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  • soulmateblue Jan 1, 2008


  • yukonjohn3 Jan 1, 2008

    Does this mean that Durham should drop a giant gun at midnight? Although, it would seem too much like a regular night of gunshots once the noise from the fireworks started.

    Too Funny!!!

  • lynddsy Jan 1, 2008

    i guess if you make enough money you can drop anything you want.

  • Love my boys Dec 31, 2007

    Make your jokes - Mount Olive is one of the most wonderful business-rich environments. As someone mentioned earlier, Mount Olive College, Mount Olive Pickle, Andy's Cheesesteaks & Cheeseburgers (GREAT food), IMpulseNC (they make trolley cars) and for now, corporate headquarters to Butterball, LLC which is the largest turkey processing plant in the world all call Mount Olive home. By the way, it's not in the town limits, it's about 15 minutes outside of town. Plus, they have the NC Pickle Festival every year (end of April/first of May please attend!) as well as one of the best Christmas parades I've ever been to.

    Andy's Cheesesteaks is the ultimate American dream. The owner, Kenny Moore, started out in the Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro with only $10,000 and a dream. Now, look at him. He's started his own foundation to help sick children. He donates, quite largely I might add, to the Make A Wish Foundation. Obviously, somebody enjoys the food. I know I do!

  • enigma1469 Dec 31, 2007

    I saw one bigger than that in the adult toy store.

  • svaraj38758 Dec 31, 2007

    Actually, the irony of the Peter Piper comment is that its actually a brand name of pickles and a competitor of Mount Olive Pickles on store shelves. For many years, Cates Pickles of Faison was a competitor just down the road from Mount Olive. Those in eastern NC probably 30 and up might remember seeing their pink (yes, pink) tractor-trailer trucks on the highway. Mount Olive's trucks were green and Cates' trucks were pink. Dean Foods bought out Cates some years ago and the Peter Piper brand is a Dean Food's pickle. So long story short, no I don't think Peter Piper was invited.

  • nisa-pizza Dec 31, 2007

    Does this mean that Durham should drop a giant gun at midnight?
    Although, it would seem too much like a regular night of gunshots once the noise from the fireworks started.

  • lovecarolinagutters Dec 31, 2007 that's funny.

  • trunkmonkee1971 Dec 31, 2007

    Ah yes, the 'possum drop.....
    It will not be the new year without the 'possum drop.

  • bushretard Dec 31, 2007

    My giant pickle is ready year 'round.

  • yukonjohn3 Dec 31, 2007

    What a fantastic human interest story!! I think it is wonderful that MO can get together and celebrate New Years with something that is a vast part of their recent history. I miss rural NC and watch Andy Griffith almost daily and remember the days of my youth in West End. We had "floyd the barber" "otis the town drunk" and we had "Andy". I miss that, and it sounds like MO still has the "Mayberry" kind of quaintness to it. Congratulations and Happy New Year to Mount Olive residents and long live your Pickle Drop!!

  • TheWB Dec 31, 2007

    Let me guess Peter Piper is the Guest of Honor. You guys did invite him, didn't you? Somebody better get on the phone.

  • justjean Dec 31, 2007

    Is MO home of bad food? Andy's Cheeseburgers/Cheesesteaks are horrible, MO pickles are mushy, and although I like turkey, I surely wouldn't want to live near a processing plant..p.u.

  • justjean Dec 31, 2007

    Giant pickle, giant nut..what's the difference, they're both fairly silly.

  • Sopranos Justice Dec 31, 2007

    I relish the thought of dropping a pickle...

  • TheWB Dec 31, 2007

    I'm sorry, I couldn't get past the picture before I fell out laughing. I can't help but wonder, is it a Kosher Dill for the sake of our Jewish friends?

  • Just One Opinion Dec 31, 2007

    Good for you Mount Olive ~ ~ ~

    Pay the jaded city folk no mind. Everybody would LOVE to live in a community where people not only know each other but enjoy thier interaction with each other as well.

    During war time, stock market woes, national diaster and any other bad event that has come along over the years, Mount Olive Pickle Company has not only maintained but has grown. The growth is because of the people of the community and the support that the Pickle Company gives back to the community.

