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  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 22, 2007

    CONT]]] And it's def not a racial thing. And not to seem racial, but usually the African Americans are the ones that say that. How many times has the news been about shoot-outs in clubs in Durham?!? And it's somewhat funny, because it seems there are more whites that get in trouble for taking guns to school! Okay... So, alcohol has nothing to do with race and is just as predominate with whites, as hispanics, as blacks. So, yes, it's not just the "rich white kids"

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 22, 2007

    Okay, to those who say that teenagers aren't old enough to handle it. The only thing that has to do with age is the legality of it. There are 25 year olds and 40 year old who cannot handle alcohol responsibly. People continue to complain about teenagers doing it. And yes, it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, but my parents & grandparents have always told me [not just about alcohol, but life in general], they can't change me, the change first has to come because I want to change. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE - YOU CAN'T CHANGE SOME PEOPLE's MENTALITY. People are stubborn, whether they're 2, 22, or 92. >>>>>

  • loudandshort Mar 22, 2007

    WHY.. Is it nesscery to have these kids names and their ages in this article. In the news paper having their address, how does that help the story. (It doesn't..I think the readers can get the point with just having high school students drinking) Yeah, they go to Wakefield.. But, the only reason this is such a huge story anyways is because that kid was killed not to long ago. And I do feel sorry for the family, don't get me wrong. But, really kids everywhere in the U.S. is up to no good and for these kids there lives are runnied now. Everyone has to learn..ever age group is still learning life .. it's just one big learning loop hole.
    One more thing if this happened two years ago, them being around 16 this story wouldn't be on the news..and they were 16. But, why now. REALLY...don't you think that is worse...I DO. That did happened two years ago..same school every thing. But, that wasn't in the news. I no for a fact it wasn't.

    Why can't people mind there own bussiness

  • emtbuff Mar 22, 2007

    Staples - Please get a clue. These are CHILDREN, and just because one CHILD was going to stay sober in no way excuses this behavior. A child cannot be expected to control a situation where other children are drinking. You say it's the kid's choices to drink? I can't disagree more. The parents need to get a clue before someone else dies or is injured. It's the parents who are responsible for their children's actions and choices. What are the parents doing to advocate fun without alcohol at Wakefield?

  • NotTHE1 Mar 22, 2007

    What do you do with your kids? Spank that butt when young to instill a LITTLE fear so the "parent" can influence the proper behavior for a child or is it the TIME OUT method? Do you tell your kids it's OK to drink,(because I know you're in a safe place((home back room),or because they have sober friend to drive) or do you say don't touch any alcholic beverages until you get 21. Race is not the issue. It's just good to see the media finally print a story that doesn't involve just minority. All these kids could be black because I personally don't know them nor do I care. Did you know that Wakefield's S Young was left lying in a ditch while is SO CALLED FRIENDS left him to return to the party seen to clean up beer cans BEFORE calling 911. Now he's DEAD but can you imagine that. PARENTS, RAISE YOUR KIDS. KIDS, CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY BUT LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS.

  • C93 Mar 22, 2007

    As far as the kids 'waking up', it would help if some of these parents actually parented. Amazing reading about all the Wakefield tragedies and yet some parents are still allowing their children to drink, do drugs, party all night.

    And don't give me "they can't control them" mess. If you can't control a child living under your own roof, then you didn't need children in the first place.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 22, 2007

    Staples, I am trully sorry you have had a hard time with your child. I can't imagine being turned into ss because of grounding a child, but I guess stranger things have happened. You hang in there....

  • staples Mar 22, 2007

    Absolutely-but let me tell you something else about discipline and the consequences. I grounded my daughter for lying, being in a place that she should not have been and for not coming home when she was supposed to-she was 12 hours late. I grounded her for 12 weekends, one weekend for every hour she was late and I was turned in to CPS from a complaint made by a Wake county teacher-because she thought I was being extreme. What she didn't know is that her kid was in the wrong place too, the same night with the same people doing the same thing. When she found out-she said if she know because she thought she could trust her child. Every parent wants to. I still ground my kids. I try to protect them, but when I am not around I hope that someone cares enough to try to protect them too.

