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  • dakota_loves_me Mar 14, 2007

    the violence of killing people or just leaving them to die has got to stop. anymore this world is going nuts with guns, knifes, and of course acoholic drinks. i lost a friend because of a drunk driver. when will this world learn?

  • Chalky Hill Mar 13, 2007

    It's the craziest thing, Dr. Newman. I lost my parents in a domestic dispute almost 18 years ago. Whenever I watched the news after that, I took other people's tragedies to heart. While so many people can watch these tragic stories, and then continue to flip the channels, all I keep thinking is "What about the family? What are they going through?". I am so sorry for your loss. I'd heard about what happened to your son, but it just hit home when I looked at a local reggae band's web site, and saw a picture of Sadiki there, playing the guitar. I just saw that band play this past summer. I may have seen your son, without even realizing it. May God send his angels to comfort you like He did when my parents died. I thank Him for it everyday. You can even borrow my angel... I don't mind sharing. Sadiki's memory will never fade, but the pain will become esier to bear with time. I promise. All the love in the world to you and your family.

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 12, 2007

    to the mother: i am so sorry about the loss of your son and he sounded like a nice young man. i hope every word that you said to all teens have impacted their lives and showed them exactly what will happen to kids when they are riding with a drunk driver. if i was out around that area i would have stooped to help your son and he probably wopuld still be around today if he wasnt abandoned. and trooper: some kids may not think rationally but sooner or later they all learn from their mistakes. which also helps them build character. their needs to be more after school community centers where teens can hang out and have fun so the parents wont have to worry about where their son/daugher is and tthen we wouldnt have to worry about them being killed in car wrecks like this young man has. REST IN PEACE Sadiki Young!!! WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!

  • Trooper Mar 12, 2007

    dakota, I'm not say that we shouldn't try to stop these kids, I'm saying that we are lucky when they listen but like me and our parents, teens don't listen or think rationally.

  • Hevans1012 Mar 12, 2007

    Sadiki's mom, I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for speaking to Wakefield, my son attends school there. Hopefully these kids will get it. Also please don't take these idiots comments to heart, some are hiding behind keyboard.

  • mother Mar 12, 2007

    To the person who is concerned about my name. As a professional i chose to keep my maiden name Dr. Rosemarie Newman
    not an unusual thing to do in this century. My son was not driving with friends. He chose to ride with someone who chose to drink and drive and it cost him his life and he was abandoned by those people. A very sad end for a very sensitive and loved young man..................his mother

  • Watcher Of Things Mar 12, 2007

    Some of these comments are like blaming the sun for blue skies.

    Look; I was raised in a Mediterranean household.

    From Brandy on the gums when I was cutting teeth
    to diluted wine in a baby bottle when I was fussy from being sick with a cold.

    When the adults had wine with the dinner - the kids did too.

    It was NEVER a big deal or taboo!
    Now that I am 48 years old - it is STILL not a big deal.
    It was never a mysterious novelty when I became of age to drink - it was no big deal.
    It wasn't something that was cool and forbidden to do.

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 12, 2007

    i agree witht the whole race thing but from what you are saying it sounds like you may not care about the kids who are involved in wrecks that has to do with drunk drivers. what is a way that we can stop kids by telling them and showing them what happens if they get behind the wheel of a car with a drunk driver?

  • Trooper Mar 12, 2007

    what has race got to do with these kids getting killed, absolutely nothing! These kids are dying doing the same things that kids have been doing for hundreds of years, you're not going to stop it, you just tell and show your kids what they should do and not do and hope for the best. I think that people that are 18 years old should be allowed to drink, I would make that an election item and get out to vote, it really is stupid that in the United States you can vote and you can die for your country but you can't have a beer, I believe that to be a little stupid

  • cagerat42 Mar 12, 2007

    Snake your way out of line with this one.So much for these young men being friends.Friends wouldn't let one another down.

  • jdmeg Mar 11, 2007

    "SNAKE" first of all....his last name being different from his mothers has nothing at all to do with anything....theres alot of peoples last name different from there mothers....You are about as ignorant as they come..... i swear....

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 11, 2007

    just because the last names are different doesnt mean that she can't grieve for her sons death. and the lawyer doesnt impress me either. it just hurts to see parents who have lost their child because of drunk drivers. when will this world get the picture that drunk driving is wrong?

  • jetset Mar 11, 2007

    I am not sure what is so important about the child's last name being different from the mother's. Being a good, loving, and yes, grieving parent has nothing to do with the last name being the same. She is hurting like anyone else who has lost a child. May God bless her in her time of sorrow. What we really should be concerned with is the absolute mess it seems that some of these other students are in. It appears they have no clear direction in life, especially when it comes to responsibility. I do not know these students but I feel bad for them too. You can have the world but lose your own soul.

