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  • mulvay8888 Mar 20, 2007

    Maybe if schools would put information on the EOG testing that kids have to take, then the kids would learn not to drink and drive. As a parent, I would make sure the kids knew not to drink and drive and they would be well educated to this matter.

  • Amazed Mar 20, 2007

    Umhmm.. this shows that not only hispanics drink and drive...
    and i'm not seeing any racial comments about this one! Or is it because no one knows what race the last name Palmeiri is???...............
    yeah. thought so~

  • vcg3rd Mar 20, 2007

    Futbalfantic, you say: "As a parent you can easyly controll what your kids do. Don't give me the crap that kids will be kids. TAKE YOUR car back, take YOUR cell phone back. 90% of the problem with kids today is EVERYTHING is handed to them."

    Maybe that used to be, but today they just get trak phones. Right after my wife's half-sister was placed with us by her parents because she was drinking she tried to open a CPS case against us. When that failed, she got lawyers to try and emancipate herself. Some kids will not take no, and work the system that will believe anything they say.

  • vcg3rd Mar 20, 2007

    My wife and I recently became the guardians of her 16 y/o half sister. She had developed a pattern of a drinking that was very reckless. Her friends' parents often supplied the drinks and once she left a girl passed out to possible die. She was arrested. When placed with us to get her out of that environment, she got an attorney and is trying to emancipate herself. We contacted the lawyer and provided her with information about the pattern of drinking back to 15, mostly chats her parents found after she was arrested and they had reason to look.
    Our hope was to show that hse shouldn't be emancipated because she would just run right back to that county and drink. The lawyer sat in out home and accused us of "thinking she's a bad person" and "not liking her." Everyone is so upset about the intrusion into her privacy.

  • futbalfantic Mar 20, 2007

    As a teenager and someone who just graduated high school I must say most of everyones views here are squed (sp?). I personaly put 100% of the blame on the childs parents. As a parent you can easyly controll what your kids do. Don't give me the crap that kids will be kids. TAKE YOUR car back, take YOUR cell phone back. 90% of the problem with kids today is EVERYTHING is handed to them. At 16 75% of my friends got BRAND NEW cars and/or 50% got sports cars. A 16 year old has no business to have eather one of these cars and especially a brand new sports car. At my high school there were ~600 students who drove out of those drivers there were atleast 100 major tickets and major accidents. Out of these ALL but a few kept there cars or got a car of the same value. So tell me what lessons were learned?
    Also PAY ATTENTION to your kids they will tell you what they are doing you just need to pay attention.

  • romeopm Mar 19, 2007

    purplepat777 are you kidding me??? then if you want to go there then why didnt the parents of the other kids speak? and the answer is because......IT JUST DONT MATTER!!! how dare you throw the damn race card. this woman just lost a kid and all you can do is talk about the race card? ms. newman you keep your head up and no matter what anyone says your a great inspiration. i could not imagine one of my own and be as brave as you. god bless you ms. newman.

  • jetset Mar 19, 2007

    I would think that Ms. Newman's comments made an impact on the student's today and I hope these thoughts will linger in their minds forever. I work with the public schools and we had a young student that committed suicide. Of course, the students who went to the funeral were very sad and alot of tears were shed. But, when I followed behind some of them on the way back from the funeral, the music was turned way up and they were having such a great time, laughing,etc. Made me think if they really understood his death as final.

  • sabbon Mar 19, 2007

    I was a Wakefield student at the assembly today, and every word Mrs. Newman said had an impact on everyone that heard her. She put lots of things in perspective for us - things that we did not realize before. NOT facts like MRS Easley was giving. I think its almost safe to say that Mrs Newman talking to the class of 2007 has changed the way we think about these situations and alcohol - and if it hasnt, then at least it changed the way I think.

  • groberts14 Mar 19, 2007

    A lot of problems this day and time with teens is that they just don't care. Their attitude is I am 16 or 17 years old and I will do what I want to do and no one can stop me. Also, the parents need to pay more attention to their teens and not just had them money everytime they ask for it, just to get them out of their hair. My daughter is 7 years old and already from seeing her father a drunk, she can't stand it. To all the teens drinking is not cool, it makes you look like a fool. I hope these teens do not end up if rehab.

