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  • Phred Phlintstone Jan 16, 2014

    If Mr. McCrory does not remove this inept and ill-qualified person from office she is going to bring him down. Would her businessman husband tolerate these shenanigans in his own company?

  • sixnitepkg Jan 16, 2014

    the only thing it SHOULD leave her is....UNEMPLOYED! then let her see how she likes her beloved GOP's refusal of unemployment benefits!

  • ncflynhi2 Jan 15, 2014

    She has lied through out this whole mess. She has continued to make excuses and try to take the blame off the state office. Wake County will be hard launching NCFAST for Medicaid in the not to distant future and the system is already not working for food stamps so how will it work for Medicaid. Since last August when a worker calls the state office with a problem with NCFAST the tech that helps the worker explains how to work around the problem and to spread the word to other workers instead of the state putting the information in writing. This way the state does not put the problem resolution in writing so there is no evidence of the problem and the state can say they were not aware of the problem therefore it is the counties that are responsible. At this point after listening to all the information the state has come forward with I say lets impeach the governor, he is not doing his job and is ultimately responsible for this mess.

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Jan 15, 2014

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    I am sympathetic to Secretary Wos's disastrous efforts to run DHHS effectively - we have all failed at different things in our lives.

    But seriously, just as in private industry (a comparison that neocons on this board love to make, even when it is not directly applicable) apologies just don't cut it for repeated epic failures, and they don't cut it now.

    It is a mystery as to why you have not resigned. And it is an even bigger mystery why Governor McCrory has not demanded your resignation. I am afraid this sends a very bad message about both of you, and more significantly, about the Republican party that you both represent.

  • mistervegas Jan 15, 2014

    Wos should resign or McCroy needs to fire her. She has demonstrated over and over again that she is not capable to manage her department.

  • rand321 Jan 15, 2014

    The taxpayers who were promised better adminstration and better services for lower tax dollars has been anything but that. She has led a department filled with overpriced, underqualified political favor handouts.....McCory needs to be held to account. He is ulimately in charge!

    Guv, where are you...baking cookies?

  • londonengland41 Jan 15, 2014

    She's frustrated? What about the people who are not getting what they need because of this. I am positive that those people are way more frustrated than she is. She needs to go.

  • SMAPAEA Jan 15, 2014

    This lady needs to step down or be fired. Wayne Black isn't winning my support either.

  • tllight Jan 15, 2014

    Quote from Wayne Black...." Division of Social Services Director Wayne Black said that the backlog may not be as bad as the numbers show.

    "As many as half of those numbers we're reporting to the USDA may be of folks who have a duplicate of another application pending," he said.

    What?? your computer system cannot produce a list by name, address, SS#, date/time stamp, benefits applied for and FLAG the electronic record when a manual paper application has been completed in person? And your system can't produce this report to all county entities on line- or hourly?
    If you had this report - you would know how many dups you have...sounds as if an Excel spreadsheet could do better than NCFAST....get some competent process design and coders in there for NC FAST...or scrap the system and go back to legacy systems.
    Wayne Black - explain to me why you can't do this??

  • reincarnatedasme Jan 15, 2014

    Mismanagement at its finest! Wos refuses to listen to advice and will not accept responsibility for her inaction. We are in serious need of a leader in DHHS and until McCrory wakes up and realizes his campaign people and donors are not the ones the DHHS will remain in dire straights. Wos should have been fired a long time ago. DHHS doesn't need a doctor in charge, but a proven leader who gets things accomplished without stepping on everybodies toes.

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 15, 2014

    One poster had it right, the signs show too many layers of administration, it'll keep real work from happening all the time.

  • LuvLivingInCary Jan 15, 2014

    Gov. McCrory: It's time to fire her for mismanagement. If she was in private practice she would have been fired many months ago.

  • davido Jan 15, 2014

    The headline contains both the words: 'Wos' and 'leaving'. We can only hope.

  • lprop Jan 15, 2014

    Maybe Pat should work for $1.00 . Is NC so desperate that we have to hire people that don't need or have to work. Do the tax payers benefit or is it costing the tax payers more?

  • HeadsUp Jan 15, 2014

    Roy Cooper told me he thinks Lady Wos is doing a terrific job, and he hopes she stays on!