  • MajorLeagueinfidel Mar 11, 2007

    You can't be easy to lose a child in any manner, the last names differant..maybe the boys father died or abandoned least mom stuck around and tried. Teenagers have always been reckless, that won't change..what is scary is truly how callous they were about it call to 9-1-1, cover-up...I deal with kids this age alot and alot of them seem to be lacking a "soul".

  • sahello Mar 10, 2007

    What jumps out at me is the parental coddling the youth who were arrested. The young men disrespectful in front of the camera. Yes, punishment such as this or stronger must be taken. Their lawyer didn't impress me either. Wait til he has a teenager.

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 10, 2007

    (katydid&snake)okay i had a friend who was killed because of a drunk driver. is this how we all want to live? knowing that as soon as we turn our backs that one of us will be killed? i think that what the mother is tryong to do is a very good thing becasue we can help kids/ teenagers or anybody of all ages that drunk driving is wrong and can be deadly. she can also come up with a new act that says that unless you have a REAL and i mean real proof of identity and age that you can buy the beer or otherwise dont touch the beer or alcoholic drinks at all. Okay?
    just listen to what she has to say. because one of these days you could end up on the other side of this story having to talk about drunk driving.

  • Tarheel born Mar 10, 2007

    I must agree with jgreen64 and katydid....SNAKE is a very appropriate surname for you. What gives you the right to question someones heritage base on a different last name. People like you make the "world go round". Perhaps you would get off so it would be a more understanding and forgiving place.

  • jgreene64 Mar 10, 2007

    "Snake" (what a very appropriate screen name), your comment regarding the different surnames absolutely sickened me. Then you try to cloak your implication in false piety. People like you will have a lot of explaining to do on Judgment Day.

  • i love idiots Mar 10, 2007

    congrats to this mother for being determined to share such a sad story and try to help teens in the future!

  • Lizard Paw Mar 10, 2007

    katydid - they are,, so now can I preach? Is that what you're saying? Nobody can have an opinion unless they're lilly white or acceptable for you? If so why do you want to listen to this lady?

  • katydid330 Mar 10, 2007

    "snake": Why is his and his mom's last names relevant to this sad story? Unless you know this mother personally, that is a very inappropriate and irrelevant observation to be making. You have no idea where she is in her life. Apparently you think preaching to people about their lives, and making judgments, is less offensive than someone who is divorced or remarried. I don't. I think you need to get your own life and values in order.

  • Lizard Paw Mar 10, 2007

    Wht is the boy's last name different from his mother's? Where's dad? Before we preach too hard to the youth let's get our own lives straight. Let's all set a good example.

  • headlong Mar 10, 2007

    Ms Newman God Bless you and your mission!!!

  • SOCLOSE Mar 10, 2007

    Ms. Newman, I cheer you on as you try to turn a negative into a positive. I do hope and pray that you and Mrs. Easley reach someone at that school. We lost a classmate just a few days before graduation. That was in '92. We still think about her to this day. So many should've, could've, and would've thoughts go on in your head. I was very fortunate not to have been there that night. It could've just as well been me. Now that I am a mother, I pray for my daughter every night, not only that she is listening to me, but that she will take what I'm giving her, and make her own decisions. (and hopefully, the right decisions)

  • Skywatch_NC Mar 10, 2007

    That was from the: Wakefield High Students Charged After Classmate Killed in Crash report.

  • Skywatch_NC Mar 10, 2007

    According to the news article...of the teens arrested...three are 17 and one is 18...doesn't mention the other teen's age.

  • jetset Mar 10, 2007

    Skywatch...if two of these guys came to the door drunk a few weeks ago, it doesn't seem like they have learned one thing. Just how old are these young men? What in the world is going on? Do the parents not monitor their children? Maybe these guys are drinking because they are so guilt ridden. I am not sure. It is just so sad for everyone, but saddest for the grieving family of Sadiki.

  • darleneclark0204 Mar 10, 2007

    Mrs.Newman,,,At time like this you really don't know what to say, I remember when I was young and my aunt was getting to be married, 4 days before she was killed by a drunk driver, it took that person a while before she called 911, my aunt passed away that night, and unfortuniatly she was never charged because of a mental state, I feel for you and commend you for everything that you do in the name of you son. God bless you!!!!!