  • carolinagirl19 Mar 19, 2007

    has anyone ever thought about how much pressure kids are under these days. i sure wouldn't want to grow up in todays have to make straight A's- you have to go to college for at least a B.A. if not your masters. then you'll have 50,000 in student loans. no wonder they drink. we have kids at 18 that give their lives for our country and cant drink a beer.. go figure

  • buck121794 Mar 19, 2007

    Put Driver's Ed. back into the public schools!

  • GWALLY Mar 19, 2007

    Unfortunately and until society puts as many resources and as much money behind the consumption of alcohol and it's devastating effects on all of us as it does on the politically correct smoking and second hand smoke we hear and see everywhere.......nothing is going to come from all of this!! You hear the term "Big" tobacco all the time.....when have you EVER heard the term "BIG" alcohol??????? Money, Money, Money,just follow the money!!!!!

  • amypsychrn Mar 19, 2007

    Driver's Ed teaches the basis and the laws. The kids get an average of 2 weeks of driving for about an hour a day. That's why they get a "permit" and not a license when they are 15 and then get a limited license that is good only until 9pm until 6 months later and why they are restricted to having only one passenger. Driver's ed can't take the place of the parent or guardian riding with their child during the time they have their permit. That is when they really learn to drive. So if you have a 15 year old with a permit, let them drive, drive, drive so they gain skill in it.
    As for alcohol, still think you should only have to be 18 to buy.

  • TheBullCity Mar 19, 2007

    I must add, you won't learn to be responsible until you are trusted with responsibility. Setting the age to buy alcohol at 21 just increases the age at which people become responsible and increasing the driving age would do that same. If alcohol weren't a forbidden fruit, you wouldn't see all this binge drinking in college. After you're 21, you can have alcohol whenever you want. You don't have to binge it while you can get it.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 19, 2007

    Do not attack drivers ed in NC. If you don't like it, you know where to go. Anyway, this is about drunk driving.

  • TheBullCity Mar 19, 2007

    The notion that there are more wrecks these days and that kids are less responsible these days is ridiculous. Kids have always made mistakes and learned from them. If they start driving later, you'll just be shifting the problem. Then you'll be carrying on about how 21 year olds can't drive nearly as well as they used to. You can't learn to drive until you start driving, making mistakes, and learning from them. My fiancee started driving with a permit at 18, and she drove just like I did when I was 15 and made all the same mistakes.

  • TAW Mar 19, 2007

    Having a child that is just learning how to drive I was appluad with how little she learned in drivers ed. I am now not surprised when I come across a teenager that does not know how to drive. Drivers ed is a joke in this state and if they need a place to start they need to change drivers ed. It is not the total responsibility of drivers ed to make a child a safe driver. But since it is required to get a permit they should take it more seriously and teach something. I did not grow up here and was in high school in the early 80's. I do not recall having so many teenagers involved in serious accidents. I do think its time to raise the driving age. Kids are not responsible enough to drive at 16 anymore.

  • whatstheproblem Mar 19, 2007

    purplepat777-sometimes it doesn't matter if it is a "black vote, brown vote, white vote and yes a ""purple vote"". Maybe nothing tragically has happened in your life, then we will see if "color" is an issue then.

  • TheBullCity Mar 19, 2007

    I wouldn't want my children to experiment with sex anymore than I want them to experiment with alcohol. However, I know that for most it is an eventuality.

    I want them to know that they can get a condom out of this drawer if they do decide to experiment with sex, just like I want to make sure they aren't going to drink too much or drink and drive when they decided to experiment with alcohol.

    Any parent that thinks they can stop their teenager from drinking or having sex is in la-la land. Most will no matter what you do, just like you did. From a policy standpoint, we need to accept this fact and adjust our policies accordingly.

  • Sidekick Mar 19, 2007

    Teaching kids to be responsible for their actions is not alcohol limited. In the same frame of mind, would you approve of sex 'experiments' so they would know how to be 'sexually responsible'?

