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  • mondosinistro May 26, 2008

    As OldRebel (and others?) said, there is inconsistency in releasing these reports. There is a link to the actual Curtis report--but none for Abhijit Mahato.

    As to autopsy "photos"--not really. Just diagrams. Are there ever actual photos? Don't know. Do I want to see any? Not so sure I do. But I do want to know more in some places. I'm interested in the Carson report, not because of any morbid curiosity (I don't believe it'll be any worse than I've already imagined), but because I'm still trying to figure out what happened on 3/5 (so close to me I could've almost heard it myself). My opinion has in fact changed a lot in the last week. It may change still more as we find out more.

  • uthink May 23, 2008

    right on "old school tarheel". you know what this is about.

  • uthink May 23, 2008

    I am still confused about what happened. All these details and still no clarity of what lead to this tragedy.

  • ghimmy51 May 23, 2008

    I didn't need to know that. I doubt the family appreciated it either.

  • Lady Justice May 23, 2008

    There was a direct link to the Michelle Young AR. I just finished reading it from that link. As for the Carson AR, I am sure it will be published, but only when the publishing does not pose a threat to the successful prosecution of that case. Every case is different. Be patient.

  • doubletrouble May 23, 2008

    One was murdered in Jan, the other Mar. It was stated that Eve Carson's would be released as well.

    As far a public knowledge...yes, I can see the need for a free press/freedom of speach, but I also have enough human compassion to realize that such graphic, personal and tragic descriptions of how a loved one suffered-could be very hard on the victim's family. I just try to look at it as if, it were one of my own family-and how I would feel about it, being broadcast to the world. These same details and facts however, should surely be shown to a juror during a trial.

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    Packy: It is sad honestly, it is by the ones calling other racist for not agreeing with them…

  • NCMOMof3 May 23, 2008

    It's so sad that a beautiful young lady's death has been overshadowed by racism. Does anyone really think Latrese Curtis cares at this point if her murderer is white, black, or pink with purple polka dots? She was a wonderful young lady that was murdered for no other reason than someone decided they could take her life. Eve Carson was a wonderful young lady that was murdered for the same reason. And hey, they were both murdered by black men. Yes, racism exists, on both sides. Discrimination exists, on both sides. Life isn't fair. Get over it and move on. Don't overshadow 2 tragic deaths by yelling "not fair" or "racism" when neither of these 2 ladies care at this point. All they would want is justice and healing, on all fronts. Racism will never go away until people stop looking for imagined slights around every corner.

  • doodad May 23, 2008

    Anyone who uses this much force to murder another human being needs to be destroyed.

    I can not imagine someone in my family dying this way. My heart goes out to her family.

  • mondosinistro May 23, 2008

    Just one little point of fact: The Eve Carson murder was much more recent than Latrese Curtis. It looks as though they will be releasing that too, probably in siz weeks or so--*as was the original intention*. So until that time passes, why do we need to make these comparisons of one victim's family's privacy rights vs another?

  • innocent bystander May 23, 2008

    North Carolina is one of a relatively small number of states that considers death certificates and ARs public records. I don't have a problem with that, because this informtion is useful for researchers and others who have a valid interest in the information. Publishing these records available on the internet, I feel, is abusing the original intent of the law. And in cases such as this, it is downright insensitive to the family's privacy.

  • Packy May 23, 2008

    Smoke, you still getting called racist??? Unbelievable!!! LOL

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    Still crying racism? So sad, A story about a woman getting murdered like this and people want to complain about a white girls death. Despicable petty people.. .

  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    Good one smokey the racist.... Have a great one

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    "good one smooke. I am going to enjoy my life this weekend. Racism is just apart of life. Whether it's it's meant to be or not. Have a great weekend to all."

    I hope you do enjoy your weekend and holiday…. Might want to work on your own racism while you’re at it.

  • Tired Of Excuses May 23, 2008

    I haven't read the autopsy report and I am very disappointed that it is made public knowledge. So is this what it's come down too folks? Is nothing private anymore. Eve Carson's autopsty wasn't posted...hum...I wonder why?
    I am sickened by this. This is NONE of our business.
    My thoughts are with this woman's husband and her family as they struggel through all of this.
    WRAL I am totally appauld and question your judgement.

  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    good one smooke. I am going to enjoy my life this weekend. Racism is just apart of life. Whether it's it's meant to be or not. Have a great weekend to all.

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    "JAT- Until you have experienced having a loved one murdered then please don't address me further. You have your opinions and I have mines and I KNOW first hand what posting public information that isn't anyone else business can do to a family."

