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  • A person Jul 3, 2014

    How about an update?

  • Super Hans Jul 1, 2014

    Why was an abortion not an option?

  • Tracy Cook Jul 1, 2014

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    YES! They have the chance to provide valuable information and they are not taking advantage of it.

  • bigpinkstork Jul 1, 2014

    Could the mother have delivered the child and handed it to the father to take to a safe haven? Father saw a way out of 18 years of child support payments . . .

    I'm not saying that's what happened. I'm just saying it's possible.

  • BeachyKeen82 Jul 1, 2014

    From the other story I don't think the girl's parents knew she was pregnant. I don't think it's fair to lay blame on them for what she did. The girl's father is the one that found the baby buried and alerted authorities.

  • A person Jul 1, 2014

    The citizens of NC want more than just an interview. We want charges, and charges of 1st degree murder

  • Fireflies Rock Jul 1, 2014

    "Let's not judge the parents or the girl"....are you kidding me?! A human child was buried in the backyard like trash. The absolute best scenario I can come up with is the baby was born dead and she or her parents - or both - buried the baby in the yard to avoid....what, having to pay for a burial?! If the coroner verifies the baby girl was born alive, than someone killed her and hid the evidence. Horrific any way you look at it.

  • Mom2two Jul 1, 2014

    So tragic. So preventable.

  • Forthe Newssite Jul 1, 2014

    agree, mom, at least, needs to be charged. I think more will come out in this story over the next few days. So sad

  • elkerster Jul 1, 2014

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    I'm curious about that too. I know people carry differently but I gave birth to 8lb 11oz 21.5 inch boy. I'm an about average size and I looked like I was carrying a basketball.

  • elkerster Jul 1, 2014

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    Nope. She is old enough to know right from wrong and if the father did have something to do with it then she should have called the cops.

  • raleighdurham Jul 1, 2014

    WRAL -- pleeeeeeeease take this opportunity to include information about safe haven! parents of unwanted babies up to 7 days old can take them to any fire station, hospital, EMS station, or police station. no requirements, no questions, no reason not to.

  • A person Jul 1, 2014

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  • Super Hans Jul 1, 2014

    Throw the book at her!

  • dirkdiggler Jul 1, 2014

    Let us not judge this girl? Are you serious? I'm sorry, but at her age, she should have known right from wrong, and this was so very, terribly wrong.

  • SouthernBornSouthernBred Jul 1, 2014

    Let's not judge the parents or the girl! She comes from a nice family and if they knew she was pregnant this would not have happened. I had a friend in high school that carried in her hips and never got a belly nobody including her parents knew she was pregnant until she delivered. Maybe just maybe the boyfriend had something to do with this....not saying he did but it's a possibility. So let's not judge them until we find out what happened.

  • Ginger Lynn Jul 1, 2014

    All she had to do was leave it at any firestation or law enforcement office and turn around and walk out. No questions asked.

  • peace2u Jul 1, 2014

    How could her parents not notice she was carrying an 8.5 pound baby? Was she that obese?

  • Southern Girl Jul 1, 2014

    God bless this innocent baby girl. There is a new angel in heaven.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 1, 2014

    She's not a MOM any more as she took care of that...

    Sad as thousands of couples across North Carolina, who for many various reasons can't conceive a child, would have given this child a loving home.

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