  • juchushu Mar 22, 2007

    Why do ignorant idiots always turn something like this into a race thing? WHY??? When that black kid got shot on the bus, they didn't post pictures all over the news of the little idiot that shot him did they? No. And he was black. So don't go try to pull the race card out this time. Somebody always tries that garbage. These kids should have known better. Hopefully they will be charged very harshly. They deserve to get more than just a slap on the wrist and community service. That teaches nothing.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 22, 2007

    Staples: I quote you, "It is not right to have put their names and addresses so boldly in the paper-it is not right" I say, it IS right to put the names in the paper. Hopefully it will get the parents more involved, by embarrassment. Nothing else seems to work- certainly not setting expectations and limitations for your child. And, I quote you again, "The most important part of this story is that the kids were going to stay at the apartment and NOT DRIVE" That is NOT the most important part of the story. That's sad. The most important part of the story is that children are dead and yet excuses are continuing to be made and behaviors are not changing. There is no gray area here. I'm curious, do these children not have curfews? So, they would have gone to a party, consumed alcohol, and stayed long enough to sober up before going home?

  • staples Mar 22, 2007

    I am a mother of a graduate from Wakefield and I have one senior there now. I know the kids involved and these are not all rich kids. Just because they attend Wakefield doesn't make them rich and or white. Don't stereotype. It is not right to have put their names and addresses so boldly in the paper-it is not right. I don't know one parent who gives free range to their kids to drink. This is the kids choices-be it right or wrong. The most important part of this story is that the kids were going to stay at the apartment and NOT DRIVE. Doesn't anybody see that there was one person, who was not driking, responsible enough to make sure that his FRIENDS did not leave driving after the party. Does he not get credit for that? Are we going to make an example of someone trying to do the right thing? He could have said "no" find somewhere else to party and drive drunk home. But he did not.

  • tarheel1980 Mar 22, 2007

    I applaud WRAL for their coverage of this issue. It is tragic that the parents and students at Wakefield can't come to grips with a solution. It is obvious that they cannot. I think it's great to bring the attention of the entire community to the problem. It's not like the consequences of their actions are only hurting themselves. Drunk driving usually has innocent victims. As a community, we should decide that it stops now!

  • NotTHE1 Mar 22, 2007

    Looks like the rich little white kids in Wake Forest can drink all they want and the people are ready to run to their defence. If a black youth gets into trouble, their name and picture usually gets displayed on the website but mention a white childs name and everyone's upset. These parents are upset because their roudy kids have simply embarrased them. Wake County sure has some bad bad areas, southeast Raleigh (the hood) and Wake Forest (the NEW HOOD with lushes and maniac driving, spoiled, out of control rich kids). Wake Forest Police Dept. is doing a great job. They probably all in a gang.

  • FiveOclocksomewhere Mar 22, 2007

    That's the problem with kids today...(booyahh30) think you know don't know squat!!! Do you not think that your parents were your age??? I bet you think your parents are strick and hard on you...well they should be!! It's a tough world at there and you have alot to learn!!! Take your own advise and grow up!!!

  • cagerat42 Mar 22, 2007

    You would think that after all the deaths attributed to alcohol use involving students from Wakefield and after the program given last week that the students would wake up and see what can happen to them.I haven't read all the comments in this posting but the few I have read I would like to comment on.Did I drink before I turned 21?No because my father let it known what would happen if I did.I stayed mad with him my whole time in high school,but now I realize he was doing the right thing.To many parents try to be buddies instead of disiplinarians.As far as the names of the students being involved let out, good maybe some public embaressment will wise them up as well as other students.The lady with the child that hates her,stick to it she will love you more later.It also seems that we always hear about students from Wakefield.Maybe the administration needs to get more involved with this problem.