    Still has nothing to do with racism, I guess changing subjects in mid debate is the way to go now.

  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    JAT- Until you have experienced having a loved one murdered then please don't address me further. You have your opinions and I have mines and I KNOW first hand what posting public information that isn't anyone else business can do to a family.

  • JAT May 23, 2008

    justwondering....we know her cell phone was used to call the roommate (the guy she went to see). Wonder if she broke down on the highway and for some reason, called him to come help her instead of her husband (maybe she knew he had gone to sleep or something). But the roommate sent the killer, or maybe the killer volunteered to go and that's how the killer got to the site. No one has said her car appeared to be stopped quickly or run off the road, so it didn't raise attention by the way it was parked on the side of the road.

  • JAT May 23, 2008

    no, sowhat, that's just a statement of the facts. Start with your own house first before you start worrying about mine or anyone elses. Racism should not even be considered as it has by some regarding these 2 cases. To do so is to degrade one while trying to elevate the other and that is just plain stupid. Two women died, both, just so happens, at the hands of black men who had criminal records. Whether or not their autopsies have or have not been released has NOTHING to do with race.

  • justwondering2 May 23, 2008

    FE you are correct and as I stated in my post HIPAA does not apply to the deceased. That is why the autopsy report can be public knolwdege. I can understand why HIPAA does not apply to the deceased because the autopsies give valuable info in investigations. I was only suggesting that perhaps HIPAA should add to the 800(prob more) page law a clause that limits who may view a person's autopsy, just as a persons medical record is limited to only those involved in the care.

  • beachlover77 May 23, 2008

    My thing is why is all this killing going on? Like the insurance lady that was just doing her job that someone felt they had to kill her, like Eve Carson out taking care of business and someone felt they had to kill her, and this poor lady, we will never know what horror she went through, black or white, this killing has got to stop..I wish I knew how to do that..Now days you have to be careful who you talk to and befriend because people would just a soon kill you than look at you...It just makes no sense to me...

  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    WE are entitle to our opinions and this is just down right disrespectful of anyone to post and have this information available. Maybe we should start posting everyone medical history as well, then everyone would be upset, because it's private. I am sad for everyone on here that thinks this is ok

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    grayboomerang= Very nice post, some people have nothing more in their lives but to complain and point fingers at others.

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    sowhat=What is sad is to use a story about a woman vicious murder be used to scream racism is what is sad, as long as people like you and then run around screaming it at every whim then there will always be people to blow it off because it is used way to much. I am also sad for you to look for something to cry about instead of enjoying life, good luck with that.

  • grayboomerang May 23, 2008

    Ladies and Gentlemen.....Why did you open the autoposy report if you were offended that it was posted?? It even states "WARNING, GRAPHIC DETAILS"

    So you go read it and then come on here and complain???? not open it.

    And good grief are we going to continue to compare every case to Eve Carson? The poor girl is gone, please let her rest in peace already..geesh. I'm so sick of everyone jumping on the "IT'S NOT FAIR" bandwagon.

    I feel horrible for this poor girl and it sickens me to know what she endured...but I'm not blaming WRAL nor am I going to scream NOT FAIR....the things people get up in arms about is truly amazing to me.


  • FE May 23, 2008

    justwondering: I don't think HIPAA has anything to do with a medical examiner's report as part of a police investigation.

    HIPAA is there to protect patient medical records such as illnesses, conditions, treatments, etc.

    Perhaps a lawyer can weigh in?


  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    smoke and JAT. Racism is in your statments... :black people need to worry about that. WE all need to worry about racism.
    I feel sorry for you.

  • justwondering2 May 23, 2008

    oops. It should be... HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

  • justwondering2 May 23, 2008

    Maybe HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability Act) should make some sort of laws to protect the deceased. As it is now HIPAA does not apply to the deceased.

  • bomanicous May 23, 2008

    A pretty sickening and disturbing story alone but the poor reporting also makes it very confusing. This is the first of heard of the roommate. That just adds to the growing pile of questions that the reported failed to answer.

    I just hope justice is swift and prevailing for this poor womans soul and family.

  • oldrebel May 23, 2008

    Looking back archieves, it appears to me there are many more stories without autopsy reports (links) than there are stories with such links. That is my point in this thread. It would seem the public intrest is served better by having the same coverage, i.e. providing linkage to autopsy reports, than it is served by picking and choosing such linkage according to the vagaries of editorial discretion.

  • justwondering2 May 23, 2008

    I'm so confused. She called her husband to let him know she was on the way home, but she didn't go home she went to this other guys house who is the roommate of the guy who killed her. Yet according to the story the killer was not at the house. How when and where did he enter the picture? Did I miss something? If I did would someone kindly fill me in.

