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  • Whstime Mar 11, 2007


  • jetset Mar 10, 2007 is disappointing when you are let down by your friends. Try and forgive them and try to live a good life. It is sometimes hard to set your own path and not follow the crowd, but deep down you will be admired by your peers for standing up for what is right and eventually they will want to be like you.

  • Wolfman456 Mar 10, 2007

    I want to start by saying stop sterotyping my schoolmates. You don't know us.

    I know at least three of these kids and I have to say that I'm very disappointed in them. I couldn't believe it when I opened up the paper to the front page this morning and saw what they did. I also can't believe that last year one of those five kids told me they didn't drink. Reading about all this has really made me angry.

  • jetset Mar 10, 2007

    I guess I am just and "old fogey" but I (and my husband) do not drink any alcoholic beverages. We always tried our best to set a good example when our daughter was growing up. It is hard for me to understand why drinking alcoholic beverages is so important. People should try to live a good life and set a good example for others, especially younger impressionable children.

  • chargerschic19 Mar 10, 2007

    Bloke, feel free to comment, but don't make heartless and ignorant statements about people you know nothing about on a personal level.

  • blw6838 Mar 10, 2007

    hey bloke how many wakefield kids do you know. how much about wakefield do you know outside of this twisted headlines. go ahead and believe everything you read, if you notice- it changes from time to time. Once again, i am a wakefielder driving a car that is 15 years old and cant afford the new muffler to pass inspection right now. i am one of many who work for a lot fo what they get, and if we cant work for it our single parent blows half of their miniscule savings out of love and neccesity. Shut your mouth and crawl back in your hole.

  • Bloke Mar 10, 2007

    Poor kids, after they make bail they'll probably be grounded from Daddy's Range Rover all weekend. What a shame.

  • Tarheel born Mar 10, 2007

    mrcrosby,Excellent idea - blaming the victim! Let's start doing that for all crime victims and then we can do away with the police, the courts, the prosecutors, the prisons, parole and probation officers! Think about how much money we'll save. You are an absolute moron!

  • fanzalive Mar 10, 2007

    "trunkmonkee.....exactly how are these kids responsible for the death of their friend? nobody forced alcohol on Sadiki, nobody forced him to get in the car w/ Chris."

    Exactly the same way you are held accountable if you supply alcohol to a minor. They may be minors themselves but the fact they had the alcohol Sadiki consumed maked them accessories.

    " AND let's not forget that the cause of the accident was SPEED, not alcohol. Are you really paying attention to the facts here or just looking for a place to make outrageous comments?"

    Why YES I am paying attention to the facts. you are correct speed was a factor but think about the afffects of alchohol, they dull your senses therefore making you think you can handle a faster speed than you can. The speed is directly realted to the alchohol.

  • momof2kids Mar 10, 2007

    I for one am thrilled when I heard the teens were charged and arrested!! Especially the one that picked up the teen before calling for help. I think the parents of the teen who had the party should also be charged w/whatever will fit. Yes, the young man killed was guilty, and he's paying the ultimate price w/out parole or lawyers to postpone his trial. His buddies should also have to face the consequences! That's only fair! I NEVER drank and drove. I have a personality that doesn't require me to drink to have fun and be socialable. I'm 42...have many aquantances who are parents of teens who still can't have a social gathering w/out getting wasted! I don't go to those gaterhings. Teach by example parents!!!

  • lets get real Mar 10, 2007

    trunkmonkee.....exactly how are these kids responsible for the death of their friend? nobody forced alcohol on Sadiki, nobody forced him to get in the car w/ Chris. AND let's not forget that the cause of the accident was SPEED, not alcohol. Are you really paying attention to the facts here or just looking for a place to make outrageous comments?

  • mrcrosby Mar 10, 2007

    I'm sure the kids had no idea it would turn out this way, with the death of a friend. Anybody out there ever buy beer under-age??????? Unfortuneatly someone did die. Sounds like the police are trying to distribute the blame her on anybody they can involve. How about putting the blame directly where it belongs. On the driver and the "victim", they had the most direct influence here on what happened. Sadiki did not have to get into a car with someone who had been drinking. The driver did not have to drive after drinking. The rest of the kids here were doing the same things we ALL did growing up. Anybody that says they never did those type things growing up are either liars, or grew up in a bubble.

