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  • arfamr1009 Apr 17, 2014

    There is a common theme going among certain (mostly inner city) people in the US that mirrors many tribes that live in their "home country"...this includes rape, murder, and theft of others. Also includes behavior of younr children with regard to sexual acts and mentality.

  • arfamr1009 Apr 17, 2014

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    they're traditional african names...not sure why theyre used though because these men are American....Africa doesn't claim them

  • 68_dodge_polara Apr 17, 2014

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    yep, if only the state/federal governments had the resources to take crimes against everyone this seriously we wouldn't need to always be prepared for the predators that lurk among us.

  • Billy the Kid Apr 17, 2014

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    Umm...the phones were smuggled to him.

  • Leslie Nance Apr 17, 2014
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    I would love to know how 120 texts were sent from behind bars to plan this kidnapping? I didn't realize that as a taxpayer I provide inmates with no only meals, housing, clothing, health care, but now a cell phone too!!!!

  • Joseph Smith Apr 16, 2014
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    Concealed carry. Don't leave home without it.

  • Billy the Kid Apr 16, 2014

    Can anyone explain where these names come from? They're great!

  • Billy the Kid Apr 16, 2014

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  • stymieindurham Apr 16, 2014

    This sounds just like Columbian cartel obductions. PUT AN END TO THIS NOW!!!!

  • Wisdom50 Apr 16, 2014

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    Hopefully an investigation will be completed on the employees at Polk, because there is no way he should have had a cell phone. An employee has to be responsible for him having a cell phone in HCON. He was in the hole, how and when does it happen that an inmate has a cell phone? Check staff!

  • dwr1964 Apr 16, 2014

    Even in a cartoon drawing, that woman's shirt is completely inappropriate.

  • cpacandidate Apr 16, 2014

    Fine looking lot of creepy losers. Some of us keep a gun loaded for such an occasion!

  • Hippy_mom Apr 16, 2014

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    I think they said that guy had NC ties, but I have read nothing that states he was born and raised here. Could have been. In any case, you are being a big hypocrite if you accuse people of classifying a group of people one way, but then turn and make statements such as the one below. Don't assume everyone born in NC is a bigot.

  • glarg Apr 16, 2014

    Uh this artist seems really to have focused on the décolletage of this perp. Even put in the reflection.

  • Kathy Sanders Apr 16, 2014
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    I have to hand it to you WRAL -- you really know how to inject some humor into reporting a most serious crime. What's up with that picture, or I should say artist rendering? When I can stop laughing, I'm going to read the latest news on this awful crime.

    On a serious note, I'm so thankful Mr. Janssen was rescued and is back home with his family. I hope law enforcement makes sure that every individual involved in the perpertration of this crime is brought to justice.

  • Heather Brittingham Apr 16, 2014
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    LOL. She looks bored to me.

    I am so happy there were able to find and free Mr. Janssen.

  • Itsmyopinion67 Apr 16, 2014

    Plus size cartoon figures. That's what's up.

  • iamamesstoo Apr 16, 2014

    really, did the person who drew the characters, have to draw the blonde hair lady so realistic?

  • Trusting Apr 16, 2014

    Really we had to have that sketch. Just gives "those" people more to laugh about. Their lack of compassion, empathy. We allow them to be sensationalized more and more. Only real attention they have ever had in their lives anyway. Sad so sad, wicked, evil. Not one human in their entire life could have told them about Jesus. Sad.

  • icdumbpeople Apr 16, 2014

    The cartoon picture is great!!

  • mike275132 Apr 16, 2014

    Nice Van Gogh artist impression of the courtroom circus in the sketch.

    I think a No Daylight Super Max prison in the next galaxy would be a good punishment for them .

  • Glock07 Apr 16, 2014

    Great news, get them all off of our streets.

  • rickandlinda88 Apr 16, 2014

    prayers were answered when mr.janssen was freed and returned to his family.let this be a warning to all people.criminals will do anything and everything to get what they want!!wake up america!!be ever vigilent!!this kind of crime can not ever be allowed!!

  • diana123 Apr 16, 2014


  • Obamacare returns again Apr 16, 2014

    Death penalty for all of them.

  • 37 Apr 16, 2014

    I hope Mr. Janssen is doing well. What a horrifying experience. I'm still wondering how the "alleged" folks thought they would get away with this.

  • Martha Wommack Apr 16, 2014
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    How Melton "orchestrated the kidnapping from his cell" is beyond addition to arresting the people responsible I want to see heads roll at the prison. I really hope WRAL will do some investigative reporting on this. There is something really wrong with our correctional system if this can go on right under the noses of guards.

  • MrsLaura LauraGail Apr 16, 2014
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    Any attack on any person in law enforcement or their families should receive the max penalty allowed by law, what kind of country will we be living in if criminals can get away with retaliation if convicted? Please, put me on the jury!

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