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  • jrfergerson Sep 10, 2009

    LIFE IN MEANS LIFE THERE - If one is issued a life sentence for a crime, they need to draw their last breath behind those bars

  • flossie1544 Sep 10, 2009

    If you don't want a life sentence, don't kill people.

  • lkanzig Sep 10, 2009

    if i had a relative that killed someone, i would say keep them there for their sentence! they are still alive, unlike their in prison should mean life in prison, no matter how long you live.

  • BLK 007 Sep 10, 2009

    The crime he commited was horrible. But the laws were written and they should be abided by. Lets understand something here people, we are not perfect, we make bad choices as adults, not mistakes. If he was your Child, Brother, Husband, wouldn't you want the laws that he was punished under to be upheld. Some of you might agree with this and some might not. but how ever, the law is the law-and that's final!!

  • lkanzig Sep 10, 2009

    denied parole. a life sentence for murder.
    i always thought that life meant life. let him rot!
    time off for good behavior? killing someone is not good behavior!
    shame on the people helping this person!

  • JennyN Sep 10, 2009

    His victims can't decide to get their lives back...why should he?

  • shortcake53 Sep 10, 2009

    Since when do the prisoners get to decide when their time is up??? Of all the stupid things I have ever heard, that takes the prize.

  • Here kitty kitty Sep 9, 2009

    Do not let Waring out. What he did to Lauren was horrible. He showed her absolutely no mercy whatsoever. He deserves to rot in prison...

  • james27613 Sep 9, 2009

    No way, die in prison, that is what a life sentence should be.

    Not time off no parole no deals.

  • lorivalentine1 Sep 9, 2009

    What is more laughable then his request to go free is that he may actually get what he wants..
    It is crazy that some who murdered can actually sit there and think he should go free.

  • mom2threecld Sep 9, 2009

    he should have had the lethal injection by now is what he should have

  • gandalla Sep 9, 2009

    Wow, thats one smart attorney.

  • affirmativediversity Sep 9, 2009

    "Bobby Bowden argued that he should be set free because he was sentenced to life in prison"

    Is he dead yet?

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Sep 9, 2009

    "Life sentence"...his victims lost their lives, why should he get his "life" back? Keep him where he is.

  • YadaYadaYada Sep 9, 2009

    Let's see they are in prison for "MURDER"!! Why are our tax dollars supporting them? Stick them in the gas chamber, or better yet, let's go back to public hangings!!!

  • raines mom 2000 Sep 9, 2009

    If these convicted killers have not either:
    A) served the 80 years or
    B) died
    then the point is moot and should not have any merit for evaluation with ANY court system...shame on our taxpayer dollars being used to consider parole for ANY reason for these men...

  • lastchance Sep 9, 2009

    When the supreme court said it was ok to not have drs.punished, I dont understand why we havent put the death sentence back on schedule. Wish they would come get me, I will push the button or inject the needle, We have got to do something about our court systems, why are we having out children killed but the ones thats doing the killing is more free.....

  • ranquick Sep 9, 2009

    Why is all aways about RACE, to me this is used way to much as an out for the guilty. I also may add that is not alwats about Black/white, I know of a case now that a nurse who works for State of Fa for 25 years has been charge with discrimanation by a person of the same race, this nurse is not guilty and got a lawyer to suit back. SO race doe snot have anything to do with alot of these cases.

  • ranquick Sep 9, 2009

    Life to me means life, these convicted MURDERS should spen the rest of their natur life in prison with NO CHANCE of Parole or any other thing that may pop up. They took someone life and should have to pay, what about the victim where does this leave them. I will tell where it would leave me, I would feel and know this Great US Justice system has failed, WHY becasue there are lawyers who have not sense of morales at all they only want on MONEY. ANY Judge or Parole Board that lets CONVICTED Murders go free after convicted shoul dbe disbarred or fired form their positions.

