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  • grayboomerang Jun 10, 2007

    Ah, thank you....I'm getting older and the years are running together these days.

    However, with that said, as another poster pointed out....if you are going to do an article about one student's tragic death, then you should be willing to include all students, regardless of what school that they attended.

    All these deaths are tragic, not just one in particular.

  • computer trainer Jun 10, 2007

    You know, I think the 4 that flipped off the new 264 were not all seniors last year. I think that at least one of them would have been a senior this year. It is sad anyway, but they all made their choices. Teens think that they are going to live forever. Why, since their friends who have drank and driven have sometimes wound up dead or severely injured, I don't know.

  • phoenixelon99 Jun 9, 2007

    Grayboomerang - they were seniors with the class of 2006, not 2007. They were memorialized last year.

  • sini27 Jun 9, 2007

    Mark, you are just mean. May you never walk in Sadiki's mom's must be nice to have your life planned out just so, with everything in order. Don't ever assume that your kids aren't going to step out of line, no matter how "well" you raised them, Mark. You never know...

  • atozca Jun 9, 2007

    Isn't he the one left to die by his buddies because they were afraid of being caught?

  • kaykay12 Jun 9, 2007

    I'm sorry, i know a life had been lost and its very tragic and all but why is this a "top story"? we had a moment of silence at my graduation yesterday for a fellow classmate that died, why cant it be reported too??

  • str8-line Jun 9, 2007

    This is not a new problem. I graduated in 1976 and we had several students while I was in high school die as a result of drinking and driving.

  • Harvey Jun 9, 2007

    Mark, it is impossible to write a story and NOT spin it. This is what the right-wing calls liberal bias. However, I would like to see you try and rewrite it with no spin and have it remain interesting.

    In the meantime, I agree it's sad, but this bad stuff will always happen. It's part of life. Kids are kids and I feel lucky that I made it through some of the situations I put myself in at their age. There were PLENTY of chances that I would have died too.

  • computer trainer Jun 9, 2007

    While Sadiki was not the driver, he willingly got into a vehicle with someone he KNEW had been drinking and who was UNDERAGE, meaning they were breaking at least two laws. He could have been drinking himself. I have to agree with Mark. This was a time for celebration for graduates, but the only thing that they are reporting is about this student who was honored because he died. He got into a vehicle with a drunk driver and was killed. They could have killed others, also. The rest of the public was lucky that it was not them that were hit, just an embankment.

  • grayboomerang Jun 9, 2007

    Weren't the four boys who died when they flipped off of the new 64 bypass, seniors????

    Were they not remembered as well?

  • Dude Jun 9, 2007

    bc3278, The media is not even glamorizing this death. They are simply stating the facts. Everyone always has to blame someone else. The media's job is to report the news no matter how harsh it is. How in the world have they "glamorized" the death of Sadiki? Everyone on here is saying that the students need to pay attention to their own accomplishments, but who says they aren't? No matter what everyone says, we will ALWAYS remember our classmates that are not with us anymore. I just can't believe the first thing out of people's mouths always has to deal with the media. GET OVER IT!

  • bc3278 Jun 9, 2007

    Modone -good point the graduation is about the students achievements - remembering their fallen classmate is fine, but should not stop them from celebrating their own accomplishments. The only thing they need to remember is not to drink and drive following the many parties they'll be attending.

    As for the media - let the story rest - they don't need to glamorize a student's death. Unfortunately youngsters are going to experiment, that's how they learn. Once in a while a death occurs - while tragic - it's not going to stop. In this case he was a passenger who made a mistake driving with a drunk friend and paid the ultimate price. Maybe the message should have been - know the condition of the driver before riding with them.

  • Templar Jun 9, 2007

    Who has the answers? How do we stop a young adult or anyone from doing the things they should not? How can you punish someone who has taken a life and not meaning to...

  • jenhay1987 Jun 9, 2007

    REST IN PEACE DINKS, miss u kid.

  • slammy Jun 9, 2007

    Sadiki was an innocent passenger. Don't lessen his life based on his death. Get a clue!

  • Mark - feel free to debate me Jun 9, 2007

    Kids die as a result of the stupidity of drinking and driving, kids are drinking when under age, WRAL/Wakefield High School is memorializing this death. This is in no way what I want my children to aspire to or to think that this will be shown at their classes graduation if they do something stupid.

  • mod one Jun 9, 2007

    I also would like to know what spin Mark is referring to. Mark, please clarify.

    On a different note, this article is lacking in that the Wakefield graduation ceremony need not only be bittersweet. Yes, there are reasons to be sad. There are also reasons to be proud, excited, joyous, etc. As with many events, it is ok to experience many and sometimes conflicting emotions. I hope the Wakefield grads understand this and are able to respect Sadiki's memory while also accepting the significance of their achievements with pride. Go Wolverines!!!

  • ITLAWYER Jun 9, 2007

    Mark, what spin is that?

  • Mark - feel free to debate me Jun 8, 2007

    This childs death, like the death of any child, is a sad and unfortunate thing. However, I do have a problem with the message we are sending to our children with the spin the media puts on this teenage drunk driving death.

  • turkeydance Jun 8, 2007

    this is a standard "3D" story (news-speak jargon) follow-up.
    by now, everyone who can get a driver's license knows
    the situation. the 3D people just add another D=Dumb.

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