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  • ConservativeVoter Feb 14, 2013

    Publix is much like Harris Teeter.

    They have some very high end stores and some older smaller stores just like Harris Teeter.

  • ConservativeVoter Feb 14, 2013

    Greed at it again.

    We're not for sale but if someone offers us enough they can buy us.

  • superman Feb 14, 2013

    I usually go to the store to buy food etc. Not too concerned about their light fixtures. More concerned about their prices. You ever been to Sam's? Been there and they are always full of customers. So there are some people who really dont care about being in a "fashionable" store. Just forget the frills and give me low prices. Food Lion may not be fancy but I do like their prices.

  • DawgDue Feb 14, 2013

    "Have you been in a Publix? Upscale? I think not. They are almost as ugly as Food Lion. Almost."

    Absolutely have... Washington Rd. in Augusta, GA next Augusta National, on Ben Sawyer in Mt. Pleasant, SC and Central Blvd, Downtown Orlando, FL. Without a doubt the two nicest grocery stores that I have ever stepped foot into.

    Your comparison is skewed b/c just as their are good Harris Teeter's in this area, say Olde Raleigh and Cameron Village, there are some VERY outdated ones, ie the Western Blvd/Buck Jones/Jones Franklin.

    Any older established chain, is going to have smaller, out of date, and maybe not as nice stores. No matter who it is. Compare Walmart on Glenwood to one of the newer ones, like Garner or Brier Creek. No comparison. Catch the drift.

    Publix wouldn't come in here and do a makeshift job of filling a void, they'd come in here to blow the competition out of the water.

  • excalibur810 Feb 14, 2013

    yes, but giant is union controlled...i don't think that harry teeter is...

  • Uhavenoclu Feb 14, 2013

    Harrie Teeter is a carbon coyp of Giant and Giant Eagle stores.If they sold to Giant they would have to do much remodeling and Giant has gluten free sections and nice deli and produce.
    And for all the high class folk..It is very clean and upscale for y'all.

  • FarmerDoug Feb 14, 2013

    Teeter's non-sale/special prices may be a little or moderately higher than local competitors, and they take their gamble with coupons and specials that you buy more........but HT's niche is quality product and service. NOT the poor produce or meats of Food Lion, not the indifferent product and service of the unionized Kroger, not the cattle call of maybe low prices but marginal quality and poor service of Mal-Wart. If you can afford to do all your shopping at Teeter, God bless you. If you shop the sales or need some supplemental thing, that's why Teeter's there. QUALITY! Don't want Publix (BAD produce!), don't want more union Kroger, don't want the transplants' favorite store East Giblip. Why are the little and big things of this great state going of the way of transportation trends? Sigh. HT's # 1-800-432-6111.

  • sunshine1040 Feb 14, 2013

    They could sell to PUBLIX. A chain that actually cares about its customers no cards to track your purchases clean wide aisles and the brands you know and have tried

  • SaltlifeLady Feb 14, 2013

    I love Harris Teeter and hope they do not sell. Yes, they are sometimes more expensive than most of the other chain stores, so I always try to use coupons and hit the sales, but the stores are much cleaner, better stocked, more friendly, and have higher quality meats and produce than the other stores.You pay for what you get. Even Kroger can not compete with Harris Teeter. Like their ads, my Harris Teeter is "My Harris Teeter". Please do not sell!!!!

  • jamesgirl Feb 14, 2013

    So many people are using the term "Upscale". I've always considered the HT just that. I always knew they would be clean, have a great deli, but unfortunately have UPSCALE prices. Time are hard in this economy. I'm not going to buy from them what I know I can't $1.50-$2.00 cheaper. HT is overpriced. I only shop there for specials in their ad with an additional coupon if it beat out another store everyday prices.

  • NewToMe Feb 14, 2013

    You gotta love them Wal-Mart shoppers. Hope the HT doesn't sell!

  • BigSteamnTurd Feb 14, 2013

    Who ever takes over needs to get the prices down or they won't be around much longer anyway.

  • Lady Marksman Feb 14, 2013

    I love my Harris Teeter and will be sad to see it go UNLESS they are selling to WEGMANS which is the BEST every grocery store chain!!!

  • are you kidding me Feb 14, 2013

    Love HT...please do not go away!!!

  • keeprightexcepttopass Feb 14, 2013

    I really like my Harris Teeter. I usually frequent it for smaller grocery batches as their prices are higher than other stores. But I love the cleanliness and less hoards of loud, ill-mannered folks I encounter at other stores (ahem...Walmart).