  • momof2kids Mar 10, 2007

    to Brain-Dead Religious Freak...
    it's sad you think Sadiki is a hero IF he sent his friend on his way to avoid trouble (which I truly doubt). He's a victim of his and his friends choices who have left so many people grieving for the rest of their lives. Another sad teenage choice. It is the best thing ever that legal action has been taken. It won't bring Sadiki back but if it will make one teenager think about their choices and one parent say no to a house party it will be worth it. His mom's pain is what every parent fears everytime their child leaves the house. You talk to your kids, they see consequences all the time but they are just naive to think that this won't happen to them. Is alcohol really all that exciting! Are teens so boring in their own personalities that they must drink and act foolish to have fun. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Skywatch_NC Mar 10, 2007

    Prayers and thoughts with Sadiki's family. My mother identified from watching the news...two of those guys who had been arrested they came to our front door a few weeks ago during the day and were drunk then, too. I pray and hope that through the judicial system that these young people can and will think over their actions and receive the help that they need. I commend Sadiki's mother and Mrs. Easley for their effort later this month on speaking to the Wakefield High students about alcohol awareness.

  • sallysmom Mar 10, 2007

    brain dead,

    you have at least one thing correct with your name...are you kidding me?...whatever your adolescent views of heroism are, i hardly think this young man, either seriously injured or already dead, sacrificed himself to save his friends from the consequences of entitlement and partying.

  • grayboomerang Mar 10, 2007

    Bless this woman and what a terrible loss.
    I think the sickest part of this story was the boy who came and picked up the third person and never even called 911 for help. That is about as cold blooded as one can get trying to save one's own ass!

  • stevenkirkland Mar 10, 2007

    I can't even imagine the pain this mother is going through. I have 3 kids myself and I pray that I will never have to know. Ms. Newman the thoughts and prayers of Raleigh are with you.

  • stcrawford Mar 10, 2007

    I am so glad "his name will not be forgotten" I recently read Elizabeth Edwards Book "Amazing Grace" she lost a son in an accident - how she dealt with the pain & grief and also "how his name will not be forgotten" . The child's physical body is not here with you but he will always live in your heart.

  • Brain-Dead Religious Freak Mar 10, 2007

    Maybe Saddikii (is that his name? I forget) told his friends to take off and leave him? Everyone says what a wonderful person he was - maybe he didn't want his friends to get in trouble and told them to leave him, not realizing he was that badly hurt? If so, he is a TRUE HERO and I will pray for him!

  • jetset Mar 10, 2007

    Another thought....I also wonder if Sadiki could have received prompt medical help would he have lived? If this can be proved, would there be charges of murder? And, if so, that would seem intentional. It seems the students were more interested in cleaning up their "party scene" than worrying about their dying friend. Oh my Lord.

  • Ray Mar 10, 2007

    My thoughts and prayers are with Sadicki and his family. Having lost an 8 yr. old grandson (Royel Messiah Taft) on July 14, 2006, in Waterbury, CT to a PCP-Laced smoking convicted felon still hurts deeply. And just like in this case, the person that ran over and killed Royel as he stood in his front yard, tried covering up the crime by running out of the SUV and into the woods to discard 10 grams of cocaine. Not once calling 911. The driver (Natasha Kinion) also had someone come and take away a 3 yr old in the SUV with her. My other grandson who is 10 held his little 8 yr old brother in his arms as he bled to death. This people have no conscience. They only want to fulfill there own selfish needs and in these cases there needs were to try and save their hides. But justice will be served. They will someday have to answer to someone much more powerful than man's law. My hat is off to the investigators in Raleigh for a thorough job!!

  • bsmith17603 Mar 10, 2007

    I am really sorry about your loss. I live in Wakefield and all of my children are now out of schoolbut I hear alot in the neighborhood about this wonderful young man.
    Their will never be any consolation that can take your pain away. You are correct that the pain never goes away and you recall things on a daily basis concerning the tragedy( our family went through a similar tragedy).
    The only thing I can say is that someday that young teenager that left the scene leaving your son when he needed medical help will reap what he sows. What kind of a human being is this individual that left the scene of the accident( Am I reading this correctly) I firmly beleive that jail time for some of these individuals is what is needed and strictly laws in this state.
    I am wondering as a medical person if this young man could have lived if he received medical attention immediately.

  • kstor33 Mar 10, 2007 are so right! I cried when I read that. The person who left the scene and left their friend their dying will have that guilt haunting them for the rest of their lives. I couldn't live with it! I pray for Sadiki's mother and family and the incomprehensible pain they must be enduring. Tragic!

  • jetset Mar 10, 2007

    The pain that mother must live with the rest of her life. I am so sorry. I can't imagine that someone vacated the car knowing that someone in it was injured. Speaking of compassion......that is downright sickening. To knowingly leave the scene of an accident when someone is injured is incomprehensible.

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