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  • I-Defy Jul 2, 2014

    Posting the pic of the video takes some pressure off of WRAL, now they dont have to give a vague description of "t-shirt and blue jeans" like they always do

  • Itsmyopinion67 Jul 1, 2014

    Did they tunnel in to the house?

  • thx1138 Jul 1, 2014

    Did they also use the shovel to pry the door open?

  • Forthe Newssite Jul 1, 2014

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  • iopsyc Jul 1, 2014

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    There are links to the video as posted on the Durham Police Facebook page.

  • Forthe Newssite Jul 1, 2014

    posting the video might do more good than just one photo. Put it on facebook too, someone knows them

    Glad they didn't hurt the dogs.

  • dsdaughtry Jul 1, 2014

    these individuals should be additionally charged with Cruelty to animals. They did cause or procure torment by wielding a shovel to threaten the dogs. Additionally, they did not secure the door behind them that would have allowed the dogs to be kept in a secured area. I hope they catch these criminals.

  • rpd911 Jul 1, 2014

    Looks like they need new dogs too.

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