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  • Allen Reeves Apr 16, 2014
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    In other words, prep for a season full of hurricanes.

  • Ty Shrake Apr 16, 2014
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    My background is in Physics. I understand the scientific method. I was trained in it and I've used it many times.

    I'm not the only person trained in science that thinks that Man Made GW is questionable. That doesn't make me a 'flat earther'. My first question to anyone making that accusation is this:

    Why didn't any of the current climate models used by those supported by the IPCC predict the fact that average global temperatures would NOT increase for the last 17 years?

    I'm not a 'denier'... these models have some utility, as most models do. But they did NOT predict this leveling off period and presumably they should have been able to do that.

    The name calling by the 'believers' on this issue cheapens this issue and is meant to stifle reasonable dissent. It's not science. It's politics.

  • same ole story Apr 16, 2014

    Since they had no clue about the last 5 seasons why not try something new. Like actual research....

  • Olenc Native Apr 16, 2014
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    If you went to 100 doctors, and 98 said you had cancer, 2 said they didn't know, and one said he didn't think so, what would you do?

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  • Olenc Native Apr 16, 2014
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    Science deniers = flat earthers

  • Bill Brasky Apr 16, 2014

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    Wood Chipper...Whats your scientific background in? Sorry, but I'll believe the majority of scientists far before I believe a WRAL commenter.

  • Maurice Pentico Jr. Apr 16, 2014
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    A quiet hurricane season... due no doubt to all this global warming stuff. Because we all know, no matter WHAT the weather does... it is due to global warming... err, climate change.

  • Olenc Native Apr 16, 2014
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    You know very few spots have been cooler. You just live in one of them. And your arrogant enough to assume if it's cold here, it must be cold everywhere!

  • Bill Brasky Apr 16, 2014

    Some on here should explain their points to actual scientists, I'm sure doing their lifetime of studying climate change they never took into account any of your

    Those who actually read what scientists have to say would already know that the Earth is going through a normal warming cycle that is accelerated by man.

  • mike275132 Apr 16, 2014

    My Magic Eight Ball says there will be 1234567890 Storms with 987654321 becoming Hurricanes.

    Last year was supposed to a Higher than normal year for tropical activity......

    Oh and I'm sure It's all caused by "Global Cooling"

  • Fourtyseven Cole Apr 16, 2014
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    Oh i love a good weather story. It always brings the ignorant folk out in the comments so we know who to ignore in the future...

  • evadbbat Apr 16, 2014

    In 1992 there were seven named storms, four Hurricanes. One major "Andrew". That was a light year. Only takes one big one.

  • euimport1 Apr 16, 2014

    and I think they're spot on! my tea leaves and my toaster told me so.

  • lessismore Apr 16, 2014

    Fewer hurricanes, colder temperatures.....all because of global warming.

  • jmcdow2792 Apr 16, 2014

    Why should we try to predict these things. Let's just sit back and do nothing. Make no prepartions for evacuations, flooding, power restoration etc. Let's all be New Orleans. Wow!

  • Ty Shrake Apr 16, 2014
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    "but most scientists agree that it will cause more wild weather extremes....such as the polar vortex and storms like Hurricane Sandy " - XAVIERFUEGO

    No. A polar vortex is a normal weather event. They have happened millions of times (literally). 'Climate Change" has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Hurricane Sandy was also a normal hurricane. The only thing alarming about it is where it landed. But as hurricanes go there was nothing special about it.

    Lastly, there is no solid evidence that HUMANS are causing global warming. We add CO2 to the atmosphere but the long term impact of that is still debated, especially since global temps have NOT risen in the last 17 years... a fact that none of the current climate models used by the IPCC predicted.

  • short Apr 16, 2014

    Geez, and tomorrow the sun will rise. Absolutely meaningless article and prediction. Why do they even do this.

  • archmaker Apr 16, 2014

    last year, NCSU researchers predicted (April 15ht) that there would be 13-17 named storms.

    There were 13 named storms last year.

    But geez, if it don't hit nc, then we must not have had any at all...

  • Return of... Apr 16, 2014

    Global Warming created the Great Lakes

  • Return of... Apr 16, 2014

    B-b-but global change climate warmth

  • glarg Apr 16, 2014

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    Any conflicting data gets plowed under. CSU had 2012 below average and NOAA had it at average. Instead 2012 was way above average and a category 2 storm, Sandy, became "proof" of Clime Change [tm].