  • dws Sep 9, 2009

    no release should be granted for cold blooded murder....slam their prison cell doors behind them

  • Gnathostomata Sep 9, 2009

    So very tired of the race card...very tired. Sorry is sorry, it knows no race. Anyone who intentionally harms another person without provocation should be put to death, not pampered in jail while they wait to do it again. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results; we know jail does not deter bad actors, so delete them from society. someone explain to me why we allow innocent babies to be deleted yet keep these bottomfeeders alive and in our midst????

  • Tax Man Sep 9, 2009

    Both of these folks were convicted of MURDER - that should be a minimum of life without parole - regardless of when they were convicted. Since NC probably won't be having the death penalty in the near future and they now allow it to be challenged by blacks due to prejudice, just give that jerk a permanent life sentence without any chance of parole. As to the turkey who killed two people, add 80 plus 80 = 160 years - so when he has been locked up for 160 years he is eligible for his parole hearing - until then he just goes back to is cell and rots!

  • lsr67 Sep 9, 2009

    I wish more law-abiding people kept weapons in their homes and had permits to carry them. If we take the scum out at the time of the crime we will take the decision away from our incompetent so-called justice system.

  • Gnathostomata Sep 9, 2009

    Grandfather the sentences for these two, tell the next 100 the same thing. Did the crime, now do the time. Unless the circumstances were life or death for these perpetrators, then they should never be loosed on society again. The only way I could see listening to whiny prisoners or their whiny lawyers is if the sentence was changed to the death penalty...for real, the death penalty, not some convoluted word-play lawyerese that gives murderers any rights. And, they should have to be on "good behavior" to stay alive in prison, act up and commute it to the death penalty...we should all remind our politicians that when they look out for the perp they are walking all over the victim and us, their prospective next victim...

  • ICTrue Sep 9, 2009

    "Lock him in a hole and forget about him until he expires then put the next one in there. smbiz

    Sorry, to disappoint you. They don't happen in any prison in America. Think before making your comments. Visit a prison and you will certainly know."

    Professor - I obviously know that they don't do that in american prisons. I have been inside several (no, not as a prisoner). Doesn't mean that I can't HOPE for CHANGE

  • fireman1963 Sep 9, 2009

    Anyone notice that these lawyers didn't deny their clients were guilty of the crimes of which they were convicted? Just a thought.

  • fireman1963 Sep 9, 2009

    "Bowden, 60, was convicted of killing two people in Cumberland County in 1975.

    In 1975, a life sentence equated to 80 years in prison, according to his appeal. With time off for good behavior, Bowden should be released with no conditions, his lawyers say."

    Huh? Time off for good behavior? I guess being good in prison outweighs the bad behavior of KILLING TWO PEOPLE! This guy should never see a day outside of prison, ever.

  • Professor Sep 9, 2009

    Lock him in a hole and forget about him until he expires then put the next one in there.

    I hope we will have better stories tomorrow. I would appreciate it. Something new. :)

  • Professor Sep 9, 2009

    Lock him in a hole and forget about him until he expires then put the next one in there.

    Sorry, to disappoint you. They don't happen in any prison in America. Think before making your comments. Visit a prison and you will certainly know.

  • ghwhitaker1_old Sep 9, 2009

    Desiderata: Does God's Commandments not apply to the state? The state is you, me and all other citizens.

  • Professor Sep 9, 2009

    too many getting away with it.

    No! It is how the law "was" written and its has "never" been changed. There are many loop holes in our laws.

  • Professor Sep 9, 2009

    well the cemetery isn't so start filling it up!!!

    That is not going to happen and you know it. Everyone has certain rights, even criminals, whether you like it or not. Talk to your Senator and see what you can change.

  • tootie Sep 9, 2009

    right on hralex!!
    They keep saying the Jail is overcrowed well the cemetery isn't so start filling it up!!!

  • tootie Sep 9, 2009

    This is what's wrong with our society today, too many getting away with it. Its just NOT RIGHT no matter how you look at it to hurt another human being!!!

  • Professor Sep 9, 2009

    Life should mean Life. The people they killed do not have the choice of freedom or behind bars.

    The law rules is corrupt is why things turn out like they do. Prisoners are always looking for an outlet of freedom. It should not happen here knowing they did a murder.

