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  • rargos Oct 16, 2009

    Anyone voting to release a criminal early should be required to leave that criminal alone in their own home with their children for the first 24 hours after they get out of jail.

  • 2muchdrama4me Oct 16, 2009

    I agree with Nod on this one. The story is very confusing. I say do away with "good behavior" and make them serve the time given...period!

  • ckblackm Oct 16, 2009


    What's a violet criminal?
    There's already a committee deciding if you get the care you want... insurance companies do that.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Oct 16, 2009

    Their parole was denied. So why the release?

  • manofjustice Oct 16, 2009

    After spending all those years in prison how can they acclamate to society? I just hope when they come out back in society they remember they were once men and never women. I hope they get that straight first. Prison makes you nasty.

  • Professor Oct 16, 2009


    Yes you are right. But we vote on these people. That is what needs to be change. Voting on the "RIGHT" people.

  • etshoney Oct 16, 2009

    These "LEGISLATORS" write laws and the "COURTS" decide what the law means. Your LEGISLATORS WROTE THIS LAW AND "LEGISLATORS" are now writing the health care legislation that will change this country forever. We can't even read the darn thing. VIOLET CRIMINALS RELEASED......ABORTIONS PAID FOR BY YOUR DOLLARS.......A COMMITTEE DECIDING IF YOU GET THE CARE YOU WANT BASED ON COST!

  • Professor Oct 16, 2009

    This is an old law. We in NC need a new law, immediately.

  • Professor Oct 16, 2009

    If these prisoners have not behaved in prison, what makes the officials think they will do the same in society? Someone is not really thinking. The rule should never have been made.

  • raysson Oct 16, 2009

    If they were a threat to the public went they were in prison for heindous crimes they committed,what makes you think that they are going to be a threat once they get out? I would be concerned for the safety of families and others whom these low-lifes are a constant threat to society and others...... mostly KIDS....No wonder we let low-life criminals walk free out on the streets and you got stupid politicians that don't see that they will do this again.....Old Bad Habits don't break...they're do it again until they're caught.

  • raysson Oct 16, 2009

    This is something that needs to be addressed. And Governor Purdue needs to REALLY worry about this... Cause once these animals get out you don't know for a second what they might do. As with most families out there,I would be concerned for the safety of my loved ones and others. The State of North Carolina needs to address this issue. Stop trying to spend tax dollars on ridicious ideas and start doing something to keep repeated offenders off the streets. You'll never know what they might do once they get out of prison. No matter how old they are. And that goes for the mental patients whom they keep letting out of psyche wards like Dorothea Dix and other administrators who let them wandered off on our streets causing choas whereever they go. And is one problem that needs concerned.

  • roncorey1 Oct 16, 2009

    Folks!!!! PLEASE get a clue!! These are not the first convicted murderers to get out early!!!!

    And most rapists only serve a few years. And theay are gonna be registered sex offenders anyway, so you will know where they move to!

    And we don't really know the circumstances of any of these folks crimes. We don't get to see what the court system sees. Or what the DA and defense attorneys see. We only get what WRAL gets.

    This topic is what drives news. Fanning the flames.....

  • raysson Oct 16, 2009

    From the previous comment and I do quote
    "If you think they didn't obey the law more than 30 years ago,what do you think they going the obey the law now?"

    If they do get out of prison,don't think for a second that they are going to do the same thing that put them in prison. Bad habits don't break easy. believe that. Felons that committed senseless and crazy murders and the unthinkable back then are going to do the same exact thing once they get out. Talk about a second chance? I don't think so. Especially once they're out in society and are a threat to others as soon as they get out on the streets. Like I said,bad habits don't break,cause they're go back and repeat the same behaviors that put them in jail. Once in jail,stay in there. And throw away the key. They do not need to out in public as a menace to society no matter how old they are.

  • whitelevelrednek Oct 16, 2009

    roncorey1.....oh yea theres no need to worry about these 20... they are going to get out and be "little angels" ... if they werent a threat to the public then why are tehy where they are now???...i guess raping or killing someone isnt a threat to the public huh????? and its in OUR (well not you but everyone elses) interests to keep them away locked up and not in the public....... they probably wont move into MY neighborhood but they will move into someone elses....yea ur right NC may have 0ver 9 million, no 20 more wont hurt, hell let 20 today and 20 tommorrow out that would be finie, then in a few years we will have 20 MILLION of them out and in OUR neighborhoods threatning OUR lives , OUR wife and kids.......... so how are those stats...

  • GoCacks Oct 16, 2009

    How is this law different than what's in place now? I'm pretty ignorant on the subject, but if we're only expecting convicts to serve less than 50% of their prescribed time, have courts been quadrupling sentences since 1975? Has the term "life sentence" been upgraded to 320 years, or literally until the inmate dies? If not, we're gonna have a whole lot of murderers getting out every day from now on.

  • Iquana Oct 16, 2009

    I dont think a 52 year old is a frail elderly person.

