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  • Vote for Pedro Jan 21, 2014

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    It had a significant impact on the course of the Vietnam war and civil rights.

  • peppercorns Jan 21, 2014

    Parents need to take charge of their kids, not just expect others to do it. Keeping your kids out of gangs and away from a bad element, begins at home.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jan 21, 2014

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    If you guys hate WRAL so much, why do you continue to come and comment?

  • ecu4me2 Jan 21, 2014

    These people are marching for the right reason...people in Durham could learn from these parents......

  • disgusted2010 Jan 21, 2014

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    You are correct, but I am surprised that WRAL's PC Censors allowed it to be posted.

  • cbuckyoung Jan 21, 2014

    You will write this story. But, when the killer is caught and sentenced, you will write about his low IQ, or hard life, or some other excuse for him/her NOT to receive justice.

  • cinnamon16 Jan 21, 2014

    I, as a kid walked all over Rocky Mount with out any fear for my life and that was in all communities. I knew if I needed help anyone would be willing to help me. I would love to see the city of Rocky Mount get back to that. No one deserves to be shot down in the street.

  • mafiamic Jan 21, 2014

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    You beat me to it.We have seen many times in many cities and even here,that marches or rallies don't change a thing.People protest about crime and violence to bring awareness to the situation but there is still and always will be crime and violence at all ages.
    People are already aware of the violence,it's time for the people to do something instead of marching for someone else to do it.Take a child and show them what they have been lacking,Love,care,feeling wanted,and yes discipline in a non physical way.
    Since the rally march in Durham has brought only violence are people sure that is how to go about doing it?

  • fishon Jan 21, 2014

    Walking with signs won't change a thing.

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