    I suspect Publix would be the top contender to buy them, as they are already trying to open stores in NC. And some of the HT upscale niches are also present in many Publix stores. So I think they could merge pretty seamlessly.

  • Z Man Feb 14, 2013

    Bypass Harris Teeter and Food Lion to get to Wal Mart. Don't care what they call these stores until their prices drop. Harris Teeter has always been the cleanest with a nice selection though.

  • Nancy Feb 14, 2013

    "Is this sale only encompassing the Raleigh area or the entire chain of HT stores throughout the state? They are building a new store as we speak off Highway 42 in the middle of no where, near Percy Flowers store."

    It would be all 120 stores - from Maryland all the way down south.

  • btneast Feb 14, 2013

    Have you been in a Publix? Upscale? I think not

    I have, many times, but only in heavily populated areas....they were VERY nice. Maybe you were shopping in an older one in a more remote area?

  • Viewer Feb 14, 2013

    Some of the local grocery snobs will be heartbroken if the name changes. Personalty I think the new owners of Food Lion have done an adequate job of updating their stores and merchandise, (albeit at an additional cost to the customers), and the larger Carlie C's stores almost compare to the local HT. HT is the place we go to whenever looking for an "exotic" that the other stores in Fayetteville currently do not carry. Whatever happens we will not go hungry and will adjust to the new situation.

  • btneast Feb 14, 2013

    Harris Teeter is a red neck's Whole Foods. itself, I would consider HT the farthest thing from being red thoughts would be Piggly Wiggly, FL or even better a local Red and White. Compared to Whole Foods, I can see that it would be more in the red neck direction comparitively.

  • Gucci Hippy Piggy Feb 14, 2013

    Have you been in a Publix? Upscale? I think not. They are almost as ugly as Food Lion. Almost.

  • cruzinlong Feb 14, 2013

    maybe if Publix buys them they will lower the food prices from what HT was charging. Their sales were a joke. Jack the prices up 2x then have a "sale" bringing the price down to what most everyone else already charges.

  • njyankee007 Feb 14, 2013

    I hope they get bought out. I went there to grab a few things and left after the $6.99 price tag on Hellman's mayo. I know that they are expanding but they do not need to spread the costs on the customers as much.
    I wish that it was Wegmans that was looking into buying them. Now that is a GREAT store with awesome varity at a reasonable price

  • Preebok Feb 14, 2013

    Oh no.... I hope I can still order my groceries online and pick them up outside the store!

  • bean112455 Feb 14, 2013

    Is this sale only encompassing the Raleigh area or the entire chain of HT stores throughout the state? They are building a new store as we speak off Highway 42 in the middle of no where, near Percy Flowers store.

  • OleNCNative Feb 14, 2013

    Don't sell the Kroger!! That place is the pits!!! :-[

  • Weaker Pelosi Feb 14, 2013

    What will happen to the employees, especially upper mangement and district managers?

  • rocket Feb 14, 2013

    "Harris Teeter is a red neck's Whole Foods."

    What is red neck about HT?

  • cartman Feb 14, 2013

    I really like HT, much better shopping experience than places like Food Lion. I wouldn't mind if Publix bought them, they have similar upscale stores.

  • baracus Feb 14, 2013

    "I hope Publix buys them. Harris Teeter is a red neck's Whole Foods."

    I've noticed recently that there a number of products actually cheaper at WF than HT and yet WF is the one with the Whole Paycheck nickname!

  • vegeman12 Feb 14, 2013

    I hope Publix buys them. Harris Teeter is a red neck's Whole Foods.

  • Southern Girl Feb 14, 2013

    Bring on Publix....change and competition is always good!

  • SirWired Feb 14, 2013

    Private equity. Durn it. Look for HT to turn itself into a Food Lion clone... cost-cutting galore in order to scrape up enough money to pay off the inevitable debt.

  • LovemyPirates Feb 14, 2013

    Been a Harris Teeter shopper for 35 years and hope they keep the model currently in place. I'll pay a little more for selection and cleanliness. Food Lion is a dump.

  • rlwieland Feb 14, 2013

    I spent 21 years with these guys, started with them in 82 and when I left there was alwaya talk of a sell for our stock. Tad (wral flagged his alst name, geesgh) who jioned the company later I have to say while it made it tough on guys like me who had been around did a great job growing the company, etc. Hate to see them sell becuase I know from owning my own company the culture of HT comes from the top and I know a Kroger or Publix not sure would have the same feel. Oh well.