    Yeah ~ ~ dropping a pickle is funny ~ ~ if dropped anywhere else in the world, but for your community it is of the highest honor to bring the people together to give them the opportunity to donate goods to a worthy cause and wish their neighbors a heart felt HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !

  • nandud Dec 31, 2007

    Fantastic! Being from a very, very small town in Virginia and living in Apex for the past eight years, which used to be a small town, I can appreciate this whole thing. Those who don't understand....well, they just don't. Bravo and Happy New Year, Mt. Olive. Thanks for doing something wholesome and caring for the community.

  • RealityAddict Dec 31, 2007

    svaraj38758 -- well said.
    Being born and raised in Mount Olive, Mount Olive Pickle Company has always been around. Shickrey Baddour's progreesive thinking in the 20's has kept the company a huge employer for the town. Mount Olive Pickle has also become the best selling brand of pickles in the Southeast, and the second-best selling brand of non-refrigerated pickles in the country. Mount Olive Pickle was one of the first 200 companies to offer profit sharing to its employees. Proud to have my "cucumber" roots.

  • OpinionOnEverything Dec 31, 2007

    "Mr. Olive’s glowing, 3-foot pickle makes its 45-foot plunge down the company’s flagpole and into a redwood pickle tank at the stroke of 7 p.m"

    LOL.......wayyy too much innuendo going on here!

  • svaraj38758 Dec 30, 2007

    Well, you have to look at it for what it is. Mount Olive for many years, has been mostly about pickles. So, its an obvious theme and for a good cause. The company is obviously in business to also market and promote their products, therefore the reason for the PR with the news media. The New Year's Pickle Drop is just a community support thing just like the NC Pickle Festival. Those living in the Triangle are likely not going to go and some are likely to jeer their efforts, but you have to understand that small town folks share a bond at such events. Its not about how long you party or how much booze you consume. Its marking the New Year and moving on with 2008. I'm from that area and no longer live there. I will not be attending, but I understand the purpose for having the event. The way I see it, if Raleigh's First Night isn't good enough for some, there is probably a few charters going to NYC to hop aboard.

  • uncgrad07 Dec 30, 2007

    I guess the only thing more redneck than dropping a giant acorn on New Year's Eve is to drop a giant pickle.

  • piratefan90 Dec 30, 2007

    I really was serious about going. It is only a short drive, helps the food bank, and is somewhere I can take my son to celebrate that is age (and pocketbook) appropriate. AND I'll be home before the drinkers get on the road.

  • BBBB Dec 30, 2007

    Boy am I excited.

  • svaraj38758 Dec 30, 2007

    Yeah, MO is a small town, but they have a few things going for them for state/national/international notoriety...Mount Olive Pickles, Butterball HQ and the world's largest turkey processing plant, HQ for Andy's Cheeseburgers/Cheesesteaks and Mount Olive College. Not a whole lot, but its not just about pickles all together.

  • piratefan90 Dec 30, 2007

    check the blogs from 12/27. there's a link and it is too funny! I want a shirt!

  • nbforrest Dec 30, 2007

    Where is the Possum drop? Sounds like a great time!

  • piratefan90 Dec 30, 2007

    Yes, but they roll up the sidewalks about 9:30 or so!

  • AKA PikeMom Dec 30, 2007

    For those wondering, 7 o’clock Eastern Standard Time is actually midnight Greenwich Mean Time.

    “We are official, we can shout ‘Happy New Year’, sing Auld Lang Syne

    >>>Are we NOT in the USA?

  • hdonthefarm Dec 30, 2007

    This is so much cooler than the giant nut that falls on Raleigh every year!

  • amypsychrn Dec 30, 2007

    If one gets pickled, Mount Olive's finest will put you in the pickle pokey!

  • Evil one Dec 30, 2007

    This "big pickle" thing has endless marketing possibilities.

  • colliedave Dec 30, 2007

    What happens if one gets "pickled" at Mt. Olive's New Year's Celebration?

  • piratefan90 Dec 30, 2007

    Since I can't make it to the Possum Drop, I guess this will have to do!

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