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  • terpsez11 Feb 25, 2013

    using tax free endowment money --typical fascism

  • bill16 Feb 25, 2013

    This is what democrats do when they can't compete in the word of IDEAS. Seems to be the only tactic dems have left.

  • safelyiniowa2 Feb 25, 2013

    The regional newspaper, Des Moines Register, called for the murder of NRA members. Google "kaul kill nra". Other papers are posting names and addresses of gun owners. I would take this attempt to intimidate conservatives very seriously.

  • screwyou Feb 25, 2013

    Not too bright an idea since it can work both ways digging up dirt on either party and Republicans have more money to spend. They even have enough to start investigating those organizing this smear campaign and bring those secret lives into the public.

  • cgent47 Feb 25, 2013

    “Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. He plans his next war is with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.”

    "He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia. Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”

    "President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama."

    Pravda 11/19/2012 By Xavier Lerma

  • KenE Feb 25, 2013

    Typical school yard bully techniques. Isn't this SUPPOSED to be the "little man's" party, the party that is sensitive to bullying, the party of "diversity" and the open-minded party ? Gee, they are showing that they are the power hungry. closed, minded, closed to ideas bully party to put republicans to shame ...

  • fdavis101454 Feb 25, 2013

    This is the very definition of treason. Destroy the ability of our government to govern. These people need to be brought up on charges.

  • 00100111 Feb 25, 2013

    I see the usual progressive "Cyber Warriors for Obama" are out in force to deflect and smear.

  • happiflyer Feb 25, 2013

    @rushbot - It took a Republican president to end the Vietnam war. LBJ (and JFK before him) pushed the expansion of the Vietnam war in the 1960's. Nixon actually stopped the war, heck he even thought it could be won by teaching the citizens of South Vietnam to fight it themselves, much like Obama and Affhanistan and Iraq today. Of course, no one has ever believed Nixon was a conservative. He was the one under whose watch the EPA was founded and the National environmental legislation (NPA) was passed.

    Let's see if these two Arab countries follow the road South Vietnam did, and end up being the successful democratic nation Vietnam didn't become.

  • happiflyer Feb 25, 2013

    "a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is NO RULE against DISTORTING or FALSIFYING the NEWS in the United States."

    I have looked for that extensively on the web and found nothing like this. Sounds more like you're making this up out of whole cloth. And remember, the Left owns the judges (due to keeping Republican judges from being confirmed - this includes the moderate to Left side of the Republican establishment).

  • happiflyer Feb 25, 2013

    The Liberal / Progressive people try to do all they can to hide their intentions of dismemberment. Note the caution not to let anyone outside of their little group get any of the information. The Left can't help it but want to hide in the shadows to do their dirty work. They just don't like the public knowing what they're doing and why they do it.

    In other words, the destruction of the American way of LIfe is their goal, and they don't want the 'stupid public' from learning what they are doing. The right doesn't do this to any large degree (some small), but the Left has been doing it for decades, starting with New York and California, and moving on from there once they got the voter fraud thing down perfectly.

  • pugilist66 Feb 25, 2013

    Republicans just need to fight fire with fire. Hire investigators to follow these corrupt, greedy, perverted democrats, because (as bad as republicans can be sometimes) democrats will definitely lose that fight lol.

  • tsquaring Feb 25, 2013

    Can they loose their tax exempt status for this?

  • sachananty Feb 24, 2013

    Why won't you post my original comment WRAL? Oh, I forgot you are connected with Blueprint NC and the rest of the Liberal/Progressive Democrats ruining the country and worshiping Obama!

  • godseyeric Feb 24, 2013

    @plenty coups -- it always cracks me up when a "study" someone finds to bolster only the information they want to get across. It just shows again that truth is in the eye of the beholder - and that only the liberal groups gleaned the information they wanted from that study. So why do i say this? First off, here's the link to the study done by Farleigh Dickinson University, with methodology and the questions they asked:

    1. 30% of republicans answered domestic questions correctly 50% of the time or better - only 25% of democrats did, and Democrats by a 2% margin got NO answers correct.

    2. On international questions, the opposite is true, democrats by a 4% margin, answered correctly more than 50% of the time.

    3. On ALL the questions, Republicans answered 52% of all the questions asked correctly more than 50% of the time, whereas 45% of dems answered correctly more than 50%.

    See - anyone can twist it the way they want.

  • seroberts1 Feb 24, 2013

    And then the lame-stream media is not interested in the business dealings or sexual adventures of Robert Menendez-US Senator for New Jersey ....... Interesting and typical :(

  • eastcoastdevelopmentnc Feb 24, 2013

    These Dem/libs are playing hardball, they deserve what they get in return. No wonder things are turning violent.