    "Great. Now I have to watch out for geriatric rapists with walkers."
    Justin T.
    GOLO member since September 24, 2007
    October 16, 2009 11:25 a.m.
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  • roncorey1 Oct 16, 2009


    Statistically it's not these 20 that you have to worry about. Do you believe everything that you hear the state government tell you? OF COURSE the Dept. Of Corrections weenie is gonna tell you that EVERYONE in the system is a threat to public safety! It's in their interests to always keep the public afraid!

    And do you really think that they are gonna move into your neighborhood? NC has over 9 million people and these 20 fifty and sixty-somethings will fade into the mix....

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Oct 16, 2009

    Cannot believe there are people on here saying this is just the law and no big deal.
    A man who RAPED a 9 year old is getting out of prison....and thats ok with you?

  • ambidextrous cat Oct 16, 2009

    Look at all of these scare mongering tactics on golo, there's no need to load up on guns- calm down! There are plenty of future criminals walking around already. Don't listen to the gun nuts.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Oct 16, 2009

    The rapists in the group will have to register as sex offenders. None of them will be allowed to own any kind of handgun.

    Read MAthis file, he tried to rape another inmate in 2005...think he won't try out here?

  • whitelevelrednek Oct 16, 2009

    roncorey1... i guess that just because someone tells them "NO you arent allowed to own or have a hand gun" mean that they wont? i mean really me , you or anyone else will know what they are doing or what types of guns or weapons they have or dont have until they use it to murder someone else... atleast where they are at now we do know what they are doing and what they dont have... they dont have a weapon or a chance to commit murder or rape to the public AGAIN and your right they PROBABLY wont be heard fo again but theres still a POSSIBILITY that they WILL do it again.......

  • Justin T. Oct 16, 2009

    Great. Now I have to watch out for geriatric rapists with walkers.

  • whitelevelrednek Oct 16, 2009

    DACOTY...maybe you need to get your head out of your rear,it doesnt matter if they are a mass murderer or not,all of them either killed someone or raped someone, NOW really think about it if they didnt/couldnt obey the law 20 years ago do you really think they are going to obey the law now and "stay a certain distance from schools and other places"????? and yea your right its possible that they will die from natural causes wihthin 10 or so years... but thats a long time... have you ever thought about how many more people could be raped or murdered in 10 years???? and also your wrong. THIS is something that the GOV needs to worry about.. or are you and your families lifes not as important to you like everyone elses....???????

  • roncorey1 Oct 16, 2009

    Some of the comments I read on here are pathetic....

    Look people; if you were in their shoes, and you saw a way to get out, you would challenge the law also. If they were your family member you would most likely want them out. People are parolled all the time in this state (and many others) for murder and rape. This is alot of hype.

    All the political posturing by the Governors office and the DOC officials won't do anything here. The NC Supreme Court has spoken.

    I seriously doubt that these guys (and gal) are gonna come to your town and get in a fight with you and try to kill you or grab your daughters and wives and try to rape them.
    These 20 inmates will, most likely, never be heard from again. The rapists in the group will have to register as sex offenders. None of them will be allowed to own any kind of handgun.

  • jurydoc Oct 16, 2009

    RaceCard -- the ACLU and "liberals elected into office by some of 'US'" have nothing to do with why the people in THIS particular group of individuals who received the death penalty are not "in the ground." The US SUPREME court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional in its application in 1972. THAT is why these people's sentences were commuted to life at that time.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Oct 16, 2009

    Another reason to keep the death of these folks should be in the ground, but thanks to the ACLU and the liberals out there elected into office by some of YOU....these guys are going free. Thanks alot....

  • G-man Oct 16, 2009

    Many of the same government officials that passed the laws in the 70's are still in office in Raleigh. The judges hands are tied. They did't make the law. Intent or not it would have been real easy to write the law to say a life sentence means just that. Thank goodness it does mean that now.

  • jurydoc Oct 16, 2009

    Seems liken a lot of folks don't understand that murderers, rapists and all sorts of criminals are released to society each and every day. You simply cannot lock every one up and throw away the key. As mentioned, the law HAS changed since the one they are referencing in this article and a sentence of "life without parole" means just that. No more "80 years" or "20 years with good time, etc." But to center on these 20 individuals as if they were the only inmates, including murderers and rapists, ever to be released back into society is ludicrous!

  • arfamr1005 Oct 16, 2009


  • Tax Man Oct 16, 2009

    "This seals the deal, I'm getting my permit to carry a concealed weapon."

    This is the ONLY way you can be protected - the police and the courts do not have the ability or the where-with-all to take care of the population. CCW is the way to go, and if threatened by one of these pukes or any other criminal - solve the problem! NC needs to pass the Castle Doctrine soon so that the citizens (legal ones) can legally protect themselves without any chance a politically correct DA would charge them with a crime. Since our legal system favors murderers, rapists, and other major felons and wants them free to continue to murder, rape and pillage, we MUST take the law into our own hands and fight back! Get your permit and learn how to legally and safely use a gun - then protect yourself and your family! These folks are not going to behave when released - a condition of their parole should require 24/7 monitoring and house arrest for the remainder of their lives! Not loose among us.