  • Honesty first Jan 15, 2014

    Wos does not inform others of continuing problems at DHHS but said it was getting better. It was getting worse. If she does not know what is going on at DHHS, she is not doing her job. But McCroy is still backing her. They are the problem, both Wos and McCrory.

  • tllight Jan 15, 2014

    It seems that what's missing from Wos in this entire article: concrete steps that SHE will take to solve the myriad of problems one by one....that tells me her leadership is weak and that these problems will in fact continue without efficient resolution. McCroy needs to step up and change the admin of this critical department. Also - Wos statement: ..expectation is that we get things right 100% of the time...? Strive for 75% and go from there....if you set the goal as no mistakes ever...your decision making becomes paralyzed.

  • nic Jan 15, 2014

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    Wow you are so right. Blame Obamacare for failing to check to ensure the right names on the cards were the right names on the envelopes. Does anyone in this country take any personal responsibility anymore?

  • GOPtakersSociety Jan 15, 2014

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    No doubt, seems if anything is wrong with the world with these righties somehow, it's either O's fault or the ACA, "Hey it's foggy outside this morning, ACA caused it" got to repeal it! the Sunshine and Unicorns for all!

  • billggibsonii Jan 15, 2014

    "...many of the department's high-profile problems were prompted by federal rules, especially requirements handed down as part of the Affordable Care Act." Sounded good until I realized that all the other states had to deal with the same ACA requirements, and they appear to not have a problem.

  • GOPtakersSociety Jan 15, 2014

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    and if found out to be unfounded, which I know to be true, then what chicken little?
    kinda like voter fraud hey? Unfounded accusations and even your own party investigated and found NOTHING! Stop believing all the scare stories from your Rightie overlords, you'll sleep better at night!

  • scubagirl2 Jan 15, 2014

    she should just imagine HOW those her 'problems' have affected feel. I'll bet it's BEYOND frustrated...

    Thanks Happy1 for shedding some inside light to her lack of ability

  • hollylama Jan 15, 2014

    There is structure of incompetence that keeps itself viable. Essentially there are too many layers and that incompetence gets lost in the shuffle. Just as Mckissick says, "we were lead to believe" that's what's being fed to Secretary Wos from the people under her. This is not about political affiliation. And taxpayers should be mindful of her $1 salary.... Because that means her mindset is much different from the leadership that's currently there who are about getting the money and keeping it even if the work wasn't done.

  • Happy1 Jan 15, 2014

    I am married to a DHHS employee of 18 years and there has never been such inconsistent leadership in this Dept. Since Madame Secretary was given her position, there has been nothing but bullying and incompetence. Get someone in the position that actually understands the needs of the poor and has the QUALIFICATIONS to run the Dept in a professional manner. Employees are bailing out as soon as they can, this State has lost many great employees thanks to Madame Secretary's tyranny.

  • hollylama Jan 15, 2014

    As a former employee i can honestly say this.... Nothing but good will come from this. Issues have been left by the wayside for way too long and now they're catching up. As a taxpayer I think secretary wos should keep her job but she should also be made aware of the issues that are going on that cause these problems to happen. One issue is recycling leadership. The other is not hiring the most qualified applicant. So go as far as changing interview scores to get who they want. Be mindful how your tax dollars are used.

  • glo Jan 15, 2014

    DHHS problems should leave her unemployed. Or in jail. Th ewoman is a disgrace.

  • andy2 Jan 14, 2014

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    Who needs an apology? Please get these people fed.

  • free2bme Jan 14, 2014

    Wos is inexcusable and voters need to remember this mess come election time. Great job to Wos and McCrory for making the elections easy for the Dems.

  • scoutef Jan 14, 2014

    At this point, some would-be food stamp participants have waited between 1 and 3 months for their funds. NC FAST indeed.

  • Honesty first Jan 14, 2014

    If it is true that she is paid $1 per year, we are getting ripped off. Just quit Aldona.

  • Inside The Beltline Jan 14, 2014

    Why was Sebelius not held to the same standard?..... Sebelius cost us hundreds of millions and it took 4 years to straighten Obama Care web site out..... And the reason for Problems in NC...the federal government get involved with new directives and mandates..... Why put all the blame on Wos? Again, problems caused by Obama Care.

