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  • tweetybird101266 Feb 28, 2013

    I have ran in the R & R at VA beach twice. I totally love the race and if it were not for a knee injury, I would still be going to it. The race was very well organized, from signing up all the way to the finish line!!! The race was fun for my non-participating family members as well. The live bands that are around the course are great. The Expo is a great place to find all kinds of runner/fitness items. .....for those that say it will do nothing for our local economy, you are wrong. The bands (people)will be paid, hotels (that employ people)will be booked, restaurants (that employ people) will have lots of business and all those companies that have booths at the Expo (and people work for them) will sell is that not promoting local economy?

  • bombayrunner Feb 27, 2013

    Raleigh is a tough place to marathon with all the hills and more or less unpredictable weather & humidity. I ran the 1st Raleigh marathon, it was a horrible experience in December several years ago. 20 degrees, the sweat was freezing on my body. The R & R could be a great marathon on a good day. The powers that be have a funny way of completely messing things up ... this is my biggest fear.

  • bombayrunner Feb 27, 2013

    totally awesome

  • NCSU84 Feb 27, 2013

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    There are bands throughout the race course and after the race there is usually a concert...

  • davecockman Feb 27, 2013

    I really feel that there should be some feedback to the city fathers and to the general public at large on how big of a mistake this decision is. And with no input at all from the local running community. Right now ALL they are doing is trying to sugar coat this in the local media, that it's going to be a great thing. The city and the general population of Raleigh NEED to know that there is a very LARGE community of runners out here that are very mad about this decision. And I am basing that statement on the feedback I have received on social media in the last 24 hours since this announcement was made!!! Most of the people out here who are trying to push back on us and feel that we are being cry babies, are not true runners, who are passionate about our sport, and they don't care that it is being overrun by a large multi-million dollar corporation.

  • raleighrunner Feb 27, 2013

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    Obviously 321fish123 missed the point, which isn't surprising based on the astute comment

  • 321oohaw Feb 26, 2013

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    ...wah wah wah, you cheap SOB

  • 321oohaw Feb 26, 2013

    View quoted thread are truly a cheapskate

  • raleighrunner Feb 26, 2013

    R&R CEO Dickey stated that they were going to design a "fast & flat" course in Raleigh, that goes to show he is clueless, I would love to see this "flat" course in Raleigh. Also, maybe someone should have asked him to explain the significant decrease in runners in St. Petersburg a few weeks ago (another city that paid the R&R to come and has lost money both years) From 7000 runners in 2012 to 4300 runners a few weeks ago for their 2013 race. 70% of runners both years being local so no big tourism $$.

  • beckerunc Feb 26, 2013

    There should be rock-n-roll bands playing at every mile marker. This will be great event for Raleigh.

  • fgump Feb 26, 2013

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    There are "three" excellent marathons...Umstead Trail Marathon, now in its 10th year.

  • PekesRule Feb 26, 2013

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    Those were 5Ks which are entirely different. Yes, two other established local Half marathons will have to be re-scheduled. There were other conducive dates for the R&R to have selected as to not adversely impact two local half marathons. There was no due diligence on the part of the Visitor's Bureau, specifically their spokesman in this, to coordinate a date.
    The preferential treatment being given is one of many reasons there is this negative feedback from some of the local runners & race directors.
    The City is 1) paying them an outrageous fee to put on their event, 2) the City is allowing them a start/finish downtown and the City will not allow any local races this privilege, in fact, Raleigh Rocks was forced to move a few years ago, and 3) carte blanche route and local races have restrictions as to where and when they can run.
    Great PR stunt though focusing on the amount that has been raised for charities but even that is mis-represented (see earlier posts). Let the R&R train roll through, I for one will not be on board.

  • huller36265 Feb 26, 2013

    They are a for-profit company that will take the money out of the community. Sure hotels will be filled, but who does that Not the average citizen.

    Raleigh already has a race...Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon...that has been around for years and has 8 bands on the course plus a concert at the Finish. They have to pay their own way and get none of the $130,000 in backing Rock n Roll gets.

    Plus, all the money raised by Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon stays in the community.

    With this race coming, the future of Raleigh Rocks is in doubt since it is the first of April.

    We don't want Rock n Roll in Raleigh.

