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  • bill0 Feb 18, 2008

    Just to be clear, there was no trial and the judge did not rule she was insane or not accountable for the murder. She is being held at Dix until she is deemed fit for trial. If she is truly nuts, she will be there the rest of her life. If she isn't, she'll eventually be released back to the police to stand trial. At that point, it will be up to a jury to decide if she knew what she was doing. Frankly though, the insanity defense almost never works at trial anymore.

  • readme Feb 18, 2008

    What a crock of baloney. Make her stand trial.

  • iron fist Feb 18, 2008

    foxylady, there seems to be more to the story,

  • Cable Feb 18, 2008

    Want to get away with muder claim that your coocoo

  • foxyladync Feb 18, 2008

    This absolutely infuriates me! I knew Thierry because his son and my son where classmates and friends. We got together with Thierry and his children often. What a wonderful man and an outstanding father. Yes, his ex-wife was disturbed, but she was also very aware of her actions. He had told me a bit about the situation. This piece of human filth planned and calculated his murder. She did it in front of the kids in a public place. SICK!!! Can you imagine how this has permanently affected the kids? I hope she rots in #$%% forever.

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