not been contacted are asked to call the DOC Office of Victim Services at 1-866-719-0108."

    We are ALL victims of this crime the state is about to commit. I suggest we all call DOC at 866-719-0108 and request that they keep us informed on a daily basis of where these murderers and rapists are living, working and committing more felonies. They retroactively applied a law to reduce the sentences, so why can't the legislature retroactively unapply the reduction and keep them in for LIFE? Well, I have my CCW so if any come by to visit me consider it Time Served!

  • Professor Oct 21, 2009

    you put them in your spare bedroom and feed them. I wonder if your tune will change then?

    Don't have a spare romm, but the prisoners that are released will be OK. They are going to be released regardless what you think. Except that fact and move on. Nothing you say or do will change it. Bother them and you will be in prison. lol lol

  • Professor Oct 21, 2009

    That the defense lawyer used the wording or lack there of as a "Loophole" to release these criminals.

    "Pat on the back" - you are so brilliant at least you think so. lol lol lol No matter what you think or do or read, the prisoners will be freed. Anything more?

  • LambeauSouth Oct 21, 2009

    It is a Loophole as defined by Webster's if you use the "Wording of the law to bypass said law, Fact is the Fair Sentencing Law 1981 was established to reduce prison population intended for the lesser non-violent crimes. The fact that they did not spell out that the exclusions to this law would be in the case of Murder , Rape or any other deemed heinois crime.
    That the defense lawyer used the wording or lack there of as a "Loophole" to release these criminals.

  • Just Concerned Oct 21, 2009 all of you who think these darlins' should go free, even after continued violent behavior while incarcerated, you put them in your spare bedroom and feed them. I wonder if your tune will change then?

  • Coach K is still GREAT Oct 21, 2009

    Not really a loophole that some wants to call it. NC leaders made the law and now certain prisoners will be released Oct. 29. They are now reaping what they sow. To think at the time they all thought it was right and a good thing. How wrong they were. Hopefully the NC leaders will learn from this and never make this kind of mistake ever again.
    October 21, 2009 3:24 p.m.
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    BRAVO Professor!!! I think this may be the first time you've posted something that I actually agree with!!! ;-)

  • Professor Oct 21, 2009

    Not really a loophole that some wants to call it. NC leaders made the law and now certain prisoners will be released Oct. 29. They are now reaping what they sow. To think at the time they all thought it was right and a good thing. How wrong they were. Hopefully the NC leaders will learn from this and never make this kind of mistake ever again.

  • NCAries Oct 21, 2009

    Keep up the good work.

    Excellent post...

  • NCAries Oct 21, 2009

    People that are charged with rape and murder (whether correctly or incorrectly)usually go through this little process call a trial by jury...

    And sometimes the jury gets it wrong....

  • NCAries Oct 21, 2009

    Most of them would be better off in prison.

    That's a heck of a crystal ball you've got...where'd you buy it.

  • NCAries Oct 21, 2009

    No wonder kids dont have any respect for the law any more....

    Kids and adults alike have no respect for the laws or lawmakers because they see and hear and read about them having no respect for the laws they create to control other people. There are no honorable, honest people in places of respect, noone trustworthy, they all are made up of humans and they all lie, cheat and steal to get ahead...not easy to respect a hierarchy like that...and then add to that a dysfunctional family...they have nowhere to turn to find support...teachers, lawyers, doctors, police, politicians, business men/women, athletes, entertainers...sad, noone trustworthy any more.

  • Coach K is still GREAT Oct 21, 2009

    "Those who commit rape and 1st Degree Murder should be sentenced to death and have that sentence carried out within a couple of years. Period." -cj1979

    And if you get incorrectly charged, you're still OK with this?
    October 21, 2009 8:48 a.m.
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    Oh Boy!!! Here we go. He was convicted for his crimes and should remain behind bars for as long as he was sentenced for. LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! He RAPED another HUMAN BEING for crying out loud!!!! Thanks to you liberals, more of these monsters will be put back into society. I sure hope one of these CONVICTED monsters doesn't do anything to harm you or any of your loved ones...

  • freespirit0623 Oct 21, 2009

    Much ado about nothing. There is no "right" sentence for any crime etched in stone tablets somewhere. The "right" sentence is whatever those who pass our laws say it is, and laws are changed all the time. In addition, the US Attorney is authorized to pursue various actions and whatever it does within its scope of authority is perfectly appropriate and not a witch hunt. If they overstep their authority, that's a different matter. Otherwise, this is our legal process works. If you are unhappy with it, stop complaining about it and follow up with your elected representatives.

    Personally, I will not be lying awake at night worrying about 19 old guys who committed serious crimes a lifetime ago being out on the streets. Compared to the untold number of younger guys who committed serious crimes much more recently and who are also out on the streets, these guys are a drop in the bucket.

  • bessiemae Oct 21, 2009

    Lets find out if Mr. Cheshire would be of the same opinion if it had been his mother, sister, wife or daughter that was raped!