  • Ray Mar 10, 2007

    The only thing I can say with reagrds to the kids arrested, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Sadicki and his entire family. To the parents of those arrested I say, take this opportunity to teach them and other youths something, like personal responsibility. Don't hire some hot-shot attorney that will postpone, endlessly, this case in hopes it will be forgotten and the penalty minimized to probation and expungement fo a criminal record. Teach them now to be responsible, apparently you haven't so far and if you have, the more the reason to have them be open, honest and take responsibility for whatever role they may have played in this terrible and senseless tragedy.
    Don't put Sadicki's family through anymore pain than they have already been through by prolonging this, remember - PEERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!

  • Dixe Mar 10, 2007

    Headlong, I am with you on that. My girls know they are not allowed sleepovers at another friends house unless I speak to the parents. it is just being a responsible parent. My girls also know if they get into a situation where they are uncomfortable they can call me and I will come get them, no questions asked. My oldest daughter (already married and on her own) lived by the same rules. We had to pick her up from a party one time where some kids were drinking, and she felt uncomfortable. I am just hoping my younger girls will feel as sure about themselves to say no as my older daughter was!

  • fanzalive Mar 10, 2007

    These parents moaning and groaning that the police were to "agressive" is exactly why there is a child dead and Wakefield continues to have drinking realated deaths. WAKE UP PARENTS!!!! The kids are not getting it and it is time to make them recognize the consequences of under age drinking..YOU GO TO JAIL. Sure they could have just gotten a citation but that is something they could have hidden from thier parents but having to call them to get bailed out is not something that can be hidden and is a wake-up call to the kids and parents. Quit your gripping and teach your kids responsibility for thier actions

  • jtalerico Mar 10, 2007

    You people hear Wakefield and assume these kids had a silver spoon in their mouth. I can assure you when I attended Wakefield this was not the case.

    How about we stop beating the dead horse. None of you or will I figure out a way to keep kids from drinking under age. I did it, and I am sure more than 75% of you did it.

    It is a matter of responsibility that these kids lack.

  • cjandminnierule Mar 10, 2007

    tharringtonherman I agree!!!
    I also think to a point they are kids, I realize someone was killed and that is horrible but kids will be kids and drink! How many parents really open the doors for communication where their children can call them for a ride if it is needed or just stress the fact to them they CANNOT drink. Too many parents go out with their friends and have a few glasses of wine then drive themselves home, and there kids watch this and do the same. These kids obviously didnt feel like they could call their parents for help!

  • trunkmonkee1971 Mar 10, 2007

    The teen criminals in this case should not be allowed to have a driver's license. The KIDS posting here might think they know everything but they have alot left to learn. These criminals are ALL responsible for the DEATH of a fellow student.The charges in this case may be minor but blood of Sadiki Young will ALWAYS be on their hands.

  • BOHICA Mar 10, 2007


  • woody Mar 10, 2007

    why not ban drinking as they have smokeing
    both are killers
    wonder whitch one has killed the most

  • surburban housewife Mar 10, 2007

    a child can be of any age. most of the time they are looking attention.if they feel loved and HEAR the words I LOVE YOU from their parents often enough, they wont be turning to any form of substance abuse. where are the parents when our school age kids are out?

  • blw6838 Mar 10, 2007

    Winston, I hope i meet you someday and you say that to my face, or another that knew Sadiki. You are a fool, and a very low person. If the worng person reads what you said, you would be in serious trouble, and i dont mean a student, i mean a parent. i can think of a handful. you are one of many horrible people in this world

  • blw6838 Mar 10, 2007

    This is pathetic of people posting here slandering wakefield high school and its students. This is pathetic of all the people that might reply to this post who more than likely have no clue what goes on when the parents arent around, and who have little to NO affiliation with any of the events in the past except for what they read in the headlines. Im sad you have such arrogance and stupidity, but im enraged by your audasity to act as an expert, or even a slightly considerable source, on matters that you have never experienced. You may have lost someone, but I highly doubt you have had fools such as most of you butt in and run your overly-often open mouths. Read these stories written by the third party who only know what they hear, then over-emphasize, then log off and dont talk. Maybe we should hold a debate, where you can all show up in person and talk to us Wakefield kids and tell is what you think you know.

  • snafu Mar 10, 2007

    "I lost compassion for the dead when they got into the car. They were old enough to KNOW better. If peer pressure or something trivial was their excuse, maybe they should've been at the library erasing their ignorance." that could be one of the most evil things i have ever heard...tell the family's you lost compassion for their son...i'm sure you've never drove with someone who had a BAC of .06 or higher i mean with the driver being THAT intoxicated i bet they knew he had been drinking, seriously think before you speak.

