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  • flipper59 Dec 15, 2008

    J"ones, 68, said Parrish reminded him of his late wife and that he does not know why he did what he did. But he said he does not think it is a crime."

    You did your late Wife like this as well????
    Not a crime> you're not smart at all. No wonder Jack O'hale was sent to your rescue. Wonder who is paying that bill-lol
    Strange, when the Parrish family called Mr O'hale last Dec he didn't return their call. Quess it was a "conflict of interest" with the college and all.

  • SEOpro Dec 10, 2008

    Oh wow - this is off the hook. It is both sick and hilarious, yeah, that's it.....siclarious! Only in America. Though, on the other hand, you'd be SURPRISED at what is going on in your office, your car, your house, your doctor's office, the tanning salon room, etc. etc. Folks, as a whole nowdays, have no boundaries. Blame it on the internet ;-)

  • kathy8791 Dec 10, 2008

    To all of you posting as if there is no foul, no harm done, you must be family or friends of this lawbreaker. What an evil, insane, criminal act. Lock him up for life for the protection of society. His behavior is beyond passive aggressive.

  • zeitghost Dec 10, 2008

    why he isn't in jail is beyond me.

  • Space Mountain Dec 10, 2008

    Why would she take the candy if she was so afraid of someone leaving it on her desk?

  • canesnut Dec 10, 2008

    I think I speak for everyone when I say -- "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!"

  • radixlecti Dec 10, 2008

    I think you can be reasonably sure that this isn't the first person he has done this to, he just got caught, can it's a behavior that has probably gone on for years.
    The more I see, the more I think that the law serves to protect the people who commit the crimes, not the real victims..

  • ratherbnnc Dec 10, 2008

    How is this not illegal---what did you people base that on? Its a perfect example of secret assualt--which is guess it comes...ILLEGAL! Lawsuit to JCC congrats!

    Rubbing candy on your willy is far from Secret Assault!!

  • flipper59 Dec 9, 2008

    "If the EEOC investigated and found it was handled properly then nothing more should be done."

    "EEOC" That bucket investigation has a big hole in the bottom. It won't hold water being filled from a large fire hose.
    What a waste of federal tax dollars that invest was.

  • Timetogo Dec 9, 2008

    JCC should have extinguished this flame before it turned out to be a wild fire. SHAME on EVERYONE concerned! Allowing Harold to resign/retire wasn't enough for what he did but for Paula to make these tapes available to the world was over-kill. Instead of getting him the help he obviously needs, this has just ruined his life. This has to be embarrassing for everyone who works at JCC!!

  • pam2 Dec 9, 2008

    Bet she is the one that made sure WRAL and others knew about it and what happened to being ashamed of things? I would not want my face plastered all over the news and internet for everyone to see that a dirty ole man was wacking off in my office. They both are SICK!!

  • RainierBeer Dec 9, 2008

    off the page!

  • RainierBeer Dec 9, 2008

    get that second photo of the page! wral sensors should be ashamed to put that out there

  • eaglesphanatic Dec 9, 2008

    I knew both of them not long ago. Worked at JCC as a matter of fact. She's no angel and that's the truth. The gum ain't the only thing I am betting her hubby don't know about. Harold's just an old guy with problems. Is it criminal? It oughta be. was he lead on? Mighta been. If it's not criminal, she is the one that'll be getting prosecuted AND persecuted. She needed to have not let this become public. As for JCC, that's their way. They are backwoods. As for the attorney, I know of him too. He doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer at first glance anyways, so I ain't so sure he knows exactly what he's talking about.

    Yes, she is a drama queen in this instance AND in the past. Yes, he was wrong. Yes, she will be the one to pay the price over and over, not him. What he did was wrong, but she HAS a motive. That you can believe!!

  • IDontCare6 Dec 9, 2008

    "would often leave her gum and candy on her desk – items she said she would often share with coworkers and her husband."

    Lawd have mercy...

  • sox Dec 9, 2008

    Everyone has skeletons in the closet, most are just not made public. This man probably needs some kind of help(mentally). But to let it ruin your marriage is absurd.

  • Firegal Dec 9, 2008

    How is this not illegal---what did you people base that on? Its a perfect example of secret assualt--which is guess it comes...ILLEGAL! Lawsuit to JCC congrats!

