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  • Kelly Birdsall Feb 20, 2014

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    wow! Way to have compassion!

  • SeaDog Feb 20, 2014

    Very sad. RIP fellow rider.

  • tigresspen Feb 20, 2014

    Sincere condolences for his family.

  • scvmcdoc Feb 20, 2014

    Ride In Peace with the Angels........Prayers to his family and his Brothers.

  • evadbbat Feb 20, 2014

    Such a shame.

  • Obamacare rises again Feb 20, 2014

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    Why not? It's not like they're busy catching criminals in Fayetteville.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Feb 20, 2014

    Deepest Sympathy for the family and friends of this young man.

  • Mike Berthold Feb 20, 2014

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    Do they normally have cops out looking through bushes for missing people? It was a missing persons report, not an accident report. I guess every time someone is reported missing we should have the police drop everything and start looking along every road in the US to see if they are in the bushes.

  • Forthe Newssite Feb 20, 2014

    So sad, and even sadder the sister found his body. Condolences to all....

  • Granny Feb 20, 2014

    So sad. praying for the family.

  • Wendy Banner Feb 20, 2014

    So sad. So sorry for this family's loss.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 20, 2014

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    Mitzi Gaynor, now there's a name from the past, the name of a beautiful lady.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 20, 2014

    Awww, prayers for his loved ones.

    The cops didn't see his body there???

  • Sandra Elizabeth Feb 20, 2014

    That's just so sad. RIP sir.

    Motorcycles time is here. Remember LOOK TWICE.

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