  • panthers254 Oct 21, 2009

    well, there are those who do not consider the rape and murder of a 7 year old girl very serious. obviously some judges would fall in that category.

    as for letting them out on "good behavior". "good behavior" doesn't mean a string of rule violations to include sexual assault. hopefully, someone will be watching out for the citizens of the state, certain judges certainly dont care to.

  • sheilacole Oct 21, 2009

    Mr Cheshire, & Mr. Martar,
    theres only one way to change the minds of those that support this law, "walk a mile in our shoes-(the victims famalies) A mind will change on its own from the fear and the grief that will overtake your life. no one but the victims famalies can even BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND ! The lord has control over the final decision, so there- thats the only thing that we CANNOT change!!
    all of our opinions do not mean a thing and cannot change a thing.
    a alarmed family

  • LambeauSouth Oct 21, 2009

    The Fair Sentencing Act 1981 was primarily established to control prision population, they never identified and specify that only in cases that do not involve Murder or Rape or Child molestation. They did not define it, thats the loophole!

  • LambeauSouth Oct 21, 2009

    In cases of Murder, yes they forfeited that right when they took a life

  • bluetarheel21 Oct 21, 2009

    jahausa.... Im southern (by the grace of God) and Im religious (saved by the grace of God) but Im NOT forgiving when you sit and read what these madmen have done to our neighbors and friends....

  • SME2 Oct 21, 2009

    The US Attorney office is now going on a witch hunt to try and keep these individuals behind bars.

    Why do people with so many government does too much opinion not see a problem with this. Apparantly people who ar incarcerated do not have rights.

  • trytoberational Oct 21, 2009

    I think the death penalty should be just that life in prison not 20 yrs an good behavior Life. The prison system was put into place for a reason to protect society from these people and keep them away from us not let them out because some lawyer or senator found or wrote a loophole in a bill or law maybe i'm wrong and i'm not trying to offend anyone but if i do oh well i for one still belive in an eye for an eye

  • rcrdngcountry Oct 21, 2009

    the death penalty will take care of all these problems, if
    given and carried out. no getting out early then. to this
    lawer, no one has ever been guilty. he would like to see all
    of them let go.

  • LambeauSouth Oct 21, 2009

    TomLynda, keep in mind that the Fairness Act was in 1981, Senator Helms was the senator Republican, and the Senate voted
    to approve this with some heavy hitters in the GOP side supporting this. They repealled the Execution laws back then when you throw around the liberal tag to see where it sticks just make sure it doesnt fly back into your face!

  • Here kitty kitty Oct 21, 2009

    He doesn't have those urges...yet. Wait 'til he sees a female instead of a man. Then we'll see, unfortunately for the female it may happen to.

  • ambidextrous cat Oct 21, 2009

    I wonder if he is deeply sorry enough not to commit another rape?

    Other criminals are released daily, but since it's not in the news it therefore must not exist. There are also lots of rapists that receieve only short terms and are out and about in a couple of years! This sensationalism is disgusting and not helpful. Not only are we failing to rehabilitate criminals, but we're also insuring that other people will be harmed! This one man is not the problem, it's the whole system!

  • NotMyProb Oct 21, 2009

    This is ludicrous. Our justice system spends so much time, energy and money catching, convicting and sentencing pot (and other drugs) dealers for 20+ years, yet these people can get out without even a bat of an eye? Makes perfect sense! Good job NC! Now I and other parents have just one more thing to worry about regarding the wellbeing of our children and families. Not to mention, as soon as one of these released fellons commits another crime, the justice system will make the excuse of "well he/she was not given the proper resources to adjust to life outside of prison". This is all such bull! The system is beyond hopeless.

  • Jack Flash Oct 21, 2009

    "tell me jahausa, if you were raped....would you forgive this easily?"

    Cheap, intellectually inferior ploy. A rape victim may want the perp AND his family tortured to death. What does that have to do with the law? Why would we take what ought to be a calm, rational, intellectual decision and warp it with emotion?

    I wonder how many people here have also are commented on that illegal immigrant costume article by saying, simply, "illegal is illegal," yet here don't accept the same application...

    This legal ruling is very puzzling, but beyond the obvious concern about whether these guys have earned parole in the conventional way -- when we feel confident that there won't be recidivism -- comments here also make me worry for THEIR safety. I mean, their being released doesn't justify vigilante justice going after them.

  • MillerB Oct 21, 2009

    Longtime defense attorney Joe Cheshire said according to the law, the inmates have done their time.
    "It is unbelievable," he said. "You can't go around ignoring the law and that is what they are trying to do."

    I'll tell you what Mr Cheshire, Let's put all these inmates in YOUR neighborhood, and then see if you're still all for releasing them from prison.

  • Desiderata Oct 21, 2009

    Honestly..I do not think even prayers to GOD could help us now.....GUNS ANYONE???

  • BigUNCFan Oct 21, 2009

    Remember, most of these guys are in their 60s and probably are an "old" 60. Prison is not easy and takes a toll on the body.

    I really wish they were in prison but this sensationalism of they are going to go out and just go on a crime spree anarchy style is just not realistic.