  • familyfour Dec 9, 2008

    She should not let this ruin her and her husband's life. All beit nasty as all get-out, at least no one received physical harm, and no mental baggage to carry from a forced situation....just a really gross situation, and knowing it happened....he should have to have some reprimand, far as violating some ethical code, or standard...after all...he was getting paid to do jack.....and purposefuly funk-a-fying someones work area......

    If he can get to retire, she should get a new office, in another space, where she can work out her years without the constant reminder of the juicy's only fair.

  • teacher-mom Dec 9, 2008

    This is gross. I do not think it should ruin her or her husband's life. She should seek professional counseling. They might need to go to a marriage counselor as well. She can get past this if she wants to. I would change offices.

  • ljcs357 Dec 9, 2008

    photo 2/3


  • LaLa-Land Dec 9, 2008

    What a sad, sick old guy. This is disgusting. He may have violated a good many ethical policies, but at least he didn't physically hurt anyone like so many perverts do.

  • foetine Dec 9, 2008

    "h.... people do that every day in public restrooms. Shouldn't they be arrested too?"

    What restrooms in Raleigh pass out chewing gum that has been in contact with private parts? Do you often put things you find on the bathroom floor directly into your mouth?

  • mustainemad Dec 9, 2008

    Please stay strong, Mrs. Parrish, what you have done shows how tough you can be! Many thanks should be coming to you for what you have done--your willingness to stand up and keep fighting should be applauded against so many who would encourage you to just keep quiet. This exemplifies the struggle women continue to fight against sexual harrassment of all kinds; I wonder how many times you had to hear "Oh, you weren't really hurt, just let it go"? My wish for you and your family is peace for this and all seasons, although I am sure your lives are forever changed by this disgusting violation.

  • Weetie Dec 9, 2008

    bet I learn to lock MY office doors...

  • The Fox Dec 9, 2008

    I feel sorry for the husband. "Hey honey, wanna a stick of Juicy Fruit?"

  • Adelinthe Dec 9, 2008


    Thanking God he didn't hurt her because this is a type of stalking.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • ncwebguy Dec 9, 2008

    If he thinks he has done nothing wrong, then there is nothing wrong with showing him with his hands in pants in an office that was not his.

    I guess JCCC doesn't have a class in "don't go into other folks' office" since they think they handled it properly. He obviously thinks he "handled it properly" too, yet that is the reason she is upset. Without the webcam evidence, he would still be working (it) there.

  • lilreno is in the wind Dec 9, 2008

    I'll bet he is embarassed!

  • R.O.BdaCZAR Dec 9, 2008

    Did they really have to put that second photo in there? I mean come on ;)

  • flowerchild02 Dec 9, 2008

    I think everyone is really overly-emphasizing that she said it had ruined her and her husband's lives. I think what she meant by that was all that she's been through since this occurred to get it resolved. It's pretty obvious that no one has helped her in this situation, and she's had to take matters into her own hands by going public with it. So give it a rest, folks.

  • HappyGirl08 Dec 9, 2008

    Well, everyone seems to be focusing on the fact that she took the candy. I imagine it never crossed her mind that anything had been done to it. It probably seemed sealed up as it should have been.

    However, as a matter of my personal practice, if I don't know someone or they make me uncomfortable I either try to decline , or I wait for them to leave and I toss it. I never eat anything if I am not confident in the source. I am betting that she is unfortunatly now going to adopt the same rules. It's just a shame that she will probably be suspicious of anything given to her now.

  • ra8797 Dec 9, 2008

    Yuck. No more pot-lucks at work for me.

  • starglow2005 Dec 9, 2008

    "What about the health issues? This guy must have spread his germs all over the place. That should be against the law to expose other people to who knows what."

    Uh.... people do that every day in public restrooms. Shouldn't they be arrested too?

  • ptahandatum Dec 9, 2008

    "Probably couldn't see the camera because he was going blind." Probably right. He's already wearing glasses. Zeus will not bless this.

  • HappyGirl08 Dec 9, 2008

    Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood. The school allowed him to retire?? Well that's just wrong. He should have been fired!! I'm sure there is some sort of loop hole that would have allowed him to collect his retirement benefits either way though.

  • HappyGirl08 Dec 9, 2008

    Oh that is just gross. I can't believe that. Did the school fire that guy? I don't recall the article saying. Hopefully there is some legal route she can take against him but likely they'll just tell her since he never touched her they can't do anything to him. Its a shame she had to quit her job over it and could not be offered some sort of protection by the school so she could keep it.