  • davecockman Feb 26, 2013

    Sorry...but most of the passionate people here who are commenting (and afraid of losing their races) are devoted runners who run over a 1000 miles a year!!!!!!

  • Cock a doodle doo Feb 26, 2013

    To all of sourpusses who say hosting this one time will cause all the other locally sponsored races to go away- that's just ridiculous. There were 2 races alone this past Saturday (Torch Run at Centennial Campus, and one down at the Museum). Both with many attendees.

    1/2 the people commenting here probably can't walk a mile anyways.

  • davecockman Feb 26, 2013

    You want to see where your water is going to come from for this race? Here is an excerpt from a previous Rock and Roll Marathon ....

    Lee Haney, a spokeswoman for the Competitor Group Inc., which organized the race, said filling lined trash cans with fire hydrant water is standard in marathon races. (Instructions for water stations at the Carmel, Calif., marathon state: “Fill one trash can with water from the hose attached to the fire hydrant or nearby building/house.”)

    Haney added, however, that a hydrant would need to be well-flushed before any water from it could be used for drinking.

    Was that done? Clark County Fire Capt. David Croston said the department had little to do with the race because organizers contracted medical services with a private company. As for the hydrants, Croston said if they were used, race organizers never informed the Fire Department.

    A spokesman for Competitor Group said the company is taking the complaints “very, very seriously.” CEO Peter Englehart has been answering some of the Facebook comments personally.

    Englehart could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

    Read more:

  • davecockman Feb 26, 2013

    There are a lot of people chiming in here, who don't get the point. Rock and Roll Marathons are all run by a BIG corporation (Competitor Group Inc) that is coming in here and displacing the local races that are already here. Krispy Kreme Challenge, Tobacco Road and City of Oaks are NOT Rock and Roll races. They are locally run races. When the Rock and Roll series (Competitor Group INC) comes in here, they are going to HURT the already existing races that LOCALS have worked VERY hard to put together. And then when the locally run races are put out of business, we will have nothing left but the high priced junk that Competitor puts on. And Competitor Group puts NOTHING back into our community. NOTHING. You folks who think we are being cry babies here, just don't get the point. We have worked our behinds off to make Raleigh a better place and build some destination races that people will come to, and all of a sudden we are being displaced by some huge corporation that OUR tax dollars had to pay for, to come in and take OUR races away from us. And to the individuals who think WE don't do enough for this area, 99% of us are all volunteers and we get paid NOTHING for trying to make this area a better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • kbrianf Feb 26, 2013

    "For those who want to pay a high entry fee to support the R&R, have a great run and enjoy your tax dollars at work. - PekesRule"

    Will do! Thanks!

  • PekesRule Feb 26, 2013

    Over-priced & over-hyped. R&R often makes big promises and delivers far short. Check out St Petersburg - another city that paid the R&R big $$ to come there, 7000 runners in 2012 and 70% were locals so there were no big tourism dollars coming in. A few weeks ago, only 4300 ran the St Petersburg 2013 R&R race. Again, about 70% local. The Visitor's Bureau obtains funding from the City of Raleigh so despite their claims that it is not tax dollars, the bottom line is that the City is paying a "for profit race" that was sold for a quarter of a billon dollars last year to come to Raleigh - why isn't the City charging them to come here? That's the question. So for all those folks who oppose this race, sign up and support our local races. For those who want to pay a high entry fee to support the R&R, have a great run and enjoy your tax dollars at work.

  • jmglass Feb 26, 2013

    Omitted here is the fact this event displaces a local race, the RunRaleigh 1/2 marathon, which raises funds for LOCAL charities- SPCA of Wake County, Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation & SWOOP.

  • sgpepr Feb 26, 2013

    Why is it called Rock n Roll Marathon? It's not about rock & roll, it's about sports. The title of the event is quite misleading. I was hoping it was a major musical event, which Raleigh could use.

  • BULLCityBGTD Feb 26, 2013

    Complaining about the price, complaining about the local races, complaining about bad for the economy, complaining about where your money goes ... i'm sure those who are complaining couldn't run a 5K

  • Jimm57 Feb 26, 2013

    Run for fun? What kinda fun is that?

