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  • boingc Mar 12, 2007

    The drinking age in most European countries is 16. That way, parents can teach their children how to drink responsibly before they leave the home. Unlike here, where we send ours off to college to revel in their newfound freedom and lack of accountability. Oh, and guess what--most of Europe does not have such a problem with binge drinking and DUIs.

  • sasuke Mar 12, 2007

    i agree with bissette, and homey. i never personally used a fake, but up until i turned 21 i knew people who could get me alcohol whenever i wanted. i say expose us to alcohol in small, responsible doses at an earlier age so we are more responsible about it when we are older, and in situations such as college parties.

  • Tarheeljunior Mar 11, 2007

    There are so many people today that are mature enough to handle the responsibilty of drinking at 18, but there are enough that cannot that the drinking age has to take a "better safe than sorry" approach. As a college student, I have seen fake IDs and 18 year olds out of control the second they are exposed to alcohol. With more and more high school students dying because of alcohol, lowering the drinking age will only make it easier for them to forge IDs and obtain alcohol. Sad reality, but in our immature society, its true. American youth for the most part just can't handle the responsibilty of making smart decisions about drinking.

  • green_eyes Mar 10, 2007

    theres always been fake id's used to obtain alcohol. the age should be 18..its old enough to serve our country but not old enough to drink.

  • jmr Mar 10, 2007

    Not just the "MEXICANS"

  • homeydontplaydat Mar 10, 2007

    Agree is full of decisions.....some are made with well coached parental mentoring.....some are made in haste. I have been a drinker for some time now....used the same fake ID from 18-21....never got questioned...EVER. It really all comes down to how much $ the government wants to spend on the enforcement of some of these things.

  • brand7976 Mar 10, 2007

    Drinking age should be 18. ALE officers also engage in some very shady practices.

  • luvtoflymycessna Mar 10, 2007

    A small portable blacklight will help with the detectionof fake ID's--I used when when working the door at a club downtown. It picks up on the discrepancies on a fake ID--also any one who alters an ID can face a misdemeanor charge--I have seen people scratch the birthdate off--its a 2 digit month and date--not a 1 number month

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