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  • Terkel May 6, 2013

    I applaud the intentions of these industrious, bighearted young people, but we read over and over about these "well connected" movers and shakers. How about helping a person who's not been in the headlines and doesn't have the kind of money and connections Nation enjoys?

  • TVs_Deceit May 3, 2013

    @TPPP: This is what people did BEFORE government welfare.

    But after welfare started, taxes went up so much to pay for it people couldn't afford to help others as much.

    It's more than income tax.. taxes are everywhere.. and the government did it to pay for big government bureaucracies that in part manage the multiple tentacles of social programs.

    Get the government out of it and cut taxes appropriately and people will be able to help each other again.

    But like you said.. there's no political power in that is there..?

  • Billy the Kid May 3, 2013

    This is how we could replace government welfare, but I don't know how many votes it would buy. What a great story!!

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