  • booyahh30 Mar 22, 2007

    so in the newspaper they put the names and addresses of all the kids but did they state that they werent drunk most of the kids were sober!!! and they were going to stay the night there so for all of you that say what if they drove home there you go!!

  • booyahh30 Mar 22, 2007

    for all of you that just think that all wakefielders do is party 24/7..its NOT true..we are mature, and we know what we are doing, and yes we know the consequences. We're SMART kids. we made acouple bad mistake..some people get caught,and some people don' happens. it's not like none of you guys have made mistakes before. on saturday they were all taking precautions, and none of them we very intoxicated...but it doesn't say anthing about that in the newspaper.

    so everyone just needs to grow up, and get alife..and stay out of NOISY people.

    [ps] don't feel bad for us, you don't know us, or anything abou us. so keep your mouth shuts!

  • Fence Straddler Mar 22, 2007

    Tighten these rug rats out!

  • valleyind Mar 21, 2007

    Dragging these 6 kids names through the mud is a classy move WRAL and other media outlets. Did we need to know there names? And for all you out there who will say "we need to know there names to see if our kids are hanging around with them", I understand that. It isn't WRAL's job to tell you that info. I feel sorry for the kids and their parents.

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 21, 2007

    FYI - If people want to do something, they are going to do it with or without your approval. And I think it is amusing how it in a way plasters "6 Wakefield" Okay, so how many underage drinkers from Fuquay, Athens-Drive, etc. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't just 6 from Wakefield [No offense], but it was a party. Get real, it happens EVERY WEEKEND, to EVERY COMMUNITY..

  • Get-a-Grip Mar 21, 2007

    You go AUSERN! I too punished my "perfect" daughter in the same manner while her friends parents just went on to say "No, No, don't do that." Oh Please! Just keep talking it out with her AUSERN and give her back privileges one at a time -- making punishment last forever doesn't work (according to today's psychology).

    My daughter is finally past the "I hate you" stage -- thank God! But do I expect my daughter to be an angel from now on? Right! No way, I keep a closer eye on what is going on and discuss it when appropriate.

    My question is, When are the responsible adults (liquor store owners/clerks, legal age buyers, "cool" parents who allow drinking in their home and even provide the goods) going to be "cited" or better yet charged and given some time in jail?

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 21, 2007

    DR - Thank you (:
    EastNCGal] I hate to wish this upon you, but your child will probably be the one with a pregnant teen. If you are sheltering them from things like that [sex, alcohol, etc.], then they's never know, and then WANT to experience them (if you say they won't, then you're very ignorant). My parents love me, A LOT! I'm their baby of 4. My sibs sometimes say I get away with too much. THEY DON'T! My sis & 2 bros did some of the same stuff, and worst, and they know if they keep my "on the lockdown," I'll sneak out, & run wild. They'd rather know where I am & who I am with, then be lied to. They don't condone it. And believe me, my mother doesn't give me the money to buy it. I work 30 plus hours a week and go to school full-time. So, seriously, don't act like teenagers parent's give them $ everytime to get drunk. And some parents let their kids drink around them, because, yes, it'd be safer [they'd know where their child is, not wandering, etc.].

  • valleyind Mar 21, 2007

    I assume that no one posting on this board ever drank a sip of alcohol until they were 21.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 21, 2007

    AUSERN I just went back and read your post about what you did when you found out she was drinking. I would do the same thing if one of my girls drinks. I'd rather hear slamming doors and "I hate you"s then have the silence after a trip to the graveyard. You hang in there. Hopefully t

  • acd8487 Mar 21, 2007

    well then your kids will continue to drink untill they get caught. Threatening them only makes them sneak around or cover their tracks better.

