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  • trunkmonkee1971 Apr 12, 2007

    I wonder if the powers that be will look into Mr. Nifong's other cases. If he used shady tactics for this case then chances are there are other lower profile cases that should be looked into.

  • gonefishin2020 Apr 12, 2007

    Maybe we will see Nifong shopping at Wal-Mart after this is over......or panhandling on a street corner in downtown could only dream................

  • Sidekick Apr 12, 2007

    Some official at NC Central was interviewed and said that these people should not think they are in a position to celebrate their vindication.
    Why not? Did he forget the celebrations that occured when O.J. was acqitted?

    Celebrate!!! I think it is high time white men celebrated. Save the great white male.

  • plcj Apr 12, 2007

    This situation has had an awful impact on these three young men lives not to mention their families and the school itself. Now in the process of this happening, one of the young men have graduated already. The other two were indeed ask back to the school and the team, but Finnerty dropped out of Duke (I think college altogether) and Seligmann turned down the offer to return to the team. Talk about messing people up in the prime of their lives.

  • WXYZ Apr 12, 2007

    CRYSTAL GAIL MANGUM should be prosecuted. Her face and HER name should be pounded at the public by TV, Radio and Newspaper every hour of every day for the next 395 days. The same should happen to M. Nifong for his criminal actions. And, the Duke University administrators who jumped to conclusions, made false assumptions and rushed to judgement against the FALSELY ACCUSED and the ENTIRE lacrosse team and its coach--THEIR names and faces should be thrown up for public judgement everyday for the next 395 days!

  • Durhamite_112459 Apr 12, 2007

    I fail to understand how this woman can bring false allegations against these three men, damaging their reputations as well as that of Duke University and the City of Durham but face no repercussions for her actions.... Would the same be true if this had been a case where a white female made false claims against three African-American males??

  • My Screen name Apr 12, 2007

    If Mike Nifong and Crystal Gail Mangum don't get jail time for this then there is still injustice in the system. I can only imagine the pain and suffering they caused. Nifong should be put on stand with his attorney and face the world like these boys did. Duke and all the people that accused and slandered these boys all need time in the media but watch them run and hide. I will speak on behalf of North Carolina and say I'm sorry it happened.

  • Me2 Apr 12, 2007

    **** The Truth Shall Set You Free **** Something Nifong and his gang would not understand. Too bad it was long in coming to these three young men, their familes, etc. who hopefully have not been ruined by this horrific lie/charade. Hopefully those who trusted Nifong and his bunch dotting idiots will see the light and if not, its their loss. After all, what can we expect from such a calous bunch of self-serving public servants. Now, let's see what the NC Bar Association does with their case against Nifong. As for me, I hope they throw the book at Nifong and his gang. Strip him of his livihood and make him suffer to pay the consequences. Then I hope the defendants sue him and his pitiful gang for everything they have and ever will have---ruin the bunch of selfish, self-serving clowns. As for the accuser, sue her and make her pay for her pitiful self-serving, greedy escapade. Maybe the next time she thinks about sex, she'll break out in hives.

  • MakoII Apr 12, 2007

    First thing about lewd dancing is that a 26 year old adult did so in front of minors. Not that minors were drinking. But this accuser obviously has drug and mental problems and no good will come of attacking her.
    The black community has basically forgotten that behind this illegal line-up will be 800 black kids who aren't millionaires, and THATS what's wrong here. A broken legal system that needs to be fixed for average folk, so we don't imprison and kill innocents.

  • uknomepopo Apr 12, 2007

    nifong, i would really like to hear from you on this case now...what? comment!?...after all you have had to say, now silence?...i'm shocked...!!!

  • imrickjamesbitch Apr 12, 2007

    No, reports said people at the party said the girl looked beat up when she got to the party. Exotic dancer, we all know that is just a nice cover for escort. Frankly, I think being all beat up would cause no one to "tip". I think she was just angry, beat up and drunk. Her story changed 4-5 times.

    I also like how Nifong's Attorney wants no one to slander his client..... that's funny.

  • Dakine Apr 12, 2007

    FNFLM: You're crazy! There is no evidence that any kind of crime took place in that house. The accuser is full of manure and you know that. She thought that this would be her chance to get some money because the first 13 times she did this it didn't work out for her. She should have to sit in jail for the rest of her life. Just read a little about her and you will figure out she will never serve a purpose for our world. I feel sorry for her kids.

  • independent_thinker Apr 12, 2007

    I always love the serious, paternal tone that lawyers adopt when they think they have the moral high ground.

    What are the chances the lacrosse players' attorneys are enjoying their share of $3 million in defense billings?

    Pretty good, I'd bet.

  • latrelle Apr 12, 2007

    Crystal Gail Mangum now realizes that turnabout is fair play. Bearing false witness against one's neighbor is one of the greatest sins in the 10 Commandments. From the beginning, it appeared that her main motive was dishonestly earned money. Nifong clearly was playing racial politics. He should be disbarred for lying in front of the court.

    If there were any kind of justice, Ms. Mangum would be charged with filing a false police report, and sued for her future (no doubt meager) income as a stripper. However, this would sadly, only publish her several illegitimate children.

  • Censor victim Apr 12, 2007

    Michael Savage called BS on this a long, long time ago. Stand up for the doctor!!

  • FNFLM Apr 11, 2007

    I hope that the victim in this case can find some justice and peace for whatever took place in that house that night. I believe something did happen and it is unfortunate that due to the rush to judgement by the DA, and her chosen occupation she was never believed to be a victim. Justice was not served and it doesn't matter about her color she was a woman who was victimized in someway in a house with a bunch of young men drinking, some of whom were underage.

  • Tired Of Excuses Apr 11, 2007

    Finally, justice has prevailed.

  • Heelzrule Apr 11, 2007

    Congrats guys and your families! I hope Nifong, and all of the folks making this all about the poor black girl - get what they deserve.

  • Heelzrule Apr 11, 2007

    I am so happy for the 3 players and their families. And am proud of them for keeping their composure and holding their heads high during what had to be a very stressful time! It really is a shame that it took the Atty. general's office to get real justice - but at least that happened. In case you missed it - Jesse Jackson just lied through his teeth on anderson cooper/360 ....trying to put the focus on the fact that the boys shouldn't have had the party....and not on the fact that the stripper plain out lied! He, along with sharpton and the bunch - ought to be sued for their parts in creating such a racially motivated fiasco!!
    My thoughts,prayers and best wishes go out to the 3 players and their families. Hold your heads up high - this chapter is finally over.

  • Tarheel born Apr 11, 2007

    Thank goodness these young men have had "their day in court" and have been exonerated and pronounced innocent. And justly so. However, it seems that their accuser seems to be getting a free pass. And that seems unjust.

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