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  • superman Feb 15, 2013

    Love the people who shop at HT. I can afford anything I want but I like to get the best bang for my buck. I enjoy having my wallet full of cash while you folks spend your money on expensive items you can get cheaper somewhere else. House and 3 cars are paid for and no credit card debt.

  • winterconnie Feb 14, 2013

    Publix is a wonderful store and I hope that they come to NC I go to Florida in the winter and I just love this store. They have such fresh fruits and vegetables and you never need to ask for anything. The meats are always fresh and their pies are to die for.
    The one thing that I miss when we return from Florida is this supermarket. I hope they do come to NC. A little competition does not hurt.

  • AnneM71 Feb 14, 2013

    Nooooo please I don't want to lose my HT!!!

  • paddie Feb 14, 2013

    We have 3 sub par grocery stores where I live. I usually have to go to all 3 to get everything on my list. I make the 30 min trip to Harris Teeter about 2-3 times a month to get all the higher quality stuff that my local stores do not carry. I can only hope that whoever buys them doesn't turn them into another Food Lion, Walmart etc.

  • Micro citizen Feb 14, 2013

    "H T has the absolute BEST customer service. I'm willing to pay a little more for that, and avoid the "Walmartiians" at the same time! Rat Rod"


  • btneast Feb 14, 2013

    The reason Walmart has lower prices is that they force companies to take less for their products or be bounced off the shelf.

    That is not the real reason they have such low prices. They do expect to pay less, as they are the largest retailer in the world, but the same thing happens at Target, Home Depot, Best Buy and all of the other mega retailers. Its the vendors choice to agree or not. Walmart is the most efficient company in the world on getting the product from "the rail car to your car"...their distribution network is studied by many other companies as an ideal to strive for. There's only so cheap you can buy a product, the difference is how much does it cost you to handle it to get it out the door.

  • lwe1967 Feb 13, 2013

    Supermarkets come and go. I have seen a lot coming then going - Winn Dixie, Bi-Lo, Safeway, Colonial, A&P, etc. Publix is a good store. It is headquarted in Lakeland, Fl and has done nothing but grow and make large profits.

  • DawgDue Feb 13, 2013

    Publix is the only chain that makes logical sense. They've already expanded into the Charlotte market with the Rock Hill, SC store and are building in south Charlotte. Have one on deck for Cary and another in Raleigh. They buy HT, then they buy trucks and distribution warehouses. That moves them directly into North Carolina with resources and existing store structures.

    The Publix stores I've been to in Mt. Pleasant, SC and Augusta, GA have been incredible. Clean, top notch service, prices are good. I'd welcome Publix with open arms to this area in replacement of Harris Teeter.

    I highly doubt though that Publix would take over each HT store though simply due to the fact that many HT stores are the original style (ie Western Blvd & Glenwood Village) and wouldnt fit the size requirement that a Publix would want/need. I could see those going to Food Lion or Lowes Foods.

    Whatever the case, it'll be interesting to see what all happens with this deal going forward.

  • curlyq619 Feb 13, 2013

    People who complain about HT jacking prices up on BOGO sales need to realize that pretty much every grocery store does the same thing.

  • Geez Louise Feb 13, 2013

    "For all of you commenting that HT is too expensive, go to the other grocery stores. No one is MAKING you shop there. "

    --Um, I think that's why we ARE shopping at other grocery store, and they're looking to sell.

  • SirWired Feb 13, 2013

    Harris Teeter doesn't have the best prices; not by a long shot. But their produce and meat departments are top-notch. And, unlike the Lowes (the closest store to my house), Food Lion, or Kroger, I can be reasonably sure that HT will have every item on my list. Nothing annoys me more when shopping than having to make a special trip to a second store for one or two items. That, to me, is more valuable than getting 12-packs of beer for cheaper at another store.

    (And don't even get me started on Wal-Mart; shopping at the Brier Creek Supercenter is a nightmare; I'd still hesitate to shop there if the groceries were free. It's an exercise in frustration.)

  • snowl Feb 13, 2013

    Super Target has much better prices... I won't shop at Walmart for groceries. HT is just a quick stop and shop for a few items for me, too expensive... since I DO NOT waste my time using coupons.

  • corey3rd2 Feb 13, 2013

    "The sad part, is what HT is finding out is that American's don't care about quality or service, or even where the item is made. They only care about price."

    You've obviously never tried to hunt for a parking space in a shopping center featuring a Whole Foods.

  • vance203 Feb 13, 2013

    Is it me, or does HT jack up the price when it goes on sale? One item one week was $2.79. Then the next week it was a buy one get one free, but the price was something like $4.49. So you buy two (and pay $4.49, but that ends up being $2.25 each. So you're really only saving 50 cents from the previous week. Yeah, it's a savings, but it sure as heck ain't BOGO. A little misleading, in my book.