  • blw6838 Mar 10, 2007

    THANK YOU- then who cares.
    Im sad to see so many people playing the part of sheep in this mess. THE FIRST STORY (the day after Sadiki's death, by WRAL) STATED THAT THE POLICE REPORTED THAT THIS WAS A SPEED RELATED CRASH. But, now so much more is at stake- Wakefield's name. Therefore some higher powers obviously needed to blame someone. Chris's reckless driving isnt a good enough excuse, even if it was stated as the cause before. These kids that were arrested are either friends or acquaintences of mine, and they are very bright, good kids. If this is justice, The police need to arrest half of the wake county student body. This is pathetic of the officials and people in charge of these actions taken. This is pathetic of the media to flip their stories to satisfy their's and others' own agenda. I lose respect for everyone involved. unfortunately im just a Wakefield grad, and according to most people in good ol' suburbia, that means im a reckless, overpriveleged delinquant going nowhere..

  • then who cares Mar 10, 2007

    Without minimizing the negative affect of alcohol I'd like to say that a bigger problem that affects teenagers is speeding and recklessness. Over and over every day in the media we are pounded with automobile commercial after commercial about high performance this, that, or the other. Think about it! What effect do you think that has on teens seeking to find out who or what they are? I know there are a lot of other influences but the car makers should be held responsible for what they encourage people to do by pushing speed, etc. I recall back in the 70s when there was a crackdown on those type of commercials. Those people are adults--they really are suppose to KNOW!! There are many wrecks involving teens and other young adults that involve no alcohol.
    I believe there should be a law that no one (with very few exceptions) should be allowed to have a passenger in the car until they have an adult license. At the same time, though, we need to praise mature teenagers.

  • BOHICA Mar 9, 2007

    acd8487-Lets be honest. Those kids never intentionally meant to cause any harm? He intentionally drank, he intentionally drove, that means he intentionally meant to cause harm. It was not an accident. It was a stupid teenager doing stupid things. You rolling off the bed in your sleep is an accident. He made the stupid decision to drive drunk. It is sheer ignorance that children are drinking and driving. All teenagers, YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE. You are young and stupid. Respect your parents. Do as they say. I was young and stupid once. I went to parties. I got in truble for it. I never drank and then drove. Also, your ability to drive is impaired after two beers. And as for kids being afraid for underage punishment, they should be punished for underaged drinking and yes they should be afraid. Again, they are young and stupid. Have a nice day. Sadiki was intentionally harmed. No matter how you look at it.

  • Winston Mar 9, 2007

    I lost compassion for the dead when they got into the car. They were old enough to KNOW better. If peer pressure or something trivial was their excuse, maybe they should've been at the library erasing their ignorance.

  • fyiarp Mar 9, 2007

    Maybe it's not that magical drinking age that makes drinking desirable for kids - maybe it's our American society and way of life that necessitates the drinking age. Maybe other countries just don't need it because they know better. Just maybe. I'm not saying I believe that, but I hate to think that we, as a country, are that stupid. That if you make something illegal, we'll want it all that much more. But kids will be kids.

  • ltbarkley Mar 9, 2007

    Someone who cares stated - "The acceptance of drinking while underage has to change". What about other countries that don't have a minimum drinking age? Why don't they have such a serious problem? Could it be because there isn't an magical age where suddenly you can drink, thereby making drinking desirable? Could it be that the parents in those countries actually teach their children (by example) that drinking in moderation is ok? That alcohol in and of itself is not bad, it is how it is used?

    That said, this is very sad, and things like this will continue to happen. It is a fact of life. Teens see this, and believe it will never happen to them. I feel for the family and friends.

  • BOHICA Mar 9, 2007 stated that the children needed to be educated about drinking and driving. There was an assembly at Wakefield last year with a demonstration of waht can happen when you drink and drive and also a few students from the school that have been involved in drinking and driving incidents got up in front of the student body to talk about the perils of drinking and driving. I have no sympathy for all who are charged. They deserved to be punished severly and should be made to pay the family of the deceased half of their paychecks for the rest of their lives. I only feel sorry for the deceased and his family.

  • raswph Mar 9, 2007

    Like I say where are the parents of all the teenagers involved...vacationing, not knowing where there teenagers are, no caring where they are, not having them supervised even thought they are a teenager...that's the problem, giving them freedom, more freedom than they need or can be accountable for.

  • deerslayer Mar 9, 2007

    this sucks....