  • devilblue Oct 16, 2009

    I'm guessing once released there will be some folks awaiting to get their revenge. If they had killed and or raped a family member of mine......justice would be way!

  • venitapeyton Oct 16, 2009

    Since these folks are Boylan Heights residents, maybe the Mayor can find some quick housing options.

  • Here kitty kitty Oct 16, 2009

    Let them live in the neighborhoods where these judges live.

  • batcave Oct 16, 2009

    lots of law practiced in courts--but not much justice.

  • ahuber99 Oct 16, 2009

    So if that ancient law says 80 years is the term for a life sentence, then shouldn't the criminals being released be over the age of 80? Some of these people are in their 50s. So how have they served 80 years of their sentence? One of these people had a double life sentence, so shouldn't he have to serve 160 years? This is absolutely ridiculous, letting these criminals back onto the street.

  • supernik87 Oct 16, 2009

    This is ridiculous. I agree that the law is the law and I guess the state is legally required to let them go, but the law should have never existed in the first place, even if only for a few years. I am glad to hear that they are off death row. The death penalty is simply hypocritical, if you say it's illegal to kill someone and then you go and kill them you're guilty of murder also, no matter the circumstances. However, I do think that a life sentence should be from the moment the sentence is given to the moment you die, nothing less. If someone is evil enough to kill or rape someone they deserve to spend the rest of their existence locked up in a little tiny room, no cable tv or anything. I will guarantee that at least one of these people will kill again. Hopefully the state figures out a way around this. Perhaps the good behavior laws were not in place in the 70's, idk, if not, maybe they could keep them in longer.

  • Life-goes-on. Oct 16, 2009

    This seals the deal, I'm getting my permit to carry a concealed weapon.

  • crckttsgr Oct 16, 2009

    "Who's in charge?"

    The inmates.

  • Titus Pullo Oct 16, 2009

    Who's in charge?

  • tran Oct 16, 2009

    This is blackmail. Soon, they'll either hit us for more tax or they will try to privatize the prisons.

  • uncfan89 Oct 16, 2009

    Life in prison should mean just that! These people should only come out of prison in a hearse.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Oct 16, 2009

    2005 Mathis assaulted another inmate and tried to rape him...and they are letting him out?

  • Dragons_lady Oct 16, 2009 the federal system..if you are sentenced 12 months and a day..that means you will get out faster with good behavior than if you were sentenced 12 not how the state seems to me however they want to.....

  • ladyblue Oct 16, 2009

    If these people are getting out, please tell me that the man who stole a small television years and years ago is not still in prison.

    Amen.. I remember that case and I hope that the poor man is finally out......or those who have been proven to not be guilty of the crime due to recantations of witnesses/victim and etc. but the DA's dont want to believe the witness changed story.

  • thepeopleschamp Oct 16, 2009

    "we are talking about old fogey robbers and rapists mostly." dacoty

    So you don't mind if they move in next door to your house, huh? Does getting stabbed or shot by a person in their 70's make you any less dead than if they were in their 20's?

  • crckttsgr Oct 16, 2009

    "conditions are probably going to be set up where they can't be within a certain distance from school, or they are going to be probated"

    And we ALL know how well THAT works, don't we? Sure, Gov Bev has much more important things on her plate than the safety and well being of the citizens of NC. You're right, we all need to get our heads out of our rears and focus on the "important" stuff. Unless that "important" stuff is of course the safety of your kids/grandkids, etc. But thats just details, right? I mean..........really?

  • itsmyownopinion Oct 16, 2009

    If these people are getting out, please tell me that the man who stole a small television years and years ago is not still in prison.

  • SME2 Oct 16, 2009

    A Law is a Law and these people are working with in the law. Let them out, they'll be back in for something. Hopefully it is not taking another life.

  • Barrackawack Oct 16, 2009

    I was on jury for a Capital murder case in 1997 and the defendant murdered a unarmed man in front of his two kids and raped the victim's girlfriend in Harnett County. He got off "Death"row last year on an appeal. I think he is back on there now but I am sure he will get out or never be put to death. Next time I am called for jury duty I am going to tell the judge I do not believe in the justice system and reference the case I was on and do my best to get out of it no matter what. This is a SLAP IN THE FACE TO ALL VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES and everyone that has ever served on a jury.

  • CicnyKid Oct 16, 2009

    Take a few mins and go to the inmate link in the story and you'll get some details on these fine folks that will be rejoining us law abiding citizens. Warning: It's nauseating at times.
    You can get more details on each inmate by clicking the website located at the bottom of each listing. Many are repeat offenders (I didn't look at all of them), and some only served 90 days for their first infraction, committing the one that gave them life sentence shortly after being released. Furthermore, you can see what kind of great model prisoners they are by clicking the "Number Of Infractions" link -- it shows how well they behaved while locked up. Not sure how much better they will act once they are released. This is scary stuff.

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