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  • jackaroe123 Jun 3, 2014

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    ...without making it permissible to cut "nonprofitable" students?

  • jackaroe123 Jun 3, 2014

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    I'm wary of claims about connections between teaching and other fields b/c there really are some unique elements... but your comparison passes the smell test as far as I'm concerned.

    To be fair, I don't blame anyone for struggling to put themselves in someone else's shoes; it's just when they stomp on the toes of those shoes that I get a little prickly.

  • jackaroe123 Jun 3, 2014

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    The homeschoolers I know are in urban areas, so there's a lot of networking and pooled resources. Even in rural areas, I imagine it's a lot better than before there was an Internet, but I agree w/ you that it's difficult for any one set of parents to cover all areas adequately past a certain age.

  • kbird Jun 3, 2014

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    It's not pretty close, it IS stealing no doubt about it!

  • iopsyc Jun 3, 2014

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    Would you please explain how that would save billions each year?

  • gopack10 Jun 3, 2014

    5OS Child....the children were hurt by this secondary to not having the money to support extra needed staff that they eliminate in their annual RIF procedures...those pay increases could have been a job for someone else to help educate a child. Or possibly text books that Granville County School chose to eliminate to "cut cost". Stop attacking...I didn't say ONLY THE FAMILIES but the families are a large part of this despite whatever you think you know. 2nd highest paid superintendent in the state in Granville County. PLEASE!!! Farley and Jordan step down now and let Granville County move on from this.

  • Forthe Newssite Jun 3, 2014

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    Then he should get NOTHING for his retirement. Just tell him he should have planned, not stolen, better. CROOKS

  • UNCTarHeels00 Jun 3, 2014

    Let's be clear - the school board members initiated the audit and uncovered the corruption.

    What is happening to the school board attorney, Jim Cross, who drafted these contract changes? Or the CPA firm who "missed" all of these shenanigans?

  • Ty Shrake Jun 3, 2014

    Privatize all education and save the taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

  • lopo Jun 3, 2014

    Move to Seattle, they can make 15 dollars an hour there.

  • 50s Child Jun 3, 2014

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    Well, isn't that nice. I tried and tried to find volunteer work there when I retired. I can tutor, sling hash, clean bathrooms, and repair a tractor all in the same day and my background is spotless. But they could never quite find anything for me to do.

    Oh and GoPack, understand that it's not only "the families" who are hurt by this. It's, you know, the property owners who pay for the schools....even those who don't have kids. In view of the fact no kids were directly hurt, I'd say that maybe just this once we should shift our attention from "the families" and drop that battle cry. That and "for the children" are wearing as thin as the race card.

  • stoop24 Jun 3, 2014

    Those guys knew it was wrong to accept so much money for such a small taxpayer base. It's pretty close to stealing!

  • davidhartman Jun 3, 2014

    Another corrupt government entity; who'da thunk?

    Until these people are held accountable this will unfortunately continue.

    I shudder to think of the nefarious abuses here in Wake.

  • 50s Child Jun 3, 2014

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    On what do you base that casual and vague statement?

  • gopack10 Jun 3, 2014

    Integrity Dr. Farley??? A contract stating "approved by the board" when it was not is not integrity. It is all about themselves, not the families of Granville County! Thank God for charters so I do not have to deal with GCS!!!!

  • disgusted2010 Jun 3, 2014

    I wondered where Ellis Boyle took his temper tantrums to.

  • 1jalapeno Jun 3, 2014

    $92,000 to $172,000 in seven years, what a pay increase. Somebody ought to look into what this fellow does all day to make that kind of money. And he just works as the Associate Superintendent. Cushy jobs probably, and at the taxpayers expense.

  • mike275132 Jun 3, 2014

    Good Old Fashioned NC Crony Corruption,

    What you get when you have poor oversight or competition to the public schools.

