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  • puzzled Apr 21, 2014

    Is this one of those - mama won't let daddy see child? Women/men having children now is a troublesome mess. Still good homes/families but way way too many that are not and this is contributing to the no good adults they turn out to be.

  • simplelogic Apr 21, 2014

    That was one very observant McDonald's customer - kudos to them for calling 911. This could have ended very differently otherwise.

  • lasm Apr 21, 2014

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    And your point? What does it matter WHO, as long as it was taken care of........would you care which PD drove you to your child if it was your child that was taken?

  • Elizabeth Deaver Apr 21, 2014

    It would be kidnapping if the mother has custody or he took the child with no custody arrangement . . . many ways this would be kidnapping, and it gets messier since he took the child to another state. Anyway, I am glad that everyone, even the father, is okay. And kudos to the observant person who spotted the Suzuki and called 911.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 21, 2014

    Very confusing police participation. The incident started in Angier, NC where they live. That's Harnett County. The crime was committed in Wake County. I understand Wake County Sheriffs transporting the prisoner back to NC. But why was the Durham Police Dept used to transport the woman to VA to pickup her daughter? Durham didn't have any involvement in this incident, at least from the article.

  • lasm Apr 21, 2014

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    He kidnapped the mother until he let her out on I-40 in Durham (it started in Garner).
    Also, if mother had legal custody, then I believe his taking the child constituted kidnapping.

  • ajt81 Apr 21, 2014

    The kidnapping charge could be for the mother since he forcibly held her in the vehicle before making her get out on the side of the highway?

  • BeKind Apr 21, 2014

    Am wondering how this is a kidnapping charge if he is the Father of the child? Maybe there was a court order in place? Glad the child is safe now.

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