  • seroberts1 Feb 24, 2013

    Libs the're sumpt'n

  • lelandwi11iamsjr Feb 24, 2013

    Right of Comrade Lenin's playbook.

  • cdacoffee Feb 24, 2013

    I urge all conservative leadership as well as the members of the GOP to investigate the background of all of liberal media people, then use that information against them when the liberals media begins to attack the conservatives. What goes around should come around! Let the investigation wars begin!

  • thejackothewisp Feb 24, 2013

    The use of "influence is no Government" G. Washington....... The Liberals of The Carolinas seem to have the old concept of Blackmaol in their Hearts. Have these read of the penality for intentional Blackmail????? In many cases before the Constitution Blackmail's penality was death and not always a speedy one in the hands of those they inflicted such horrors upon.

  • FlyingTurtles Feb 24, 2013

    The only value in these memos is that they serve to illustrate the lie the Democrats pump that they are the victims of smear attacks. They are and always have been the party that uses character assassination, innuendo, and outright dishonesty the way a bricklayer uses mortar. Doesn't mean the GOOP'ers are honest by any stretch, but if one is looking up "Liar" in the dictionary, there's a blue donkey next to it.

  • jsbiggs Feb 24, 2013

    Democrats are the greatest enemy that this nation has EVER faced. They detest individual liberty and self determination.

  • jsbiggs Feb 24, 2013

    Democrats are the greatest enemy that this nation has EVER faced. Democrats are to individual liberty and freedom as Hitler was to the Jews.

  • ihatewralcensorship Feb 24, 2013

    miseem you mean the way CNN/MSNBS 'report' the news and call themselves journalists? They are nothing but a branch of the Obama White House. Certainly nothing to be taken seriously. the only things thats true about hysterical girls like Matthews, Ed Schultz, Maddow and the other losers is that when their lips move, they lie. Much like the Obama White House.

  • edgeplaycgo Feb 24, 2013

    Turn about is fair play. Time to start following Dungrats. Film their homes and kids, and post them. Track them at work. Out their mistresses.

  • robbl12 Feb 24, 2013

    The fact that this is NOT shocking is sad, but that's the state of politics these days. It's ashame this group has to resort to tactics, as opposed to just battling the issues to get ahead. No wonder this country is headed down the tubes. We'd rather fight and argue than reach consensus.

  • 27thpal Feb 24, 2013

    Right out of the Communist Party playbook, as are ALL Democrat strategies.

  • paperpushermj Feb 24, 2013

    WRAL.COM why run such a poor site. Just put up a notice that comments on this subject are CLOSED. Micky Mouse at best

  • ew2152 Feb 24, 2013

    @miseem. You seem to be confused. Unlike the other news stations, FOX distinguishes between their commentary shows like Hannity and their news shows. They never claimed not to be a news source, in fact quite the opposite. They only insist that if a particular show is opinion based, that that show not be classified as news. Can you say the same for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS? Of course not.

    Also, the only thing that makes FOX a more accurate news source than the others is 1) They never falsified reports to push a political agenda as the others all have. 2) They make an effort to include ALL view points, not just left wing looneys.

  • ew2152 Feb 24, 2013

    Liberals understand that their policies are destructive so they can never win by being honest. Gestapo tactics got the socialist Hitler elected and the socialists still default to the same play book.

  • scottgagnon Feb 24, 2013

    Those Libs commenting here who try to deflect their members/parties actions by pointing to Fox news or the so called Republican's past actions remind me of children. "Well Bobby did it!" Never mind that Bobby never did it, or that they have a multitude of so called news channels that lean in their direction (Far left). Since the Libs keep moving the bar on what is acceptable, I say we do the same, lets start hiring investigators to hound their members and loading buses up with union/Acorn like bullys to stand on their front lawns. All these NY Libs have moved South into our State and they are bringing the same city/town killing policies with them. You messed up your yard and now you come to ours to do the same. No thanks.

  • garmwolf Feb 24, 2013

    @miseem what medication do you take? Were does this article talk about FOX? It seems you have a lot of hate within yourself. Are you another lib ready to go on a shooting spree?

  • jlburdge Feb 24, 2013

    miseem; Sooooo, You're telling me that because PMSNBC, CBS,ABC,NBC, CNN lay clain to being a "News" source, they adhear to the "standards"? Please describe Standards, as you see it, Comrade..

  • jlburdge Feb 24, 2013

    Another "NON-PROFIT" liberal group using our tax resorces(money via no tax requirments/payments) used against America and our elected reps. that don't fit their idea of a good little comrade?

