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  • Good Bye WRAL Apr 16, 2013

    If by active they mean there'll be at least a hurricane (one), then their predictions are accurate. hmmm.....

  • Rocknhorse Apr 16, 2013

    With all due respect, don't they "predict an active hurricane season" EVERY year. I know, I know. If they say it every year, one year, they'll be right.

  • delilahk2000 Apr 16, 2013


  • birkie74693 Apr 16, 2013

    It's just AMAZING that there are still a few people so blinded by hate and right-wing poison that they pretend this isn't a VERY serious issue we MUST deal with. Keep laughing and quoting tea party radio hosts when tropical diseases are endemic and corn and wheat won't grow in the American midwest.

    The Arctic has experienced rapid loss of thick, multi-year sea ice in the past 12 years, and the amount was less than half the average of 1979-2000 last September, according to the researchers.
    The study is one of a series in recent months pointing to immediate impacts of warming temperatures on the Earth. Last year was one of the world’s 10 warmest on record going back to 1880, the 36th consecutive year to exceed the 20th-century average of 57 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a separate NOAA report in January. Last year was the warmest in the U.S. since records began in 1895.

  • Good Bye WRAL Apr 16, 2013

    "Didn't they say the same thing last year and it was below normal activity?"

    Yep, and the year before. I don't know why this 'information' gets published each year, other than it's likely funded by grants and it must be published so they can get more tax money to announce what they still don't know next year, and the next and the next. Using astrology to predict hurricane frequency would likely produce the same or better accuracy.

    It would be better to figure out the methodology for the predictions (with grants) but not start publishing until they can demonstrate a good degree of accuracy. They are Not there yet.

  • Capt Mercury Apr 16, 2013

    It is a bit scary how much ignorance is displayed when articles like this show up. China, India, and other nations who are just now discovering the benefits of science will certainly end up eating our lunch when all of these anti-science commerce junkies are running the USA. And with our current money-driven election system, they certainly will be running things eventually. Oh well, it's been a nice 50 year run for the USA since WWII.

  • jgilchr Apr 16, 2013

    LOL go on and keep living in your science denial dreamworlds manufactured by the far right.

  • jgilchr Apr 16, 2013

    Kermit no there were 19 storms last season, 10 hurricanes, 2 were category 3 or higher. 19 storms is above the average of 12.1 per season and 10 hurricanes is well above the average of around 5.9 per season. Just because they don't hit land doesn't mean they don't exist. These forecasts do not suggest how many will make landfall.

  • kermit60 Apr 16, 2013

    Didn't they say the same thing last year and it was below normal activity?

  • BuglessDuster Apr 16, 2013

    Every year we get the same predictions and no one calls forecasters out on how wrong they were at the end of hurricane season.

  • lessismore Apr 15, 2013

    A weather forecaster is the only profession where a person can get it wrong 100% of the time, and still keep their job.

  • lessismore Apr 15, 2013

    Hog warming is a lie and predicting hurricanes is impossible...but, it makes news.

  • oleguy Apr 15, 2013

    If they did not name every Blow that starts in Africa, and never gets close ,, Well they got to earn all that Grant money,, When Hazel came I was in school, my grandparents saw the wind (getting up) and took in the cloths off the line and shut the windows,, when it was over we cut up the fire wood.. No drama, weeks of forecasting to scare every one,, It came we saw it and it left

  • drnc Apr 15, 2013

    These predictions and a quarter will buy you nothing.

  • kodac31 Apr 15, 2013


  • dlnorri Apr 15, 2013

    Well I am a little worried. If the Nut from Colorado comes out and says there will be few Hurricanes, then I will really be worried. He (the nut from Colorado) is pretty much dead wrong every year.

  • 123dnih Apr 15, 2013

    Please, give me that job. What a range of estimates he is allowed, cannot fail.

  • aspenstreet1717 Apr 15, 2013

    Predicted in 2000 to have ever increasing numbers of hurricanes from global warming. Never happened.

  • beaupeep Apr 15, 2013

    "That stuff has to be funded by the government b/c who else will pay for research unless they can profit from it."

    Uhhh, CNN, WRAL, FOX, N&O, etc., etc., etc........

    Weather reports sell more advertising than any part of the news (except maybe sports).

  • chihcy7 Apr 15, 2013

    Another academic joke

  • hi_i_am_wade Apr 15, 2013

    It is at this time I think you should remember that the number of named storms does not indicate how active a year is. NOAA names storms today that wouldn't have been named 10 years ago. The objective measurement of how active a year is, not the number of letters used, but the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) index. According to that, hurricane season has been mild since 2005.

    So we are due for an active year. There has not been a major (category 3+) hurricane strike on the US since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the longest drought in recorded history. The US is 3 years overdue for a major hurricane.

  • admyank Apr 15, 2013

    A highly active season is predicted every year and with named storms they get to p or o in the names.

    Big deal. It is the same nonsense they use to proclaim global warming.

