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  • rosemarymcdonald23 Jan 31, 2014

    Actally, Yates Mill Pond Rd has two public schools on it, therefore, should fall under the priority of plowing for school bus routes!

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  • rmilar Jan 31, 2014

    It is a matter of mixing lawsuits and common sense. Seriously, would your students be injured in a 5 MPH crash in the snow? Snow is not a big deal, just a little slippery, can cause a prob, but jeez!

  • kikinc Jan 31, 2014

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    Cary plowed roads in Morrisville. I know. I watched a town of Cary truck plow my street.

    Cary didn't go out and spend a ton of money on plows. They bought blades, YEARS ago, that can be attached to the front of existing vehicles. Maybe if more towns thought that way, Wake County wouldn't have been out of school for 4 days straight because of a little snow.

  • oleguy Jan 31, 2014

    Yah think we might just have some bigger problems to solve,,, Mother Nature is taking care of the roads now,

  • dwntwnboy2 Jan 31, 2014

    It snowed- some roads are at the top of the list, some aren't. My street is NEVER, EVER plowed during a storm, but the bigger roads are and I'm right downtown. Some folks will just find something to whine about all the time. Raleigh is MUCH bigger than Cary and has miles and miles of roads that Cary doesn't. I think they did a pretty good job considering how much area they do have to cover. We did much better than Atlanta, that's for sure!

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Jan 31, 2014

    "Tryon Rd does not run to Clayton. It runs to Garner Rd." - upchuck

    Technically you are correct, upchuck, about the eastern terminus of Tryon. But everyone who matters knows that it is part of a larger artery which becomes US 70 heading SE to Clayton. Likewise at the western terminus Tryon becomes US 64 west, but is the same east-west artery.

    :-) With a little bit of imagination, you can go along way without using a GPS!

  • North Carolina Cutie Jan 31, 2014

    Why take chances with people lives, just clean the roads all of the taxes end up in the government.

  • Honesty first Jan 31, 2014

    The guy from Cary says we plow them all. Do they plow roads that are not in Cary. I guess not since they turned around at the city limits. Cary wants to take credit where there is none. Get wake county to plow if the street in not in Raleigh. Maybe Raleigh should also plow in Wake Forest.

  • UpChuck Jan 31, 2014

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    Tryon Rd does not run to Clayton. It runs to Garner Rd.

  • Yellow Rider Jan 31, 2014

    Too many Yankees in Cary, obviously.

  • jrelon Jan 31, 2014

    Bout time the Cary taxes paid off for something.

  • thomasew52 Jan 31, 2014

    Raleigh is larger than Cary, has more roads to clear.

  • chris42m Jan 31, 2014

    scryals1968 ,
    You said:
    If you look at the Annexation Map from The City of Raleigh, most of the area on either side of Tryon Road was annexed by the City of Raleigh between 2000 and 2010. The people and Businesses (like Gentle Care Animal Hospital) DO pay City Taxes as they are within the city limits and deserve the same services as the North Hills and Ridge Road crowd do. They DO pay for them every January 1st.

  • dennis8 Jan 31, 2014

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    Cary residents pay more taxes to pay for those extra plows. Raleigh residents can decide to do the same.

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Jan 31, 2014

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    Good point, Ijaz. East and west, Tryon Road basically parallels I-40 three miles away, and is the main I-40 alternative southern route across Wake County, running from Clayton to Garner to Raleigh to Apex. Cary and Apex turned this route into a divided 4-lane highway years ago, and recognize it as the major route it is.

    Raleigh continues to drag its feet, having not even begun the matching Tryon Road upgrades and widening those other cities completed 5-10 years ago.

    Tryon Road isn't even on Raleigh's primary roads snow removal list yet. This is simply because the current mix of Raleigh City Council members are primarily from the north side of the city, hence the predictable dynamic.

    :-) Have a great and warmer weekend, everyone!

  • katiebridgette Jan 31, 2014

    Did nobody say, "Hey, we need to sit down and allocate responsibility for sections of otherwise plowed/cleared roads that fall through the cracks" ? With all we are told about storm preparedness, it is reasonable to expect this to be covered. Or do the politics get in the way? If so, all I can say is "For shame!"Did nobody say, "Hey, we need to sit down and allocate responsibility for sections of otherwise plowed/cleared roads that fall through the cracks" ? With all we are told about storm preparedness, it is reasonable to expect this to be covered. Or do the politics get in the way? If so, all I can say is "For shame!"