    You do all you can, as best you can as a parent. And you hope and pray that when they leave out on a Friday night, you don't get a phone call at 2:00am from the highway patrol or a local hospital.
    It can happen to any of us.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 19, 2007

    My husband and I watched Ms. Easley on the news a couple of weeks ago talking about this and she was such a bundle of nerves that I was embarrassed for her. I think it has taken her this long to get the courage to speak in public. I don't think it has anything to do with a person's skin color. And, why is the drinking age 21? People want what they can't have. It ticked me off when I was serving in the military but couldn't buy alcohol.

  • amypsychrn Mar 19, 2007

    Newport, I don't think that Mike Easley can run for governor again. Maybe they are looking to the future.

    As far as teaching "kids to drink responsibly". There are alot of adults that don't drink responsibly. There are some people that have absolutely no tolerance for alcohol and could never drink within limits.
    I do think that the age to buy alcohol should have stayed at 18 and I also think that anyone that buys or serves alcohol to a minor should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Driving while drunk isn't the only problem for these youth. Alcohol poisoning is a big problem on campuses nationwide.

  • TheBullCity Mar 19, 2007

    The decisions that kids make are a direct result of the environment they are raised in. Thus it's ultimately the politicians and parents fault.

    Either they are an adult or they aren't. You can't say they are too young to do this and that, but they are old enough to be held accountable to society for their actions.

  • der_Marv_meister Mar 19, 2007

    Interesting how most on this thread have blamed the politicians and parents, but no one yet has blamed the kids. Why is that?
    The kids (16 and up) made the decision to drink, and they made the decision to drive. The kids nowadays are anything but naive, seriously now. For all those that wish to blame someone, why not stop first at the doorstep of the idiots who decide to drink illegally then go driving around town. The kids first and foremost are to blame.

  • TheBullCity Mar 19, 2007

    The rise in teen drinking and driving deaths in this area are likely a direct result of well-intentioned but poorly conceived efforts to reduce teen drinking. If these kids felt like they could call their parents to come pick them up without getting in trouble, they would. If these kids felt like they could experiment with alcohol in their home, where they could be safely monitored, they would.

    But we've created an environment where parents who teach their children how to drink responsibly are criminals, instead of good parents. I remember seeing stories in the press where parents are crucified for hosting "drinking parties." In reality, these parents are teaching their children how to drink socially and responsibly, so that they won't learn to drink from other irresponsible teens.

    The idea that people shouldn't (and don't) drink a drop of alcohol until age 21 is ridiculous and hypocritical. The blood of these teens is on the hands of our lawmakers and their backwards laws

  • newport31259 Mar 19, 2007

    "Anybody else notice she didn't go speak to this high school about driving and drinking until an young African-American man died? Could it be she and her husband and working on the "black vote"? Where was she when the white young people were killed?"

    The statewide campaign starts today, that is why she is speaking today. Not sure what is so "sinister" about that.

  • WXYZ Mar 19, 2007

    Yep. Drunk driving has become a major crime. Everyone who drives drunk should be fully prosecuted. With all the special laws for teenage drivers and drunk driving, there is no excuse.

  • purplepat777 Mar 19, 2007

    Anybody else notice she didn't go speak to this high school about driving and drinking until an young African-American man died? Could it be she and her husband and working on the "black vote"? Where was she when the white young people were killed?

  • pappybigtuna Mar 19, 2007

    "Operation Drive To Live", yea lets throw money at the problem. Oh, by the way the drinking and driving is a choice. They choose to kill themselves and/or their passengers. Remember when you were 16 to 19 years old - nothing could hurt you. If the car was going to hit a tree, you just step out of the car. Add some Clydesdale horses and you become indestructible. This is no-ones fault but the parents.

  • Here kitty kitty Mar 19, 2007

    Get the parents involved also...they learn a lot from what they see. When the teens misuse the driving privilege, take away the keys. If that means driving them to and from, suck it up parents, and do it. That is a good lesson, and may save their lives.

  • BOHICA Mar 19, 2007


  • hilliards404 Mar 19, 2007

    why did mary easley wait until her husbands last term as
    come out in the public,the need was there before.could it be she is helping to start his run for the senate????

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Mar 19, 2007

    In my opinion all these kids know right from wrong. They know drinking and driving is wrong. Some just think its "cool" to do it.

  • Politically Honest NOT PC Mar 19, 2007

    In addition to teaching them safe driving maybe they should be taught "SOBER driving" since that seems to be the theme here.

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