  • Someone who cares Mar 9, 2007

    The facts are, young lives have been snuffed out, families are devastated, kids at this school will remember these events as part of their high school experience and tonight is Friday and teens are out drinking and driving tonight. What are you going to do to change things?

  • Someone who cares Mar 9, 2007

    The human body has no natural tolerance to alcohol, tolerance is established by drinking larger amounts over a period of time. A .06 for an inexperienced drinker will cause intoxication and an inability to perform some physical tasks normally, like driving. Say what you want but an 18 yr old inexperienced drinker + experienced driver = disaster. But placing blame is difficult. Yes, the drivers made poor decisions, there should be consequences (the law says so. GS 20-138.3 Driving After Consuming Alcohol or Drugs While Less the 21) Someone purchased the alcohol for these teens or sold to an underage person. These teens were unsupervised but probably trusted to make good decisions (problem is alcohol consumption impairs decision making abilities). Appropriate education about alcohol use was more than likely not provided and this behavior was probably tolerated in the past.

  • Someone who cares Mar 9, 2007

    I really shouldn’t be surprised by some of the comments here. I have worked as a counselor and program manger in the substance abuse field for 20 yrs. and have heard a lot heart break stories and ignorance around substance abuse. I began my career as 2 high school friends were tragically killed in separate alcohol related crashes. Unfortunately, these types of crashes have occurred for many years and will continue into the future unless there is a shift in our society’s philosophy around the use of alcohol. The acceptance of drinking while underage has to change as well as the perception that the result of consuming an alcoholic beverage should be “getting drunk”.

  • Tarheel born Mar 9, 2007

    joe.talerico, unfortunately there are those in every profession who think themselves better or above others. I saw them myself. But 99% of LEO's are truely dedicated professionals whose worst nightmare is getting a call to go to a wreck with fatalities of young people or where children and young people have been harmed in some way including homicides. It affects them deeply and they (nor I) ever, ever forget it. And those same officers have to go to the homes and families of these young people and give their families the absolute worst message that a parent can receive, the death of their child. So, if you as a young person are admonished strongly by a LEO, consider this - is he being a jerk or just trying to get you to think about what choice you're getting ready to make or have already made. Not just you, but young people in general. You must remember, we have taken a solemn oath "to serve and protect". Sometimes that means protecting you from yourself. Be smart and be safe.

  • phoenixelon99 Mar 9, 2007

    As I have posted multiple times when articles regarding Wakefield students hit this website, many folks seem to be quick to judge these kids, while forgetting that the ones in the news are the ones in unfortunate and tragic situations. Keep in mind that there are over 2400 students at WHS! As a former WHS teacher, I know of what I speak. There are a lot of great kids there, and great families. People make mistakes. People make bad choices. It's unfortunate, and when those bad choices result in harm, then there should be punishment as a result. But regardless of what occurs, and even if you think there's a trend, keep in mind that in no way is the actions of 1% of the students in a school representative of the ENTIRE SCHOOL. The parents, teachers, staff and community are doing the best they can by the students there. Want to help? Feel free to volunteer. I do, and it's worth it.

  • jtalerico Mar 9, 2007

    Wakefield is a great school. You cannot blame the school for how students act. I would start to blame the parents, but these kids are 17, 18 years old if they have to learn the hard way then so be it.

    Yes it is very tragic that this occurred. When I attended Wakefield I had my good times, but no body died or got hurt. Everything in moderation is fine IMHO.

    And the issue about the cops, I am sure some or even most of you guys are highly educated, but that doesn't take away from the fact that some of you think you are high and mighty. I am sure not all cops act as if they were, but I have ran into enough cowboy police that think they know everything.

  • Tarheel born Mar 9, 2007

    "snafu", what and how may college degrees do you have? I was a police officer and criminal detective for 30 years. My son is a State Highway Patrolman and has a degree in Economics. The advantage that we as lowly LEO (law enforcement officers) is that people like you think we're stupid. That's why it's so easy to catch smart edumacated people just like you.

  • Tarheel born Mar 9, 2007

    "acd", you're way off base with your assessment of the kid who had the .06 reading with a drink or two. For every ounce of alcohol you ingest (1 beer or 1 avg. mixed drink), your 'blood alcohol count' (BAC) goes up app. .01%. Your body also oxidizes app. .01% every hour. So using your uniformed logic of only one or two drinks he should have only blown .01 or .02. NOT! He had at least 6 beers or six average mixed drinks. Assuming he drank them all at one time and not over a period of hours. This is the kind of myth that kids believe from people like you who obviously drink "one or two" drinks and think you're ok to drive. Driving with a 'buzz' is driving impaired! Stay off the soap box when you're blowing smoke up people's butts!