  • EricaSliver Mar 21, 2007

    Thanks for all the comments related to my previous post about my daughter. Right now my life is filled with slammed doors, "I hate you" and "you're ruining my life." It's honestly killing me inside, but your comments really helped me want to "stick to my guns." I love my daughter more than anything and I'd rather be a Monster Mom for a while than have her end up dead. Thanks again.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 21, 2007

    Senior07, as long as my kids (teenagers) are living under my roof and on my dime, they are my reponsibility and they know the consequences of their actions. I have taught them this since they were old enough to communicate. If they drink, they owe me, and I am the debt collector. I simply will not tolerate it and there are no compromises. Period. My husband, their father, agrees with me on this. 16 year olds are not old enough to make responsible decisions on alcohol, and neither are 18 years old for that matter. If your parents allow you to drink because they don't what to alienate you, then that is a serious problem. Parents are the ultimate responsible individuals and they should set limitations. Until you pay all your bills and live under your own roof, you have no say on breaking the law, and drinking as a teenager is breaking the law.

  • Greekgirl Mar 21, 2007

    blondee: Gosh we are not in English Class,that is also getting to be an overused term (correcting people).People just don't care if they's called COMPUTER SHORTHAND.
    Get Jiggy with it girl.

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 21, 2007

    I know my parents would rather know that I'm drinking and going to a party than think I'm going to stay at a friends house. And if you think your kids are too good of kids to do stuff like that, GET REAL. This is 2007, not 1947. No one is perfect, accidents happen. And if you find out your teenager is drinking, don't think the worlds going to end. Let them know, if in the event they need someone to pick them up, YOU'LL BE THERE! I'd rather have my mom or a friends parent show up and pick us up from a party, than have to see someone I know covered in a white sheet. And I'm sorry for those of you that feel it's the parents fault. IT'S NOT! Get over the fact that your kid(s) have been raised and know better, but until something happens to some of the stupid people out there personally, they're not going to learn. POINT BLANK! But it's not just teenagers that need to learn, it's adults too.

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 21, 2007

    CONT ]]]NO MATTER WHAT you say or do, not EVERYONE is going to understand the results of a stupid person's actions. When my mother found I was drinking and I guess you could say, "partying", yes, she was disappointed. Parents CANNOT stop you. I hate it when adults say stuff like, "people need to take responsibility for there kids." NEWSFLASH, if you're old enough to know right & wrong, you're parents can't do anything. They can say NO, but they more they say "no" the more we're going to want to do it. Around prom students and parents have to sign a paper saying: [Students]- If wer're to drink anything we will call someone that we trust and who has not been drinking. I will call one of my parents or a dependable adult to come get me [Parents]- If my child is to need a ride after drinking I will without question go get them to make sure they are safe. Those are the basics. But not only does it keep the public safe, but also whoever my be drinking....

  • Mar 21, 2007

    Maybe they should brutalized and raped on a daily basis while locked up, courtesy of the State. That'll teach 'm. Lock them up!

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 21, 2007

    Okay. I think I am one of the few teenagers that comment on the news article. But here I go. I like the point someone made about see how many teenagers are on cocaine. Okay, take that even farther, methamphetamines, ectasy, and (not further), but still a drug, pot.

    I was getting my hair practiced on for prom and was talking about drugs, and high school issues with the lady [who was 26]. She made a good point that every generations goes through a stage. When she was in high school, it was alcohol and pot, two years before it was pills, after her time, it was "popping pills." Now, it is all of it. >>>> CONT

  • SOCLOSE Mar 21, 2007

    I also agree with WOLFMAN456, in some ways. I don't think that teens should be given cars to drive. They're just not mature enough or responsible. Now I know that there are some that are responsible and I commend them for it. Unfortunately, all it takes is one person to mess it up for the whole group.

  • SOCLOSE Mar 21, 2007

    AUSERN, I think what you did for your daughter will save her life. I don't know if it was too harsh, or not harsh enough. What I do think is that after your daughter has "done her time", she will appreciate what it is your doing for her. I commend you, and also will remember this for my daughter, if or when she tries a stunt like this.

  • Wolfman456 Mar 21, 2007

    No Blondee if I was proud I would have posted a link.

  • acd8487 Mar 21, 2007

    How is this news worthy? Kids get drinking citations almost every weekend. But since they're from "Wakefield" its a top story? You people need to get a life. Teenagers drink underage every day and there is NEVER going to be ANYTHING ANYONE can do about it. So parents need to get used to it.

