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  • dgcreech Feb 27, 2013

    Wonder if they will update this article. According to other news stations, the barn in Johnston County wasn't destroyed by "strong winds" it was an actual tornado.

  • wants2be13 Feb 26, 2013

    So did anyone hear it thunder?? That was all the big news on WRAL...there would be strong to severe storms this afternoon.
    Once again, off the mark!!

  • djhartm Feb 26, 2013

    Surprised there was still milk & bread on the shelves today...

  • baldchip Feb 26, 2013

    Draught will be a term of the past for a while. Ponds in my area are finally full-as of this morning. They have been rising thru February-which tells me the water table is rising. The one I watch the most is a run-off and spring fed pond.

    And yes-folks are still flying on very soggy roads-ponding is happening alot-and they still fly. And we sonder why our kids are having so many wrecks-look at the fingers pointing at us-each of us.

    Many are setting horrible examples for our kids to follow.

  • wayneboyd Feb 26, 2013

    Can't wait to see temps in the upper 90's!

  • Obamacare rises Feb 26, 2013

    6 more of these soakers and we won't have to worry about drought until next year.

  • LovemyPirates Feb 26, 2013

    Actually, some areas of NC are in drought state. It takes a lot of rain to reverse drought. This is Feb. 19th information:

  • Scubagirl Feb 26, 2013

    All I can say is DUH?!?!?! IT IS RAINING, AT TIMES HARD ALREADY!!!

  • chrisnrali Feb 26, 2013

    There is NO drought. I am so tired of rain.

  • Cock a doodle doo Feb 26, 2013

    Why does WRAL post weather warnings for the mountain counties only when they have a dramatic weather headline?

    I have family out there, and have noticed that if the weather her is nice, they are not listing those weather warnings (e.g., high wind warnings, etc...) in the mountain counties - only when it is bad here.

    I bet it's only to get more clicks to the site when they have a scary looking red warning bar on the homepage.

  • valleyGirl Feb 26, 2013

    OK, but what about the drought?

  • LovemyPirates Feb 26, 2013

    If WRAL and other news outlets didn't "warn" the public of these systems and strong winds and rain caused trees to fall or other damage, people would complain - that's the reason behind the headline and story.

  • Jimm57 Feb 26, 2013

    airbornemonty, they're not too bright when it comes to driving in the rain either. It was pouring and raining fairly hard this morning on US1, and I-40, lots of water on the pavement yet people were flying by as if it were completely dry, driving without their headlights on, and zipping in and out of traffic. People please slow down, if your wipers are on, please turn on your headlights too!

  • airbornemonty Feb 26, 2013

    As idiotic as some drivers in North Carolina are when they drive in snow, I suppose we should be glad it doesn't snow here too often.
    I'm sure that insurance companies are breathing a sigh of relief today, although we're not much better when we drive in the rain.

  • lessismore Feb 26, 2013

    You would believe this area had never had any rain by reading the title of this article.

  • kornfan2448 Feb 26, 2013

    If only it were snow...sigh. Maybe next year.

  • romneycare Feb 26, 2013


  • tblalock63 Feb 26, 2013

    My family lives in the Piedmont (Davidson Co) where they had 2 hour delays

  • working for deadbeats Feb 26, 2013

    What? No delays for this rain storm?

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