  • polamalu Feb 24, 2013

    If your party is corrupt, and your philosophies are demonstrated to be dysfunctional, the only thing you have left is to use smear tactics. After all you have no ideas at hand now do you?

  • djhartm Feb 24, 2013

    @misseem, Oh you mean the same high journalistic standards proffered by the likes of MSNBC, the NYT, WAPO and other liberal mouthpieces?


  • pcgs536 Feb 24, 2013

    This is not much of a surprise. Since Democrats cannot win the battle of ideas, they must resort to mudslinging. No wonder their main constituency is the low information, low IQ, parasite class of "human being".

  • bann52 Feb 24, 2013

    Doesn't matter if it's North Carolina, Washington State, Ohio or Utah, Democrats are filthy dirty corrupt politicians.

  • rlgalutia Feb 24, 2013

    Reminder to those that pursue this path ...what is good for the goose is also good for the gander ... ...

  • Moriarty Feb 23, 2013

    @miseem -- you sound like one typical, tediously stupid liberal, using the same tedious regurgitated tactics. Take all the asinine absurdities of your leftist "heroes" and the useful-cretin mainstream media that trip over their feet to spew propaganda for those "heroes," and try to flip it backward and project it against any who do not toe the warped, deranged, insipid liberal line.

    As for FOX being "an entertainment venue," what do you think is the "standard identification" of ABC, NBC, CBS?

    What a liberal stooge.

  • rdlynch Feb 23, 2013

    Typical Stasi/KGB/SS - commie/fascist/statist behavior. The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. The swine are among us. Witness.

  • jetset Feb 23, 2013

    Wanna fight about it? LOL! I really believe some of you, if put in a ring, would duke it out!

  • susangate1 Feb 23, 2013

    liberals don't read.. they depend on the uninformed to get theier news from the likes of Jon Stewart, or SNL... as they themselves do. Comedy shows.

  • susangate1 Feb 23, 2013

    I like how uninformed liberals always spout Fox News as the source of conservative views. As if we don't read other sources. Conservative political books are best sellers. fact. As for those silly remarks about Fox viewers "least informed".. come one those "studies" were based on liberal/Dem talking point answers. Those studies were rebuked. But of course liberals didn't read the follow ups. Very uninformed. Liberals ... cough cough.. always revert to smear tactics because their ideas stink and their policies don't work.
    Look at the blue states.. blue cities.. failure after failure.
    Liberals give liberalism a bad name.

  • bobvedari Feb 23, 2013

    I would think it obvious to anyone who is "in the middle" (does anyone still exist in the middle?) that liberals are for civility and tolerance in name only, and then, only when it suits them. At least conservatives don't wear tolerance and civility on their sleeves like a merit badge. But I ask you: who's more civil? The malcontents discussed in the article above, or Tea Party folk who meet in the thousands and require no police officers to protect the surrounding communities, who come to the events showered and bathed, and who leave with nary a piece of litter? Anyone with a brain should scornfully laugh WHENEVER liberals bring up civility and tolerance. Starting with The Messiah and the Wicked Witches of the West (Pelosi, Boxer, and Murray). There is no amount of scorn that should be considered excessive when it comes to them.

  • methinkthis Feb 23, 2013

    Sean Kosofsky, Blueprint NC's director. says it was not their horse manure, they were just shoveling it.

  • glarg Feb 23, 2013

    More insane hate from "progressives".

    They have to try to destroy everything they disagree with, and this is yet another example. Fox News is in fact news. Duh. Get over it.

  • methinkthis Feb 23, 2013

    Does anyone want to change politics to discussing the issues instead of character assassination and demagoguery? If so I call for a total boycott of contributions to ALL political parties until their behavior improves. This Blueprint NC attempt to sabotage NC should be illegal. Anyone contributing to Blueprint should rethink their participation in this amoral and/or immoral assault. The state and country will never improve, will continue its degradation, as long as these political hacks choose a win at any cost strategy devoid of any ethical or moral basis for action. In a better time they would be immediately ostracized. The participants and Blueprint NC should be excluded from the process. Let us raise the level of the dialog. Let's discuss the issues. Let's stop the low level behavior of demagoguery that is has become too much a part of our political process from the White House on down. IT IS TIME FOR A REAL CHANGE.

  • safelyiniowa Feb 23, 2013

    Looks like previous comment rejected. A major mid west newspaper has called for the murder of NRA members. Google "kaul kill nra". Other papers have published names and addresses of gun owners, with obvious malicious intent. We have to take the new threats seriously.

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