  • xylem01 Jan 31, 2014

    Raleigh residents should try the roads in Person County. You might have a new appreciation for what you have.

  • a sports fan Jan 31, 2014

    Cary is just better managed and more responsive to their constituents than Raleigh. Inner belt line folks may snobbishly look down on the town of Cary (city now) but they have been better run for years

  • As if .... Jan 31, 2014

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  • bnlncteach Jan 31, 2014

    So Cary gets no money from Raleigh, not even for schools and other road projects? Honestly asking. If hey do then they need to just go ahead and help they neighbor and plow more. If not then it is their choice but not neighborly and I have a hard time believing Cary has more money then raleigh period. Just that is how they chose to use it.

  • scryals1968 Jan 31, 2014

    Here is another great example of expecting services that one does not pay for. This person lives outside the city limits, does not pay city taxes and is given a voice to complain about not receiving a service they are not entitled to.

  • happymom Jan 31, 2014

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    One has nothing to do with the other. Cary's town budget doesn't have a single thing to do with state funded teacher raises.

  • pulstar40 Jan 31, 2014

    It's the same thing on Hwy 54...once you cross over to Raleigh, the road may or may not be plowed. But it's been that way for YEARS! This is not a new thing - why raise the questions now?

  • As if .... Jan 31, 2014

    There is no reason that 3 days later there is still ice at the corner of Burlington mill and Capital.Coming to a stop there you run the risk of entering Capital and getting crushed by on coming traffic on Capital which they plowed and deiced . These inter county and state issues and who pays for road maintenance are unacceptable when it comes to safety !! Get it resolved and put some salt on the roads and not that useless brine !!

  • terriersrfun Jan 31, 2014

    Cary did a great job of clearing the roads. They put blades on the front of the dump trucks, garbage trucks, leaf trucks, pick up trucks; anything they could. The main roads were mostly cleared by Wednesday evening. A great way to re-purpose equipment on hand.

  • RWDJ Jan 31, 2014

    Well, I can tell you a few problems I personally witnessed on Tuesday and Wednesday that contribute to poorly maintained roads and could easily be solved. 1) If a truck with a plow is driving down the road, and the road is covered in snow and ice, then the PLOW should NOTRAISED be ACTUALLY in CONTACT with the road. This debunks too of the commonly used excuses. Obviously there are enough trucks and enough manpower. If I am seeing a DOT, County, or City plow truck driving past me, then obviously they exist, run and are being paid. Simply do your job, use your equipment properly and all will be well. Tuesday nights snow fall was not properly handled. The snow fell slowly and could have been plowed away continuously and never built up into a snowy, icy mess.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jan 31, 2014

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    I believe the point is that Tryon is a major road and provides quick travel from Garner to Cary and beyond. Therefore one would expect it to be clear all the way down.

    Tyron is just a good place that you can see the difference between Raleigh and Cary's snow removal work.

  • OmegaBaby Jan 31, 2014

    One line answer: Because Cary has more money than Raleigh.

  • annemarek Jan 31, 2014

    Secondary roads are not plowed. How can you get to major roads. ??

  • albegadeep Jan 31, 2014

    Where Highway 70 crosses from Wake to Johnston, it went from one barely-cleared lane each way (Wake side) to completely clean pavement for all lanes (Johnston side). That's hardly a minor country road...

  • chris42m Jan 31, 2014

    Cary mad a decision years ago (I think it was during the big snow in 1978 (21 Inches)) to make clearing the roads a priority. It was their decision and has worked out well for the. They don't have a lot of extra equipment just hanging around (like trucks), but they outfit things like the leaf removal trucks with scraper blades and multipurpose the equipment for snow removal. Not a bad idea if you think about it

    Cary made a choice to spend money to make sure snow removal was done in a timely manner. Raleigh, on the other hand, chose to spend their money on a "Destination Park". It all depends on your priorities.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jan 31, 2014

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    Lol, then you won't mind fliping some greenbacks out to buy more plows then? I mean they don't cost that much.

