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  • areyououtofyourmind Jul 11, 2014

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    So defending yourself is now a crime? Logically that is EXACTLY what you are saying. The key being "logically."

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 11, 2014

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    Plus, not every bank has a fully functional night depository. The one at our bank is locked and totally inaccessible after hours for some reason no one can fathom.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 11, 2014

    Since it's well known many restaurant owners/employees take the night deposits home, they need to spring for a safe in the business and stop doing that IMMEDIATELY!!!

    Blessed no one's been seriously injured so far. Prayers no one is. But am concerned because it's not unusual for violence to increase in crimes of this sort.

  • beef Jul 11, 2014

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    Sure they did. And if they looked like Larry the Cable Guy you can bet it would be in the headlines.

  • heard-it-all-before Jul 11, 2014

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    really? is it that complicated? all asian restaurants, home invasions, tied up and assaulted, robbed, 9 counties in NC alone, since DECEMBER of 2013. that's a trend. jeez.

  • Super Hans Jul 11, 2014

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    I apologize. It's 22 times more likely, as the_analyst pointed out below.

  • Derric Fuller Jul 11, 2014

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    Then that's where they need to revisit how they do business. Why so many feel the need to take their cash home with them instead of going that route, I dunno.

    Now these people following them on the way to the bank, that's another story. They may need to buy them a firearm.

  • burnhace Jul 11, 2014

    Can WRAL get better statistics than "a violent trend"? Merely counting counties adds up to at least nine (9) cases. Are there clusters? Is there a geographic chronological progression? That is, did it start in one location (e.g., Fayetteville) and then move outward? Is this an Asian organized crime situation or is it locals?

  • The_Analyst Jul 11, 2014

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    Actually Statistics from 2004 and redone in 2012 reveal the number is more like 22 TIMES more likely when you include suicides and all those children that are shot. Attackers using the element of surprise are expecially diabolical and hard to defend against. Smart guns and trigger locks make guns safer and almost useless in a dynamic defense situation.

  • iopsyc Jul 11, 2014

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    I would have thought Hans was referring to the Kellermann study ( but that shows a 2.7 fold increase, not 5.

  • sandmyth Jul 11, 2014 Same thing happened in durham... maybe related? These are the owners of a Chinese food place.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jul 11, 2014

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    Two words: Night Depository

    That's where I put the deposit at the end of my day. All you need is a key from the bank so you can drop it in.

  • TheCape Jul 11, 2014

    None of the restaurant owners or staff got a description or a view of these people?

  • Ijaz Fahted Jul 11, 2014

    "One of the cases was in Clayton in April, where robbers forced their way into a home, pistol-whipped a family member and took that night’s deposit."

    Aw geez. The night deposit belongs in one place after hours. The night depository at the bank. No need to make the risk of taking that money home.

    I hope they can get to the bottom of this and put those responsible in jail. Maybe even tack on a racial charge since they are attacking Asian folks.

  • mike275132 Jul 11, 2014

    “It’s an unknown group of individuals at this time who are deliberate and organized in targeting and attacking Asian restaurant business owners,” said Clayton police detective Jason Linder.

    Organized Crime [ Tongs, Mafia, etc] come to eastern NC.

  • winemaker81 Jul 11, 2014

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    Stop spreading this made up statistic.

  • Stonewall Jul 11, 2014

    No description whatsoever of the robbers?

  • DURHAMBULL Jul 11, 2014

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    Because some people don't see more violence as an answer.

  • Derric Fuller Jul 11, 2014

    These crooks are taking full advantage of the late hours these business owners keep. Knowing that there are no banks open for late cash deposits and also knowing that the owners' kids fully participate as workers in the operation of the family's business.

    It's a horrible shame that these hoods use that to their advantage. How dare these cowards threaten harm on a hardworking business owner's child.

    I sure hope they change their business practices and become more diligent, especially when it comes to the safety of their families.

  • LovemyPirates Jul 11, 2014

    Gunmonkey - good way to blame them for being robbed.

  • gunmonkey Jul 11, 2014

    And for God's sake, buy a gun. Protect yourself. Don't be a victim.

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