  • Go Figure Mar 21, 2007

    Wow, Wolfman, sounds like you are pretty proud of whatever it was you did. Guess you would keep on lying if whatever you did was not "found out" on the WRAL website, no less. Apparently you didn't learn a lesson.

    BTW, Wolfman, its "article" not "artical"

  • Get a clue Mar 21, 2007

    I like your thinking headlong.

  • Wolfman456 Mar 21, 2007

    They already know, a lot came out recently. Long story that involves another news artical hidden somewhere in the archives on this site. I ain't saying which one wasn't my fault if you ever find it.

  • Go Figure Mar 21, 2007

    Headlong, You ROCK too!!!

  • Go Figure Mar 21, 2007

    Wolfman, have you told your parents about your lies?

  • APXmom Mar 21, 2007

    Kids are going to do these things and hopefully will live to tell the tale. Sadly we know that doesn't always happen. Kudos to AUSERN for not turning a blind eye and simply grounding her daughter for a week. Too many parents take the easy way out and choose not to parent. The best we can do is educate, watch them like hawks, discuss consequences and know the who, what, where, when, and whys in their lives--as much as possible. And even that may not be enough. Good parents have good kids that make stupid and dangerous choices. After doing all I can, I pray that my kids' choices don't cost them their life.
    Also, something for the kids named in the article to think about. From this moment on then they are applying to college, for a job, for career related security clearance- or maybe even a credit card--this will turn up in their background. Whether they are convicted of charges or not it is forever in internet space, and believe me- employers, universities monitor this stuff.

  • Get a clue Mar 21, 2007

    They'll never learn.

  • dolphins Mar 21, 2007

    i just turned 21 myself on march 11 and i have never been the one to drink but people are always going to try and peer pressure you into something. i am glad that they caught the fools that were going to throw the party because if not it might have left another one dead god for bid

  • Warden Mar 21, 2007

    AUSERN: I think you should earn a parent of the year award. It's how you deal with trouble that shows your concern for the welfare of your kids. Taking that situation very seriously sets the tone for your child - that this is extremely serious. I'm glad parents like you are in our community!

  • Wolfman456 Mar 21, 2007

    haditup2here - I was typing fast so I missed a few letters and really I didn’t care. I was working on an essay for college I wanted to get back too. I also do hold some of the highest writing scores in the school. My educators did a really fine job in my opinion.

    I never said people were calling us drunks, I said they where stereotyping, there’s a difference. If you look farther down on the comments at least 2 people did. These comments are as follows:

    “Those Wakefield kids have too much time and money on their hands so they get into trouble…You don't see our kids running up and down the road in fancy cars, drinking and spending daddy's money.” – Attack on everyone in my school even thou most of us don’t actually live like that at all. Some of us actually have to work for things.

    “They have too much money and are too bored with nothing to do... that's sad” – That’s an attack on my schoolmates, stereotyping too.

  • headlong Mar 21, 2007

    Maybe a trip to the morgue would changed these kids minds about drinking and driving...

    I always told my kids if they have God forbid hurt/killed someone while under the influence I would make them pay the Family $1 a week for the rest of their lives so they would have to at least think of that person for a bit each week...

  • lorabora84 Mar 21, 2007

    I know what you mean about feeling sorry for Alexis...poor thing, with that last name...I'm sure she's never going to hear the end of it!

  • wakeup Mar 21, 2007

    AUSERN - You rock!

  • mrsgaskill Mar 21, 2007

    Wolfman: Parties happen at underage homes where the parents are either allowing them or never home on the weekends, leaving their children to do what they want. That makes them responsible for not only their kids but the kids that are at their house. Cars don't arrange parties, cars don't make people drink. You may be able to snow your parents with your BS, but there are plenty of people that you won't be able to. Those are the people that will call you on your lies and you will pay the price. Don't be as stupid as your classmates.

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