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  • Hubris Jul 26, 2013

    "the group, which meets again on Wednesday, is working to clearly define terms, such as “consent.”

    Only at an institution of "higher learning" do people need to sit around to decided what the words Yes and No mean. Makes one wonder if going in debt to get a college degree is just a big waste of money.

  • whatelseisnew Jul 26, 2013

    Absolutely, any person that is the victim of a crime, ANY CRIME, ought to dial 911 and insist that the actual Police deal with it. The only role of campus security ought to be in trying to act as a preventive measure. They ought to have a skewed staffing plan where the bulk of their people are patrolling the campus in the evenings and at night.

  • Scubagirl Jul 26, 2013

    The campus response should be CALL THE POLICE!!!

  • pingmanreturns Jul 25, 2013

    What about the "I got drunk in a bar last night and went home with a guy and now I regret it" problem? Happens more than you would think.

  • BadDayforButch Jul 25, 2013

    How about paying attention to the problems in the athletic department ?

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