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  • ncprr1 May 5, 2014

    I great example of why kids should be going to neighborhood schools.

  • zonk May 5, 2014

    WHAT ?

  • andreanicole686 May 5, 2014

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    The parents had no clue where the child was. He is 11 not 14 or 15. He is still young enough where I'm sure his parents didn't think he just ran off. I'm sure they checked with his friends first before calling authorities. If their child was at school and that's where he was last seen then disappears cops should be called. Sounds to me like you are making harsh judgements off of the little information you have.

  • carolinaprincess62 May 5, 2014

    Let me get this straight. There is an 11 year old boy who "disappeared", it wasn't "suspicious" so why the heck was this even newsworthy? Why were the police involved? Did he just go off to spend the night with a friend? Sounds to me like a pre-teen just out having a good time and wasting the time of the police. If this isn't the case, then what is?

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