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  • danielleunc Feb 15, 2013

    While Fredrickson's quotes might sound kind of useless in the context of this article, she does good work in helping people find ways to live happier, productive lives - and the more people who do that, the better world we all get to live in. The book, "Positivity," she published a few years ago is still selling well - #59 in its category on Amazon as I'm typing this, so clearly people are interested in what she has to say. Heck, she even passes the McCrory test - her book and its profits are stimulating the economy and she's making money off a psych PhD!

  • working for deadbeats Feb 15, 2013

    Worst news story ever.

  • soulcandy Feb 15, 2013

    And how much are we paying this "professor"?

    LOL, that's the first thing I thought when I read her quotes in the UNC Gazette. This has to be a joke. For the quote "Love is blind" she said something like "No you actually have to use your eyes to see the other person".


    Our poor poor children

  • Ex-Republican Feb 14, 2013

    “My definition of love is a micro-moment of positivity resonance,”

    And how much are we paying this "professor"?

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