    If your models dont predict reality, they arent proof of anything.

  • btneast Apr 16, 2014

    [bGlobal warming isn't entirely caused by human activity - far from it. It's a totally natural phenomenon, but we aren't helping][/b]
    That's kind of where I stand....gradual climatic change is natural. I don't think we can alter it much, so extreme measures that are economically unreasonable are where I have issues. We should always be striving to be more sustainable and better stewards of nature, but drastic changes can cause an economic crisis that would set green initiatives on the back burner. I have major issues with how the words "sustainable" and "green" are being used in the marketplace. Just because it says one of those on the label does not mean it really is that. Think it through. Great example is ethanol fuel. It's way less efficient than gasoline, causes engine damage to older cars, and it is causing a major price spike in a core food crop. How about the batteries in Hybrid cars when they get old.....what do we do with them?

  • xavierfuego Apr 16, 2014

    If you actually believe that global warming is a scam, then you need to pick a bridge and jump. We're technically still in an ice age, as the Earth is just beginning to "recover" from the last icehouse climate/glacial maximum. The term "global warming" refers to the overall trend in world temperature, but most scientists agree that it will cause more wild weather extremes....such as the polar vortex and storms like Hurricane Sandy as thermal expansion and melting ice sheets throw off ocean circulation. Global warming isn't entirely caused by human activity - far from it. It's a totally natural phenomenon, but we aren't helping. Some very clever individuals have polarized the argument and turned it into a political left/right debate to avoid strengthening environmental legislation. Like the NC-20 chodes who somehow successfully convinced the NC Legislature that they shouldn't listen to every single respected climate scientist ever (Google it). Btw, I'm a registered Republican.

  • tobywilliamson1973 Apr 16, 2014

    Everyone make a copy of this and compare it to the end of the season totals. I guarantee you it will be nowhere close to their prediction. It never is. They will revamp it towards the end to make it come out right.

  • Al Smith Apr 16, 2014
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    There's a big gap between using tools to identify forming or incoming hurricanes and "let's randomly guess how many hurricanes will happen over the next 6 months with no data". I think the person you quoted is referring to the latter, not the former.

  • Gene Stoeckley Apr 16, 2014
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    It only takes one for all of us to have a bad day.

  • rduwxboy Apr 16, 2014

    "Why do this forecasting every year?" -WMCMAHON1

    Can you imagine the amount of money and lives that could be saved with accurate and reliable forecast models? Mind you, weather is not an exact science, everything is variable, and the research into is relatively new. Weather satellites were only up in the 1960's - can you fathom if we wouldn't know if a hurricane was about to hit our coast now? Studies are just learning about the correlation between even how temperatures in the Pacific affect the Atlantic, etc... This is very important research for many reasons. Of course, most people only think of the weather as looking out the window to bring an umbrella- versus the larger scope.

  • Cheree Teasley Apr 16, 2014
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    Lets all book a cruise!

  • Dana McCall Apr 16, 2014
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    Uh oh.

  • Bill McMahon Apr 16, 2014
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    And how much do these experts get paid to get forecasts grossly wrong every year?
    Why do this forecasting every year?

  • Joseph Smith Apr 16, 2014
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    Fewer hurricanes fewer tornadoes and cooler weather. I knew global warming was just another scam.

  • zwamus Apr 16, 2014

    The same guys also predict global warming, global cooling, what the ground hog will see and how far is up. Fire these guys and get a chicken to play Old MacDonald on a kids piano, if the last note ends on........ then there will be
    fewer hurricanes. Wild guesses are the stock and trade of weather guru's predictions and a PhD title makes it true.

  • TarHeelBrit Apr 16, 2014

    One thing I've learned from Mother Nature is that we can predict a certain amount but she does like to throw a curve ball our way just to remind us who's boss. I for one won't be complacent I'm going to check my supplies and plans anyway, just in case.

  • dbop90 Apr 16, 2014

    Watch out everyone.....this will mean that we will actually have a rough hurricane season....bunker down folks!

  • Mannin Black Apr 16, 2014
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    Last couple of years they predicted more than usual and didn't have any major impacts. Winter was supposed to be warmer and drier. The lesson of this is, expect the opposite of what they are predicting.

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