  • Tarheel born Mar 9, 2007

    "Like that", what gall you have! You're blaming the victim and because he wasn't an illegal hispanic, isn't doesn't get as much negative headlines!?! Illegals SHOULD get negative headlines. They're criminals just because they're in OUR country in the first place. The victim made a terrible error in judgement, but he is no less a victim. You owe an apology to everyone on his behalf.

  • carolinafire Mar 9, 2007

    I think it's a good thing to talk to your kids about drinking and driving. And not just a little chat but a heart to heart talk....but there comes a time when a parent needs to bust their kids rear-end. Maybe if these kids had that done these tragedies wouldn't be happening. A sore rear-end heals alot faster than any injury I've ever seen as a result of drinking and driving. I know what I'm talking about's my job to scrape these folks off the pavement

  • amypsychrn Mar 9, 2007

    As a parent, I think responsbility lies with the parents. Someone mentioned a mother who couldn't keep her daughter from going to parties. Do what I did when my son went to a party when he was 15. I had told him he could ride up town with a friend and didn't know he was going to a party but I went up town looking for him after I heard that there was a party. I showed up at the party to check on him, he and some of his friends had driven to the store. There wasn't a parent at the house, but there was someone there who was old enough to buy beer. A 21 year old.......I drove up the street, found a town cop and had him go back with me to the house. We busted that party up, my son and his friends drove up. I took my son home and we didn't have any more problems like that. Was he embarrassed. Yes, he was. He is 20 now and tells me all the time what a great job I did raising him. He is in school, self sufficient and he doesn't drink.

  • Lit Mar 9, 2007

    Here's the bottom-line folks...

    People + Alcohol + Driving = No-No

    Teens + Alcohol + Driving = Very Sad News

    ...plain and simple

  • SOCLOSE Mar 9, 2007

    that's a good point bnzupnln, but, it's also a scarry one. So how can we teach the underage ones not to drink and drive, when we can't even teach the ones who are of age? I don't understand why people get behind the wheel and know they've been drinking. Even if they don't think they're drunk, they've been drinking. You don't drive if you've been drinking. Point blank.

  • slappyh99 Mar 9, 2007

    So Sanfu, are you saying that you have a drug problem? If so I know where you can get some help. You are exactly right in your comment that this type of activity goes on at other schools. I’m sure Wakefield is a great school with great students. I’m sorry that you have lost some close friends. But as I said earlier great kids (and adults) make mistakes some of which are very costly as we have seen with the deaths of the Wakefield students. If you want, call it bad luck that Wakefield has more than it share of these tragedies. Something needs to be done to prevent these tragedies from happening again at Wakefield or any other high school. But these other students did break the law. Please don’t criticize the police for doing their job. Believe me there are a lot of other things they would rather be doing. If asked I’m sure the officers at the school would have rather handled these arrests in a different manner.

  • snafu Mar 9, 2007

    and as far as your ignorant post about Wakefield goes read the following post "Being apart of last years senor class at Wakefield, I know the ins and outs of what goes on. I was very, very close to the four boys lost this time last year. The ignorance that I see throughout the community towards Wakefield is amazing, guess what! 99% of the time a lot of other kids from other schools are found at the same place and time that Wakefield kids are at amazing huh? Wakefield is a great school your more likely to get into better colleges at the top of Wakefield's class than other schools around the area, sending your kid to Wakefield isn't going to turn him into a hell raising heathen. There are just as many non-disciplined kids at other schools as there was at mine, I know, they are all at college with me now leading very similar lives to the friends(who were 1 semester away from college) I lost. So before you go writing Wakefield off look in the mirror, or at least understand that your high s

  • snafu Mar 9, 2007

    slappyh99....why don't you use your BD to work on the fact that I could obtain drugs faster than it would take me to get a drink out of a vending machine in high schools...oh great one.

  • Pistolla blue_stater Mar 9, 2007

    Speed kills more than anything in this incident. Sad! I hope, for the most part, the kids learn from this mistake, pay their price and hopefully live in better conditions. Alcohol causes more stupidity than most other things. We should be promoting the glamorous lifestyle that doesn't involve drinking and drugs than what is being promoted in movies, sports, and other avenues. That will deter, to some extent, what kids think is fun anyway. I feel for those involved but i also believe that you must pay the consequences for your actions.

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