  • FloydTurbo May 23, 2008

    Rightly or wrongly ..... "The Eve Carson Murder" changed the rules in this media market just as much as "Nifong-Lacrosse" changed how Triangle-area residents view District Attorneys and the local justice system.

    People have been brutally murdered, raped, assaulted and indicted rightly wrongly for years .... "around here" and everywhere else. But when a case ignites a firestorm of publicity for whatever reason that ratchets up public sensitivity to future incidents. ..... and, of course, the "Internet" did not exist when other similar incidents occured more than five years ago.

    It's different now.

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    JAT: Do not bother, some can find racism in anything and everything.

  • JAT May 23, 2008

    no, sowhat, we can see racism in the Eve Carson case a whole lot more than this one. In that one, 2 criminal black guys picked a seemingly defenseless white girl to rob and kill (and maybe more, which may be why they don't want to reveal the autopsy yet). Black people need to worry about that!

  • JAT May 23, 2008

    As much as I hate to admit it, there's nothing in the report that most kids old enough to read it probably haven't seen or read before. Most of the medical terms would be an instant turnoff for them and if they did read it, maybe they'd see just how horrible one human being can be to another and that it ultimately resulted in death. If we're ok with the news showing all the OJ Simpson trial, this is nothing compared to that. I doubt this really shocks as many people as you may want to think, and if you don't want to read it, don't. It won't help or hurt you either way.

    As for the comparison to Eve Carson - give it up! Is there nothing else you can find to complain about. Let's give the police a little bit of credit that they have a good reason to withhold it. If we see later that they don't, then you have a reason to complain but until then, give it a rest and don't worry about it.

  • casp3r May 23, 2008

    "So the girl was married and went to visit the other man?Does this mean having an affair what did she go to do there again?"

    so this is a reason to get brutally murdered? what a waste of DNA!"

    It is a simple question that even the police will be asking, how childish to attack someone for asking a very legit question. There is a thing they call motive you know. To even suggest the poster was excusing the brutal murder really reflects with the intelligence of the replier.

  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    REV. B you are correct. I wonder what the UN is going to do when they find out that their is Racism in the USA. We can see it in situations like this.

  • whatevah May 23, 2008

    "So the girl was married and went to visit the other man?Does this mean having an affair what did she go to do there again?"

    so this is a reason to get brutally murdered? what a waste of DNA!

  • Adelinthe May 23, 2008

    "Eve Carson's autopsy records are currently sealed ostensibly because of the ongoing criminal investigation..."

    THIS is also an ongoing investigation. So what's the difference between releasing the autopsy records of this woman and Eve Carson?

    Let me answer that - there is NONE, except for bias because Eve Carson was popular and this woman was fairly unknown except to her loved ones.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe May 23, 2008

    "Just a shame that they would release this autopsy about a young black woman who was murdered and not release the autopsy of the Carson woman who was also murdered. WHY??????????? Tell me WHHHHHHHHHHY!!!"

    I have thought that very same thing.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • hoopster May 23, 2008

    Just a shame that they would release this autopsy about a young black woman who was murdered and not release the autopsy of the Carson woman who was also murdered. WHY??????????? Tell me WHHHHHHHHHHY!!!

  • DrunkSober May 23, 2008

    So the girl was married and went to visit the other man?Does this mean having an affair what did she go to do there again?

  • readyforgodswilltobedone May 23, 2008

    WRAL should be ashamed to post this type of information to get rating. Do you think the kids want to see or hear this.

  • Sunkist May 23, 2008

    I just can't believe WRAL put all that for viewers to read. AND MY GOD IF WE use just one bad word, they will delete everything you have wrote.

  • luvstoread May 23, 2008

    WRAL has published many autopsy reports in the past. Most recently, Jenna Nielsen and Michelle Young. Others in the past were those of Stephanie Bennett, Eric Miller, and Kathleen Peterson. This tragedy was no different.

  • innocent bystander May 23, 2008

    Reb, the ARs have been posted in other murder stories too; the links are just not always as obvious as in this case.

    I think most people who are raising objections to the AR being published here are doing so not because they are squeamish about reading it (personally I have seen numerous autopsies and necropsies performed), but because they feel it is overly invasive to the family of the deceased. I believe that is a completely legitimate argument not to post them, regardless of their status as public documents.

  • uncalumni02 May 23, 2008

    I don't recall seeing autopsy report links being posted on other murder stories...just curious as to why WRAL CHOSE to post a link this time...

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