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  • Mon Account Jan 16, 2014

    Lots of french toast will be eaten this week...

  • mafiamic Jan 16, 2014

    The mountains get snow every winter,Boone and Asheville,so what's the big deal about NC getting snow?.
    The mountains block the snow from reaching the triangle so yes if we get a dusting then it is a big storm,or if the systems collide..I.E. Warm moisture from the south and cold air from the north,that is how the triangle and other areas around here get snow.

  • Commentor113 Jan 16, 2014

    Of course it would happen when I was asleep and wouldn't get a chance see it. You got me again, Mother Nature.

  • wjcspanteach Jan 16, 2014

    Dear WRAL posters:
    NC is a very large state that runs 500 miles from Murphy to Manteo. Each region of the state has its own type of weather. Please when you refer to weather events, refrain from saying "the people of NC". The people from the mountains are well equipped to handle snow. It snows quite frequently there (my sister has about 4 inches on the ground now). Do they cancel school? Yes. But not for flurries or an inch. Their bigger concern is usually the layer of ice below the 2+ inches of snow. Try driving a school bus on an icy curvy mountain road?? In the future, when referring to the weather here, please say People of Central or Eastern NC. Leave the mountain folk out of it!!
    Thank you, a WNC native (and I have the birth certificate to prove it)

  • luvmyjackrascal Jan 16, 2014

    In Castalia we had more than a dusting! Cars are wrapped up and visibility is bad!

  • Geez Louise Jan 15, 2014

    "This will be our first dry weekend in six weeks, but you will have to bundle up," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. --At that the truth. So tired of cloudy rainy weekends.

  • corgimom06 Jan 15, 2014

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    There is a good reason for that. I grew up here and didn't have to even attempt to drive in snow till I was almost out of college. It barely snowed growing up so it wasn't something most of us ever had to learn to deal. Big difference if you are from somewhere else in the country where snow is a fact of life in the winter. But that's okay-most of us southerners get a little chuckle from the people who are not from around here when a hurricane or tropical storm is coming and you are all flipping out. It's all about what you are used to.

  • ncouterbanks69 Jan 15, 2014

    Snow needs to stay where it belongs....north of NC.

  • 678devilish Jan 15, 2014

    I believe it will be just flurries. Anything more than the people in NC would not be able to handle it.

  • millerbri66 Jan 15, 2014

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    Where do you think we are, North Carolina? Oh.......wait......

  • Billy the Kid Jan 15, 2014

    Get out the salt briMe and get to the grocery stores! What schools are closing for the rest of the month over this? C'mon, where's the hysteria?

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