  • BBall Mom76 Jan 31, 2014

    Don't you think they should spend some money on snow removal. Yes, it does melt...eventually. I commend Cary on a job well done with clearing the roads to make them safe for driving. Here we are 3 days later and parts of Raleigh and other surrounding towns, such as Fuquay Varina still have large patches of ice on them and because of it, schools are closed for the 4th day in a row. So, yes it is important to spend a little money on snow removal.

  • lowepg Jan 31, 2014

    This is a foolishly insignificant story with the classic class warfare undertones....

    Seriously, they found one guy who works at a vet clinic to "wonder" about this? BAM- lets write a story! Great job uncovering another hot news item! ;eyeroll

  • BernsteinIII Jan 31, 2014

    LeBlanc wants a Cary address, then move to Cary. Those of us on the other side of the line don't want a Cary address.

  • veyor Jan 31, 2014

    The Yankees in Cary prefer to waste money on something that happens maybe every five years in NC.

  • Half Red Half Blue Jan 31, 2014

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    That's what someone said yesterday! And the day before! Guess what? My road is still iced over! But I am not complaining about the DOT not plowing it. Its is way out in the country and does not need plowing for just hand full of residences.

  • HeadsUp Jan 31, 2014

    All it takes is the public's money. We get a storm like this about once every five or six years. If Raleigh bought twice as many plows, taxpayers and the media would complain the other 2,000 days between storms.

    Wake County has 12 towns, each with its own equipment, plans, and tax rates. If you want them all to act the same, push consolidation. Good luck with that.

  • BigOski Jan 31, 2014

    'dalgal416' - Get real. Your comment is very ignorant. Only a liberal like yourself can somehow bring the governor into this. This is local government.

  • UNC81 Jan 31, 2014

    Everybody's an expert. I think Raleigh handled it pretty well - be glad we don't live in Atlanta.

  • mistervegas Jan 31, 2014

    When comes to snow, it's not a matter of who's rich but commitment to getting the job done.

  • whatelseisnew Jan 31, 2014

    Yes by all means keep wasting money plowing and salting something that will be melted completely tomorrow. Plenty of money left to be seized from the people that pay the bills.

  • WralCensorsAreBias Jan 31, 2014

    "what does the Governor's bathrooms have to do with how local municipalities handle clearing their own roads."

    Nothing, but any time the leftist get a chance to take a shot at McCrory they'll take it. He'll be around for 7 more years lefties, get over it or move.

    As for the snow, at least we're no longer the total laughing stock of the country with our 8-10 hour episode a few years back over 1/8th inch of snow. Atlanta now is.

  • 1secondlook Jan 31, 2014

    DALGAL LOL! Maybe the previous Gov. Perdue should have better prepared Raleigh for snow/ice instead of flying all over the place ILLEGALLY!

  • Ijaz Fahted Jan 31, 2014

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    Well it seems you have a very distorted view of the folks who live in Cary. You really shouldn't talk about things you know little about. It makes you look foolish when you are wrong. Which you are. Both.

    I did not see anywhere in that article where it states that Raleigh is planning to spend more on snow removal. Way to get upset over a non issue. Besides, isn't teacher pay dictated by the State of NC and not the City of Raleigh? Seems that everyone keeps talking about the NCGA and McCrory when it comes to teacher pay, not Mayor Mcfarland.

  • vegasbabyvegas Jan 31, 2014

    The town of Cary is more than welcome to spend extra tax dollars to have a fleet of plows that would rival a New England town. As a resident of Raleigh, I think their system of working on major roads/high traffic areas first is fine.
    I had no trouble getting around.

  • oleguy Jan 31, 2014

    Jeez Its was really cold, It Snowed, Get over yourself, Take a day and enjoy,, Tryon Road is not the center of the known world

  • GALNC Jan 31, 2014

    Each town sets up their snow removal based on road usage. Not every road can be done at the same time. Grow up people.... it's a little snow. Drive slow, leave plenty of space between cars or stay home.

  • Billy the Kid Jan 31, 2014

    I've watched these southerners plow snow. Please, pull over and give me the keys so I can do it right.

  • kgbeme Jan 31, 2014

    In an area that gets one storm every few years that actually sticks to the road, I would consider it a waste of tax dollars to maintain a larger fleet of trucks for plowing snow. Ideally, it would be nice to see all roads cleared soon after a storm. But we need something for a news story and something to complain about, right.

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