    First, no matter what the state officially says, these people are going to be watched. There is just too much publicity on the story and if someone was killed, it would be a huge political issue so you can bet as long as these clowns stay in NC, there will be a lot of watchful eyes on them.

    Secondly, these are old men. For the most part they are weaker than younger people. While they can do some damage, think about it. If your 65-75 year old grandfather tried to take you out in a fight, it probably would not end well for him. I imagine it would be the same here and these folks know it.

    Given these two points, most likely these people just want to become anonymous. Not right they were let out.

  • prettylittleangeleyes Oct 21, 2009

    This is such a shame. If they had the death penalty for violent offenders we wouldn't be worrying about this now. I really feel for his victim, who he has been sitting in prison probably wanting to kill for all that time. No telling what they're going to do when they get out. Way to go N.C.!! Just as a reminder if you're going to commit a violent crime do it while you're young! This story is bananas.

  • davework Oct 21, 2009

    jahausa - the Bible actually gives the power of "the sword" to the government. It's not the governments job to "forgive" but to provide justice to its citizens. While it is the individual's job to forgive on a personal level - there's nothing "just" about releasing a rightfully convicted murderer/rapist back into society.

    We see these stories with more regularity where a released convict goes out and murders and commits new crimes. How does that scenario play into your view of justice? How is it just for someone to be murdered by someone who should have been released from jail in the first place? Just something to think about....

  • mramorak Oct 21, 2009

    smbbiz.That was a great post!

  • somey Oct 21, 2009

    NC does not care about victims or their families. The care about helping criminals. Just look at the penalties for raping a child. Its too bad the most crimes are not committed by whites, then the state would be harder on criminals.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Oct 21, 2009

    tell me jahausa, if you were raped....would you forgive this easily?

  • roho Oct 21, 2009

    I still want to know how this math makes sense....if 80 years "was" life how do convicted criminals in the 70's get free less than 40 years into their sentence?

  • maydaymanny Oct 21, 2009

    "I feel like they can (trust me). I do not have urges to try anything like that," he said. -- He has been in prison with all men, I am sure he will feel differently when he is in your neighborhood next week. I work in criminal justice and these are always repeat offenders...many people out there will pay a steep price when these 20 are let out. Pray it is not yourself.

  • Space Mountain Oct 21, 2009

    I always thought a life sentence was 20 years. I guess I am split about this. I can understand why people want to keep them in jail, but then again the law is the law.

  • lizard Oct 21, 2009

    jahausa -

    You're speaking of spiritual things. The gov't is supposed to maintain law and order. Not be the source of those things which you suggest. He should render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. He broke Caesar's law. His choice. Pay for the crime. It's his Christian duty.

  • jahausa Oct 21, 2009

    I thought southerners were religious, and religious people believed in forgiveness, turning the other cheek and that all people are capable of redemption.

    Why don't these views ever show up here?

  • cam7002 Oct 21, 2009

    So many people here knowledgeable about facts, figures, statistics, sociology, human character and criminal justice. So many who know just with which party any particular person is affiliated. So many who have no problem casting stones at others' heads because they have not sinned themselves. So many good Christians who wear bracelets asking "WWJD?". So many who care so much about crime victims but do absolutely nothing in their daily lives to help out crime victims. So many who rant about "the system" but limit their civic activism to ranting on WRAL. Way to go. Keep up the good work.

  • ThinkChick Oct 21, 2009

    Everything Ticks Me Off:

    Perhaps you will change your thinking if, God forbid, one of these felons rapes or kills someone you love.

    On the same note, perhaps Joseph Cheshire will let a few of these guys bunk in with his family while they re-enter society.

  • Weaker Pelosi Oct 21, 2009

    They will make money by begging for it at intersections, with no taxes and a knife in their pockets.

  • BigUNCFan Oct 21, 2009

    I have a feeling that these old timer crooks probably will have a difficult time on the outside. Would not be surprised to see a few suicides in this bunch being that they will have no structure, job, and if they try to get into criminal activity, probably will be rejected by the younger crowd as it is a young mans game.

    Personally, I hope they all starve to death but some soup kitchen some where will keep them alive. My bet is most of them will end up living on the streets or have some family member take them in.

    Also, I think most of them will be leaving NC as they are too recognizable here and probably want to just live out their days anonymously.

    Kind of reminds me of the old Morgan Freeman character in Shawshank.

  • meh2 Oct 21, 2009

    Add another democrat to the voter rolls.

  • turdferguson Oct 21, 2009

    Is hoping for vigilante justice a bad thing? I have too much to lose to take the law into my own hands, but I would mind if somebody else did.

  • mramorak Oct 21, 2009

    Bob ,i agree!move them right next door to some of these people who lets them out!

  • smegma Oct 21, 2009

    if they ignored the law so can we. keep them locked up

  • davework Oct 21, 2009

    "Seven of the inmates set for release were once on death row." Wow! Sounds like a great idea to let them out (sarcasm). I hope the media will follow through and make it very public if one of these people kills/rapes someone else once released.

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