  • ICTrue Sep 9, 2009

    His lawyers do not deserve to be heard. They couldn't care less if he lives or dies anyway, they are LAWYERS, all they care about it getting paid. Who is paying for them anyway? I doubt he has any money and if he does it should all be taken away and given to the victim's family. Who is paying the court costs, who is paying the DA who has to prosecute him?

    Lock him in a hole and forget about him until he expires then put the next one in there.

  • Lead by Example Sep 9, 2009

    This is insane. I am praying that the N.C. Supreme Court upholds the death sentence, and makes the other guy stay in prison.

    The most horrific type murders, i.e. rape/homicide done because of a murder-for-hire, deserve the most severe punishment: DEATH.

  • Desiderata Sep 9, 2009

    He disobeyed one of God's commandments..."thou shall not kill"..he doesn't deserve to BREATHE the very air you and I do....let him ROT in a hole where we can just cover him over.......justice will then be served!

  • Twinks Sep 9, 2009

    Life should mean Life. The people they killed do not have the choice of freedom or behind bars. They got the death penalty. Inmates should be required to stay for life, if they got a life sentence not getting out on good behavior, and a reduced sentence. Should be life with no chance of parole.

  • suckafree23 Sep 9, 2009


    Are you kidding me, why should his lawyers be heard??????? He admitted guilt, and was found guilty, what is the problem? Now I get to pay for him to be heard a second time around. I don't think so. He killed a girl for money that was not even his. He raped her and then cut open while she pleaded for help. He doesn't deserve to speak, can Lauren get a second chance to explain what happened that night? NO thanks to Waring.

  • hpr641 Sep 9, 2009

    "His attorneys say that in 1975, a life sentence equated to 80 years in prison. With time off for good behavior, Bowden should be released with no conditions, his lawyers say."

    Follow the lawyers insane logic here: They're saying, essentially, that their client consulted the then-current sentencing statutes for murder and THEN decided to proceed with the crime. Thus, his time behind bars has bought and paid for the murders ... like buying a candy bar or pair of pants, only using time behind bars instead of money for payment.

  • smithfielddog Sep 9, 2009

    If as a society we are going to execute someone, we owe it to them to make sure he had a fair trial - execution is final and if we get someone innocent, that can't be undone. I'm not saying Waring doesn't deserve the death penalty - just that his lawyers ought to be heard.

    As for life sentences, the old law had some leeway. For life sentences on crimes committed since 1994, life means life without parole, and anyone saying differently is wrong.

  • rcrdngcountry Sep 9, 2009

    they should have no lawers, and should not be allowed to speak,
    unless asked. carry out the sentence, what ever it is, and
    stop them from wasting time and our money. ALL THIS IS REALLY A
    some one in 1940, and you got a life sentence, and you are still
    alive, hey buddy, you time is not up yet. understand.

  • garnertoy Sep 9, 2009

    hralex right on

  • hralex Sep 9, 2009

    Byron wanted everyone to know how bad he was in 2005, killing a young girl over what....$40. He had no remorse for her as he raped and stabbed her and left her for dead. Why is our gov't even wasting money on this trash. I say if you're convicted with no doubts, then lethal injection the next week. Quit feeding and educating these monsters...eye for an eye.

  • streetfightinman Sep 9, 2009

    with lawers and the racial justice act all murderers are
    innocent, stand in line for this boonedogglery, leave them all in jail and quit wasting tax payers money, if you make the lawers pay for this nonsense this will be the end of it.

  • SaveEnergyMan Sep 9, 2009

    No wonder this country is so messed up. Life means that - until they take you out in a box, or the murder victim comes home.

  • ICTrue Sep 9, 2009

    I think Islamic terrorists and american lawyers are the two biggest problems in the world today.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 9, 2009

    How do these lawyers sleep at night?
    Oh yeah, on a bed made out of money in a million dollar home

  • suckafree23 Sep 9, 2009

    Byron Waring murdered a girl for money that was not even his. He raped her and then cut her open. He should never see the light of day again. He is guilty and was found guilty......What can he say to get out of this. He picked his battle now pay the price for loosing it.

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