    Your NC tax dollars at work

  • Dale Jun 3, 2014

    I'm not taking anything away from home schooling, BUT if a parent wants to do that, they need to make sure they are able to teach all subjects. I work with children (I am not a teacher) and some of the home schooling kids are not the brightest. This is not a knock on home schooling but the parent that is doing the teaching. Point in example, I have two college students that were home schooled that are struggling at NC State and Campbell. They are smart kids but they can't keep up with how college classes are structured.

  • tbg0519 Jun 3, 2014

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    I did not know when Ms. Dickerson Dainels took over. Apologies to her, as the article didn't say who created this mess, and I only looked at the current chairperson. I should have directed my comment at Leonard Peace Sr. (D). Money that could have gone to teachers didn't, and I'm sure that the (R)s will get the blame again.

  • GLOCKMASTER Jun 3, 2014

    Bottom line is they got caught when they thought nobody would be looking

  • JPP0116 Jun 3, 2014

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    You do understand that Ms. Dickerson-Daniel was just elected as the chairperson this year and was the one who called for the audit, right? What actions has she done that qualifies her for prosecution?

  • Barry Smith Jun 3, 2014

    For those that don't understand...Jordans pay was made retroactive because state retirement is based on your salary for the past 3 years at time of not only was this done "under the radar" but it was done to fraudulently increase his upcoming retirement fund, blatantly.

  • Olenc Native Jun 3, 2014

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    It's the same as what everyone gets in the private sector after their "probation period."

  • Mon Account Jun 3, 2014

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    They have firewalls in place. A lot more than most every home...

  • Bobby Medlin Jun 3, 2014

    Are all politicians crooks? It seems so.

  • carolinarox Jun 3, 2014

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    Tenure for public school teachers is not the same as tenure for a college professor. Public school teachers can and do get fired. Tenure in this case means they have an administrative hearing before they are fired.

  • Hussie Pauken Jun 3, 2014

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    -Va- let me get this right, you are endorsing a return of eugenic?lemme guess you want to sit on the decision board. you do realize that NC taxpayers recently payed out a boatload of money due to that practice that started formally approx. 1929 according to the sources I read.

  • Bill Johnson Jun 3, 2014

    Justabumer - Farley is the 9th highest paid superintendent in the entire State of NC and Granville has less than 10,000 students. Take a look at the WRAL database on superintendent's contracts. Very interesting reading.

  • VickLo Jun 3, 2014

    LOL. Call this the tip of the iceberg! Disgrace to the community? You bet it is. And just wait until they look a little further under the rug. That entire county management is as corrupt as it can be. when they are done with the school board I think they should roll right into the courthouse!

  • heelrox Jun 3, 2014

    All Public school systems are a big ponize scheme. Way to much money going to the wrong places.

  • miseem Jun 3, 2014

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    Your observation applies to every work environment, from small business to large corporations, from city government to the federal government. It's the people at the lower levels that see the immediate impact of their work and are responsible for whether it goes smoothly or not. Anyone above that level should endeavor to support those in the trenches. Problem is, sometimes they are an impediment to success. And as far as those who state that this is a perfect example of why those liberal teachers and their supporters don't deserve a raise, I'd like for them to make some connection between the actions of the superintendent and the teachers in Granville county, much less other districts in the state. If the CEO of a large manufacturing corporation is charged with insider trading, how does that apply to the worker on the plant floor?

  • tbg0519 Jun 3, 2014

    Since the contracts were not approved by the full school board as per the board's charter, they are null and void. The county/state should void the contracts, establish fair market value contracts and either garnish the wages to pay back the overpayment, or terminate the contracts and the employees, and hire better. I wonder if they're protected under tenure as well and can't be fired? Dickerson-Daniel should be prosecuted for her actions as well.

  • yankee1 Jun 3, 2014

    But, but, I thought the education establishment was all "about the children"? Looks like yet again, it's all about the power brokers enriching their buddies. All you pro teacher, pro liberal types can argue the better pay, better education deal all you want, but until you take control of the boards and administrator types who love the power and accolades of their position, you aren't gonna do anything "for the children".

