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  • superman Apr 29, 2013

    whatelseisnew-- How about "rolling out some vouchers" for the people who pay more taxes than you do and dont have children. How about you pay your fair share of taxes? Guess you enjoy that "Welfare Education" your children receive. No difference in our system of welfare and our system of education. Both of them feed off the people who pay taxes.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 29, 2013

    People, push the legislature to roll out vouchers for private schools for ALL students in NC. Stop putting your children into the Public School cesspool.

  • shutterbug Apr 26, 2013

    Having retired from Wayne County Schools and worked with both Taylor and McFadden, they are straight arrow unless they took a left turn somewhere after I left. I don't think either of them had anything to do with Hill's problems.

  • westernwake1 Apr 26, 2013

    Something ain't right in Wayne County...

  • wayneboyd Apr 26, 2013

    Tell me I can't smell something rotten in Wayne county.

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