  • bobbyj Feb 14, 2013

    I just found 10 stores in Raleigh without even digging real hard. Nice news team.

  • GravyPig Feb 14, 2013

    ""Harris Teeter confirms it's considering possible sale"

    Nice apostrophe." -dmccall

    Why yes it is. Doing a fine job letting people know "it is".

  • same ole story Feb 14, 2013

    Sure hope this doesn't change the building of the new Harris Teeter store at Flowers plantation in Clayton. Flowers has done the best things for that area in clayton!!

  • JoCoGrl Feb 14, 2013

    Now that the grammar lesson is over, I hate to see them gone.

  • dirkdiggler Feb 14, 2013

    Figures. We finally break ground and are building the first Harris Teeter in JoCo and now they want to sell? Phooey. I agree with Scubagirl. Let Food Lion do a merger with someone to increase the quality of their junk offerings. Then maybe shopping there wouldn't be such a dismal experience.

  • Nancy Feb 14, 2013

    "hey already sold American & Efird"

    Talking to some of the management just prior to that sale, they said it was to focus solely on the HT chain, reinvest that money into expanding HT.

    But if one of the founders died, this would explain the change in direction.

    Would be a shame as they have a superb business model with above standard customer service and a myriad of other policies that no one else can touch in the markets they operate in.

    If they get sold and folded into an existing chain, all that will be lost and standards will fall. It was the corporate standards that were followed in the stores that made HT the shining star in so many respects.

  • tar97heel Feb 14, 2013

    The only reason to go to a grocery store anymore is for the weekly specials. I can remember 20 years ago, when Lowes and HT were high-quality, upscale stores. Now, the meat quality can't touch whole foods, fresh market, or meat house on the high end, and their low-end items are found cheaper at Aldi, BJs/Costco/Sams, or Trader Joes. Most of these smaller alternatives didn't exist back then, and warehouse stores were just getting started in this area.

    I would guess they're trying to find ways to appeal to all customers, and that in't going to work anymore, IMO. I certainly don't buy beef from HT or Lowes (of Food Lion!), and if you compare it with the other niche stores I mentioned, your stomach would turn. As far as the cheap stuff, why not go to a warehouse club and stock up, save on gas (driving and at the warehouse club pump), and be done with it.

  • missparrothead Feb 14, 2013

    HT is a nice store- good meats, produce, and their BOGO specials, however overall are too expensive to do a "big" stock up shopping trip. Kroger has many more store brand products that are cheaper and just as good, plus double coupons.

  • map1agmachining Feb 14, 2013

    I like the little HT on Oberlin & Glennwood. Drop in there a couple times a week. Managers and cashiers always smile & say hello.
    I would probaly agree with Publix coming to help keep cost across the board between other chains.
    Krogers meats ( beef)are horrible. Had a steak one time and was looking for were the jockey whipped it.

  • LuvLivingInCary Feb 14, 2013

    they just getting out before the walmart neighboorhood stores kick their behinds.

  • baracus Feb 14, 2013

    "Nice apostrophe."

    Nice comment. The apostrophe is correct as "it is" makes more sense there than a possessive "its".

  • saunch09 Feb 14, 2013

    The apostrophe in the title is completely correct. It's as in "it is considering possible sale". What's the problem?

  • PanthersFan45 Feb 14, 2013

    I used to be a regular at Harris Teeter until their deli switched from Dietz & Watson to Boars Head. I can get much better overall prices from Lowes Foods now and their quality is just as good as HT. The Deli was what kept me going to HT as a 1st choice, but since HT & Lowes both market the same meats in the deli I've become loyal to Lowes.

  • atheistswillrule Feb 14, 2013

    My cousins, the Dikson's ( moderator forced spelling) actually own Harris-Teeter as well as a myriad of other businesses. Alan Dikson, one of the two co-founders of the parent company Ruddick died middle of last year and the family has decided that they want to cash out. They already sold American & Efird ( a thread company) not too long ago for 180 million. Harris Teeter should bring in a few billion. The family is extremely happy.

  • If the shoe fits.... Feb 14, 2013

    I love our H-T in Rocky Mt. It is so clean and offers such a variety of foods, such as Heartland cereals and gelato. Don't change!

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