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  • Jimmy Jones Oct 20, 2016
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    quote=16131506]Post by Betsey Duggins[/quote]
    When did the coal ash pond fail that started this Democratic feeding frenzy that it's all McCrory's fault? When? Nnow, when were coal ash ponds allowed to be built and when was the legislation passed that set up the inspections, specifications, etc? Now, which party was in power at that time? Now, which governors' administration performed inspections on any of the coal ash ponds?
    Did Governors Umstead, Hodges(2), Sanford(1), Moore(1), Scott(1), Holshouser(1), Hunt(2), Martin(2), Hunt(2), Easley(2), Perdue(1) EVER have someone in their administrations inspect ANY coal ash pods? But somehow, McCrory is at fault? Cause he worked as a lawyer for Duke Energy? That bought out Progress Energy? That bought out CP&L? Whose coal ash ponds Duke had NOTHING to do with when they were constructed? Enough said....counter lies with truth.....

  • Ray Ubinger Oct 19, 2016
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    NO coverage of ANYTHING the Libertarian said. WRAL: Bias You Can Count On!

  • Betsey Duggins Oct 19, 2016
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    Thanks to Mark Binker for keeping us updated on time lines we can't possibly remember. McCrory is such a flim-flam man. Much like Trump, the chump. Always looking for a scapegoat when pushed in a corner or deflection.

  • Aiden Audric Oct 19, 2016
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    I was glad Lon Cecil was on stage. At least I think he was. He got so very little time to speak, and when he did he had nothing coherent to add.

    I'd have like to see him challenge his challengers instead of trying to explain positions he doesn't quite have solidified.
    A third moderator, if you will. At some points it was almost as if McCrory and Cooper were looking at him to chime in and call the other out on what was just said.

    Cooper tried to slather McCrory in coal ash while McCrory tried to act like he didn't know who Duke was.

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