    - Back to the Future III

  • Run Dawg Feb 26, 2013

    This year I will have run 3 Rock 'n' Roll races, City of Oaks and Tobacco Road (and the Krispy Kreme Challenge.) The RnR races are well organized and fun. The bands and cheer squads are great. The price is reasonable, especially if you register early. I register for the RnR races for the next year at the Expo and the price is similar to local races. I ran New Orleans Sunday and will run Tobacco Road in 2 weeks. Tobacco Road and City of Oaks are also fun and I plan to keep them on the schedule. This is good news - let's have fun and enjoy the event.

  • mpheels Feb 26, 2013

    If you want to have a great time running a race with local ties, look for something/anything involving Sport Often, Precision Racing, Endurance Magazine, or Fleet Feet. I've run in their events many times, and it's always a great time!

  • kbrianf Feb 26, 2013

    Looking forward to it. I ran RNR in Nashville, happily paid the registration, and had a blast. Hope this will be just as fun.

  • shakennotstirred Feb 26, 2013

    Ahhhh... the drama! A rock -n roll event that doesn't mention rock-n-roll, and that some people don't want to run in. Hope we all can survive without getting our wittle feewings hurt. I was looking for a band line-up?!? I may not wake in the morning...

  • mobile yankee Feb 26, 2013

    So much negative energy. Most of you people on here CRY/YELL about the government bringing jobs what if this organization wants to charge high prices for a marathon. You don't have to run in it! What it will do is bring people who want to run it to the area and they will spend money which in turns supports jobs. Stop complaining about everything, read the article and move on. Or use that negative energy, turn it into something positive and make the world a better place. These complaints are getting ridiculous. No wonder our kids grow up with attitudes. Looks at the ADULTS who they look up to (always complaining that nothing is ever good enough). What have you done today to make Raleigh better? Pick up any trash? Open the door for someone? Go visit an elderly person? Volunteer at a food bank? Get over yourselves people. IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS!

  • jennenn Feb 26, 2013

    The statement about raising money for charity is quite misleading. CGI is not who is raising money but private organizations such as Team in Training, St. Judes, etc. These charities still most pay full registration fees to run the races. The money that they do raise, though put to good use I hope, doesn't remain in the local community as does money raised by our local races that now are facing displacement. WRAL, I would urge you to review the charity partner section of the CGI website as the charity "partners" aren't getting anything from RnR but the privilege to purchase extra services from the race.

  • davecockman Feb 26, 2013

    If you want to find out what the company behind Raleigh Rock and Roll Marathon, is going to do with your money and your registration information, take a look at this article:

  • davecockman Feb 26, 2013

    This race is an absolute travesty for our local running community. We already have two wonderful marathons in this area (The Tobacco Road Marathon and The City of Oaks) which the city fathers could have invested into and made world class events. Instead, they take thousands of OUR taxpayer dollars and GIVE it to a multi-million dollar, for-profit corporation, to bring this mess to our community, which will definitely hurt, and take away participants from the existing races. Not to mention that they will drive the cost of the races up so high (The Rock and Roll races are VERY expensive) that many families will not be able to afford them. I for one will boycott the Raleigh Rock and Roll Marathon and I hope that others in the community will join me in this boycott and will instead support the existing races that we already have, and help make them more desirable races, to the national racing community at large, rather than the Rock and Roll. I will also do my best to publicize the Tobacco Road Marathon and the City of Oaks to ALL of my running friends around the country and world, and steer them to those races instead.


  • RL_Bynum Feb 26, 2013

    My first question whenever I see that there is a Rock 'n' Roll Series race is: How much will it cost? Many of these races are WAY overpriced.

    Give me a well-run marathon and good water stops at a reasonable price and I'm happy. The prices of most races in this series are far from reasonable.

    I just hope this doesn't jeopardize the half marathon that is getting to October because of this or the Tobacco Road Marathon in March.

    I've run TRM all 3 years and will run it again next month. It has built a solid spring tradition, and it doesn't cost way over $100 to run it. And don't give me the argument that RnR races are better because a lot of money goes to charity. TRM donates lots of money each year to charities, including the Wounded Warrior Project.

  • tjdebord Feb 26, 2013

    Can it be a Rock n Roll event with no mention of music? What gives?

  • klink Feb 26, 2013

    So what about the Rock n' Roll part??

  • NCSU84 Feb 26, 2013

    My wife will run it. She has run several of them in the past years. They are a lot of fun.

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