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  • kansaswho Apr 17, 2008

    What makes me sick here is the comments that are being made by folks who have probably never been in this situation. Why cant you just offer these families involved your dondolences and more forward with your day.Obviously you have nothing better to do than sit at your computer, drink coffee and scratch yourself.
    My condolences to the families..may each one of you have your prayers answered and find some closer to this horrible travesty in your lives. God Bless You All!!!

  • catalyst74 Apr 17, 2008

    If this were Salem Mass in 1692, Tiffany Bassett would have already been burned alive at the stake. Seriously people...does the term, "innocent until proven guilty" mean anything to you? Apparently not. You're so easily coaxed into the "mob mentality" that it's sickening. I truly feel saddened by the family's tragic loss of a man who has done so much for his family, friends, and community, but let the evidence speak for itself. The media is no better than a child poking an angry bee's nest. The psychology they're using is so basic, yet you're suckling at it like a new born baby. WRAL and the News and Disturber both reference pictures of Keith in his officer's uniform, and Tiffany with a very "feral" look from her courtroom appearance. In imagery alone, you're more than convinced she's guilty just by her picture. Is she guilty or innocent? A jury will decide based on evidence.

  • Meandmytwo Apr 17, 2008

    Hope justice is served soon. I could only imagine the frustration she and the family is feeling. Praying for closure and comfort.

  • Dayum Sessy Apr 17, 2008

    RIP Keith.

    You are missed.

  • Adelinthe Apr 17, 2008

    "In an order filed April 10, Superior Court Judge E. Lynn Johnson cited matters of "unintended consequences" and said activities have "impaired the ability" of the state to proceed."

    That judge is NUTX!!!

    Praying for this man's loved ones - praying for justice.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Reason Apr 17, 2008

    the article says the DA's office turned over the material as soon as they realized the defense did not have it. Not the DA's offices fault. There was no malicious conduct on their part. A public reprimand was uncalled for. The judge removed himself because he knows he screwed up and delayed this trial unnecesarily.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Apr 17, 2008

    It's good to know that the accused is at least in jail. It would be doubly tragic if she was out living her life knowing that she could kill somebody and possibly never go to trial.

  • 2assume Apr 17, 2008

    She is jail.

  • colliedave Apr 16, 2008

    In the meantime is the accused siting in County jail or is she out on bond.

  • St Ives Apr 16, 2008

    Judge did the right thing.

  • djofraleigh Apr 16, 2008

    The facts, actions and their consequences are as clear as mud to me after reading this.

  • daisy Apr 16, 2008

    I think judge did the right thing. This way when the party is found guilty, the defense can't come back and try to appeal the verdict based on the DA's screw up. A new Judge won't be any part of this current disaster.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 16, 2008

    We need to strap this judge in as well. Our justice system has all but collapsed. Out law enforcement personnel go out, risk life and limb, do their best to bring the criminals in. Then the lawyers commence the big game. They are the only sure winners of the game because win or lose they get a payday.

  • clintoflannagan Apr 16, 2008

    I feel very sorry for the sister. First for the tragic loss of her brother and then because the trial has been delayed and the prosecution of the defendant jeopardized. But the Judge had not choice but to reprimand the DA and he certainly had to do it publically. If he had done it privately, as the sister seems to suggest he should have, there would have been all manner of backlash.

    I hope the sister is able to receive justice sooner rather than later. She's already been through Hell and doesn't deserve to have it jeopardized by the DA's office acting inappropriately.

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