    It is all junk.

  • raleighboy524 Apr 15, 2013

    Official forecast calls for sunset tonight followed by sunrise tomorrow morning.

  • Pirate01 Apr 15, 2013

    They call for one every year. And when we do not get a lot of hurricanes they try to say "well the waters were very active off of the Africa coast." We have hurricanes. We have always had hurricanes. There are no more or less now than at any other time. There is just more people living in the path and more people reporting about it now than before.

  • ncman22 Apr 15, 2013

    This is so funny. An active season is predicted every year.

  • raleighboy524 Apr 15, 2013

    .."they are standing in line pick choose which ones to higher."

    I assume you mean "hire."

    Your false assumption is that this "has to be funded by the government." "Has to" is what got us into this mess to begin with. "Has to" provide Food Stamps, "has to" pay for Medicaid, "has to," "has to."

  • more cowbell Apr 15, 2013

    Due to a "more active than usual" Dungeon's and Dragon's season, the NCSU students involved in inventing the hurricane forecast won't have time to read the comments on this article.

  • aightCPA Apr 15, 2013

    One highly useful change the federal government could make to save money is to do away with all its weather-forecasting operations.


    raleighboy524 you do realize that NCSU has a meteorology program and I'm pretty sure they have bachelors, masters, and PhD programs. You have to do research and study research and theory to get a degree. Its a school dude. Weather Channel isn't throwing money at NCSU's meteorology program but I bet you they are standing in line pick choose which ones to higher. And go look at the 10K and finacials of all the private weather companies. I don't think they you will find funds for researcing supercells, tornadoes, hurricanes, weather patterns, prediction based off research, etc. That stuff has to be funded by the government b/c who else will pay for research unless they can profit from it. Enron was into weather researching for their energy trading division but we all know how that ended.

  • raleighboy524 Apr 15, 2013

    Just the feds as usual trying to make themselves look important.Didn't do any good in New Orleans did it? Same with crop forecasts. Who cares? What good do they do that private efforts can't do better. Shut 'em down!

  • gordonbabe Apr 15, 2013

    Gee... thanks for the good news. And when do you NOT call for an "active" season?

  • simplelogic Apr 15, 2013

    I honestly don't remember the last time they predicted anything other than an active hurricane season. Kind of reminds me of Lake Wobegon, where every child is above average.

  • sbkbcb Apr 15, 2013

    they say this every year and then 3/4 through the season they say oh, its not gonna be bad at all.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 15, 2013

    By the way my predictions are free of charge.

  • Radioactive Ted Apr 15, 2013

    "With all the private forecasting firms and all the TV weather people and the Weather Channel, why should the feds be in this game in the first place?"

    Where do you think the TV people get their information? The TV forecasters are not in the forecasting business so much as the "weather forecast interpretation" business.

    The 48h hurricane path predictions are much much better than 40 years ago. Look at for some data on that.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 15, 2013

    Oddly enough, every year there are storms. I predict in 2014 there will be storms. Also 2015.

  • Obamacare survives Apr 15, 2013

    "..and three to six may become Category 3 or stronger hurricanes, the researchers said."

    lol. They say this every year.

  • shortcake53 Apr 15, 2013

    We are moving to New Bern, so I hope we have a VERY quiet hurricane season.....

  • androiddj Apr 15, 2013

    I thought the NC legislature banned all Weather Reports and Hurricane studies

    as they mention "The Future" and utilize "Science and Math"

  • raleighboy524 Apr 15, 2013

    One highly useful change the federal government could make to save money is to do away with all its weather-forecasting operations. With all the private forecasting firms and all the TV weather people and the Weather Channel, why should the feds be in this game in the first place? Same with the Centers for Disease Control. There's enough private research going on without wasting taxpayers' money. Shut 'em down!

  • injameswetrust2003 Apr 15, 2013

    It's just a prediction, everyone. Just like forecasting the weather, part science and part art. There is some question as to which it is more of.

  • ax2grind Apr 15, 2013

    And this information cost us how much money? Is it done with federal grants? If so, how many different universities are having THEIR professors use federal tax dollars to predict the same thing? So we'll have 13 to 17 hurricanes in the next 6 months...can you tell me whether it's going to rain 3 days from now since no one seems to be able to accurately predict it?

    Instead of spending gobs (technical term) of money for these tenured professors to predict an 'above normal' number of hurricanes this year, could they maybe teach more than a few classes a week?

  • ThirteenPucks Apr 15, 2013

    Just like they've predicted the last few years, eh?

  • Relic Apr 15, 2013

    Didn't they say the same thing last year? Why on earth would someone doing that type of research say "'s going to be pretty quiet this year"? That's when a tsunami would wipe out the East Coast.

  • Disabled Vet Apr 15, 2013

    They predict the same thing EVERY year. I hope they are wrong again this year.

  • NoObamaCare Apr 15, 2013

    Seems like every year they predict a "bad Hurricane season!"

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