  • justabumer Jun 3, 2014

    "...Farley is the second highest paid superintendent in the state with less than 25,000 students." Does this mean that he is the second highest paid among those with less than 25,000 students or does it mean that he is the second highest paid overall even though he has less than 25,000 students?

  • itsnotmeiswear Jun 3, 2014

    Granville County is not the only place where admin dollars are out of control. The dollars being spent on administrative positions is the biggest problem with the appropriation of the educational budget at the county, state, and federal level. Take a look online at the ridiculous levels of admin within the county and school offices. Every position seems to have an assistant even assistants to the assistants, and of course, they all need an executive secretary and an assistant to the executive secretary. They are all overpaid in comparison to the citizens of the communities in which they serve especially since it doesn’t appear that anybody other than the last assistant on the totem pole does anything. Actually, it is probably the assistant to the executive secretary that does all the work. They are probably a summer intern working on a high school degree.

  • eddybal Jun 3, 2014

    That is why yo need a system of check and balances everywhere.

  • Forthe Newssite Jun 3, 2014

    I have no stake in this but these 'school leaders' {hahahaha} need to go AFTER giving back quite a big sum of money.

  • andreanicole686 Jun 3, 2014

    It amazes me that so many people in Granville County come out for this yet they never come out to support teachers and the school system when they need their help. Good job

  • jackaroe123 Jun 3, 2014

    freedomrings, as a veteran classroom teacher myself, I am skeptical about some of what you say, and can rationalize some of the rest. For every degree removed from the classroom a person is, I find his or her view gets more and more distorted. This is visible even in administrators only a year or 3 removed from classroom teaching, so w/ all due respect, parents who homeschool are several degrees further removed.

    You have every right to homeschool your children and you don't have to justify it. If you choose to justify it and your criticism is compromised by a personal perspective, you should expect some brushback from those you're criticizing.

  • Brian Jenkins Jun 3, 2014

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    Good for you. The most shocking part to me is just that. Parents STILL put their kids in public schools. If YOU cant teach them dont have them.

  • vile garbage Jun 3, 2014

    Oxford community leaders, have always done everything by the letter of the law, with the upmost integrity. I can't believe anyone would question anything that goes on in that county at all.. SIKE! Most corrupt place I've ever been associated with, and that's saying something.

  • Jack Miller Jun 3, 2014

    Granville County needs to be able to attract quality teachers. The calibre of students that come out of that economically depressed area need to be able to compete. It's a largely blue collar region and if they want to better their area, they have to have educated people come back and stimulate that economy. The below about kids having laptops is normal. We are in a global economy. Shelter your kids and they are the ones that flunk out of first year of college because they finally have freedom. We've all seen this too many times.

  • Susan West Jun 3, 2014

    We live in Granville County. This is why we're home schooling our son. I've heard too many stories of drugs in school without discipline, extreme permissiveness by the teachers, and too many parents not being involved ( not all, mind you ). They hand a 14 year old a laptop for 4 years without many restrictions. It's shocking how many spend their day on social media sites on their school laptop rather than doing homework. Not to mention the elementary school students with I-Phones exposing other children to things on it that most of us have to click an "I'm 18" button to see. I'm not surprised by the pay issues, this county's school system does not prioritize its children. And this county has some socio-economic issues not unique to rural areas, ie there's a pill and meth problem in this area. There's one excellent program in place that allows selected children to earn an associate's degree by the time they graduate high school, we need more of this.

  • Bill Johnson Jun 3, 2014

    From the Webster Dictionary: "Integrity - the quality of being honest and fair" The superintendent should have consulted with an English teacher before releasing his statement. Here is another word he needs to look up; "narcissist". Farley is done in Granville County. The sooner he goes, the better off everyone will be. If he had any integrity, he would apologize and resign immediately along with the rest of the Board of Education. The speaker at the meeting had it right when he said, "Shame on you!"

  • John McCray Jun 3, 2014


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