  • amyrn Dec 9, 2008

    He's 68 so that's not really retiring early is it? I agree what he did was wrong. I still thing looking at it from a medical point of view that his judgment may have been impaired and his family should have him thoroughly evaluated by a psychiatrist/psychologist and neurologist. It is amazing what something in the brain of an organic nature can make a person do. The community college got rid of him. I wonder if maybe the powers that be just didn't know what they had on their hands with the situation. In alot of sexual harassment cases, this is how it is handled. Like others have said, I wouldn't have eaten candy or chewed gum left in my office when the door was supposed to be locked. Maybe she thought it was someone else.

  • ajshaggin Dec 9, 2008

    Come on people. She is the innocent one here. She did not wait a year. She has been waiting on the JC school system to do something.He got a slap on the wrist.So he had worked there 16 yrs. He should have been terminated. Basically they just told him it was ok to do this kind of sick thing.Bets are it was not his first time just the first time he got caught. You remind me of my dead wife. Yeah right. If she was alive what would she be saying. What has happened to the morals of our nation. As for sharing her candy before you condemn why don't you ask was it before or after she saw the video.Look at what this will cost her now. She now has a target on her back by the JC school system. They will find some reason to terminate her. This will & has cost her personally, mentally, & now by going to the law financially. Who is the winner here. HE IS!! So before any of you judge her look at our GREAT (HA) school system here in JC.

  • Justin T. Dec 9, 2008

    I think he needs to be prosecuted for stalking her, lewd acts, and food tampering. It is good that the webcam caught him... no telling how many pieces of "extra chewy" gum she consumed. Disgusting.

  • Reason Dec 9, 2008

    Its sad that this "destroyed her life." Wow. Wonder how much of this gum and candy she had already eaten before the web cam was set up?
    He should be charged but at the same time it was nice of the college to allow him to retire. Very...touching.

  • OpinionatedGuy Dec 9, 2008

    Hey is this all that we need to do to retire early? and still get paid??? That's one angle...

  • TeresaBee Dec 9, 2008

    Remember he was masterbating so there just might be more than just his penis on that gum. What bothers me about this story is we do not know how he progressed to this point and most importantly how much more it would have progressed had he not been caught. This story could have turned out much worse in the end.

  • foetine Dec 9, 2008

    "But he said he does not think it is a crime."

    Rubbing my private parts on a stick of gum, rewrapping it, and attempting to have an suspecting woman chew it is not a crime in NC? I really feel safe in this state.

    She doesn't know what sort of germs this sicko has. She could have gotten fecal matter in her mouth. This man getting to "quietly retire" is a farce. Others in that school need to know what he did to make sure they also weren't victims of his rubbing desires.

  • Qwerty27807 Dec 9, 2008

    Probably couldn't see the camera because he was going blind.

  • vote4changeASAP Dec 9, 2008

    What exactly is she looking for?

    Had this man been caught doing his deed in a underage teen's bedroom, what charges would be brought against him?

    Peeping Toms get punished by the law and this man should be punsished as well.

  • jcountystyle Dec 9, 2008

    Yes people keep the thinking this man did nothing wrong and the college handled it correctly. You will soon find different. This man "touched" his penis with his semen...that if you look it up is considered a form of food tampering..a felony. They did not report this crime to the authorities and it has been a year since it happened. Sounds to me like there's more to this and I agree with no body that we will soon find out. WRAL just doesnt hit on something one time. If you think this is not a crime, you should go sit on a backwards bench with the same folks who think you shouldn't own a gun!!!!!

  • TeresaBee Dec 9, 2008

    Didn't this guy know that once he steps out of his home he is on camera?

  • batcave Dec 9, 2008

    I think at the very least the husband should be allowed to stomp him in the ground, but after that, it should be over.

  • Hot on the Heels Dec 9, 2008

    How does soem old dude doing that in your office destroy your life? And if she was so threatened by him, why did she take his candy? There is nothing in the story that says she complained about him leaving her candy. Instead, she took it and shared it with her husband. If she was so scared of him leaving her candy, she should have locked the door or told the administration about it. Or even tell him to stop doing it. Yeah, he shouldn't have done that in her office, but it's not the end of the world.

  • news4u Dec 9, 2008

    "There is alot more to this story. Stay tuned, it's coming!!"
    no body

    I think it already did.

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