    — Posted by lessismore

    Hmmm... well for #1) Ownership. Sebelius took care of the site and got it working. #2) 4 years of not working? 4 years? Seriously? Do you really believe Obamacare has been in place for 4 years? I bet you $5 if I tried to go to the site 5 years ago the website would not have been found, and not because it wasn't working - it didn't even exist. #3 Mandates from Obama. Yeah. They had to make a few changes- all other 49 states did it, without issue. Unfortunately, North Carolina can't match up a new medicaid card with the right envelope, and Wos mailed all the new IDs to the wrong people.

  • Krimson Jan 14, 2014

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    It would greatly help your cause if you could get simple facts right... "" has been on-line for 4 months and now it works...

  • RainierBeer Jan 14, 2014

    she needs to go

  • liskm Jan 14, 2014

    Thank goodness only paying her $1 for her perpetual ineptness.
    Perhaps in her free time of NOT doing her job, she can work food banks to see the product of her ineptness.

  • ALECarolina Jan 14, 2014

    Hmmmmm.....that $600,000 Teflon coating on her toes is starting to wear thin already, just one year on the job.

    What a shock she didn't blame mailing 50.000 cards to the wrong address on the extreme leftist liberal media....YET.

  • ccsmith1902 Jan 14, 2014

    Wos needs to go. There have been nothing but problems since she started. DHHS has its problems, but it has never been this poorly run.

  • borealbob1952 Jan 14, 2014

    Yeah- its Obama's fault- right. How about the incompetence of your agency??

  • westernwake1 Jan 14, 2014

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    Here is my hint of the day - Start with the people in the system who do not have Social Security numbers entered.

    After working on government IT systems in the past you will find the cases where no proper SS numbers are listed (usually entered as 000-00-0000) are either illegal immigrants who are not eligible or people de-frauding the system.

    This should be very easy for the government to sort out if the DHHS directors wanted to scan through the system data and take a proper stand on investigating benefits fraud.

  • westernwake1 Jan 14, 2014

    The DHHS problems should leave Wos UNEMPLOYED!

  • Dr Sanchez Jan 14, 2014

    You've got to be kidding me? She now claims that nobody told her about the problems? Does she not read the newspaper or look at the news? She and this issue have been in the headlines for months now.

  • Mr. Hans Jan 14, 2014

    Frustrated. SHE'S frustrated? How about the people that her ineptitude has affected? Do they matter? Probably not. Let them eat cake!

  • censorbait Jan 14, 2014

    Don't know Wos and not defending her job performance but there IS massive entitlement fraud in this country. Only the naïve believe that it does not exist. I wish that 1000 families receiving government benefits were selected at random and thoroughly investigated and I mean thoroughly, all benefits and all family members and the results aired to the public and then public opinion would change. People would be shocked to know what is really going on. A very large percentage, not all, are scamming the system and ripping off the taxpayers.

  • bill0 Jan 14, 2014

    This is rich. Obama made Wos mail out personal info to the wrong people? You have to be kidding me. We are talking about sending mail. Don't try to blame the federal government for your departments inability to get the right name on an envelop.

  • LoriBelle Jan 14, 2014

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    Actually no it doesn't. It just happens in your mind.

  • LoriBelle Jan 14, 2014

    Does the woman never take responsibility for anything?????

  • HeadsUp Jan 14, 2014

    Lady Wos is right about one thing: We haven't heard of her doing her job well.

  • Krimson Jan 14, 2014

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    Not to defend McKissick, but when you get lied to, you get surprised by the truth...

    Don't forget the first part of his quote: "We were led to believe that, in terms of the NC FAST program, all the kinks had been worked out."

  • dwntwnboy2 Jan 14, 2014

    How does she still have a job? If someone in the "private" sector -that the GOP seems to love- had done such a poor job repeatedly, they would be canned in a heartbeat.

  • ambernicole919 Jan 14, 2014

    WRAL you should be offended Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham. "So, a December letter from the federal government that suggested families were waiting months for food stamps came as a surprise." So clearly McKissick doesn't ever watch the reports on the news about the issues with NC Fast. Or all of the foodbanks needing food because foodstamps are not being disbursed properly so people are starving. Wow this is just gives an incredible view to show HOW undetached politics are from "the people".

  • censorbait Jan 14, 2014

    Good chance some are already drawing benefits under other names with a different PO Box. And don't think this does not happen on a large scale.

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