  • MSN93 Feb 13, 2013

    No no no!!! Please don't sell! Kroger? Publix? Ugh. I love my Harris Teeter!!!

  • aspenstreet1717 Feb 13, 2013

    Stopped shopping at HT when Aldi opened. They are cheaper on every single item I buy. Cheaper than Walmart as well.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Feb 13, 2013

    This is not a good sign. One of our home grown corporations seeing the handwriting on the wall about th future of doing business in NC. Looks like they have no faith in Pat as governor.

  • corey3rd2 Feb 13, 2013

    The reason Walmart has lower prices is that they force companies to take less for their products or be bounced off the shelf. The companies (Kraft for example) has had to make up this profit loss by firing employees. Every time you load up on Walmart groceries, you're putting somebody on the unemployment line. Feel good eating your dinner tonight.

  • miyata Feb 13, 2013

    Publix would be nice. I miss Shoprite and Wegman's from up north. I'm used to HT's prices now, but I was a bit surprised when I first moved here.

  • mokesky Feb 13, 2013

    Wouldn't y'all rather get the sale item without the hastle of all these stupid store cards? "I do not have my card" "We can use your phone number; sorry that number is not showing up" "Try this number" "Sorry sir/mam that is not showing either". Publix does not have a card. If you got sale items they show your savings at the bottom of the receipt just like HT but WITHOUT a card! As far as y'all complaining about Publix's coupon policy a store does not have to double or triple it for you. Be glad you were able to. However maybe this is why HT is selling. Can't make money that way when you offer double coupons everyday. I have seen people get money back and a cart full of groceries when HT did triple coupons. Good for the consumer; bad for business. Publix is better. YEs Wegmans is good from what I hear; however I welcome a Southern chain over a Northern one. This is still the South and tired of people trying to make it the North.

  • RandolphBloke Feb 13, 2013

    I am amazed at the people who still think HT is so overpriced. Do some serious *shopping* and not just grabbing the first things you see on a shelf and you'll find they are very competitive. They definitely do have higher priced items if you want them; but, only a fool would by those items and then complain about it.

  • NewToMe Feb 13, 2013

    The sad part, is what HT is finding out is that American's don't care about quality or service, or even where the item is made. They only care about price.

  • sandfin Feb 13, 2013

    Publix is Ahhhhhmazing! Even better than HT.

  • Boot-the-DC-Tyrant Feb 13, 2013

    Publix is great! Wish they would come here!

  • NewToMe Feb 13, 2013

    Please don't let it be Kroger! There's only one grocery store with worse service and that's Wal-Mart. The couple of times I've been to a Publix they seem nice. I just hope HT decides not to sell.

  • little blue 2 Feb 13, 2013

    I only buy items at HT on special or e-VIC. We eat vegetarian and I cook mostly from scratch. There is not one coupon in 20 that is useful to me on a regular basis. HT might have beautiful produce, but at 3x the cost of Aldi, I'm not buying it. I'm going to chop it up anyway, what do I care what it looks like on the display?

    I've been to Publix a few times in Orlando. That is a store I could get used to.

  • Southern Girl Feb 13, 2013

    I always get confused with the E-Vix deals. Some are the whole week, some just on Sat., and some just on Sun. I can't drive back and forth to save a few cents with gas that high. They should make them all weekend.

  • Southern Girl Feb 13, 2013

    Publix is the best grocery store. It would be a great thing for this area if Publix comes. Harris Teeter lost my business several years ago because of their high prices. Bri g it on...change is needed.

  • DurhamDevil Feb 13, 2013

    I shop HT way more often than any other store in the area and I get exceptional deal because I take advantage of sales and coupons. No other store in the area provides better quality at such good sale prices.

    On the other hand, I am familiar with Publix and they are definitely up to snuff with HT. Kroger is not.

  • marciamal1 Feb 13, 2013

    I shopped at a Publix in Florida and they had some pretty decent prices.

  • joeBob Feb 13, 2013

    Would be nice if some NC based company or investors bought them and kept the same "feel". HT stores are so much nicer than Food Lion or Kroger.

  • itsnotmeiswear Feb 13, 2013

    I would LOVE to have Publix in the area.

  • Dale Feb 13, 2013

    I don't understand why people "love" wal mart so much. I have seen on numerous occasions meat in places it should not be ie, clothing departments, with the toys, in the containers that they will put a bunch of dvd's in, at the cash register on top of the candy etc. I handed some ground beef to a manager once that I found and I was curious as to what he would do with it, mind you the meat was warm. I followed him and he put it back with the other ground beef. I asked him why did he do that, and he had a dumb look on his face and couldn't give me a reason. Since that day, the only thing I will buy is school supplies and can goods.

  • HadEnough Feb 13, 2013

    What always gets me about Harris teeter is that sign they have at the register stating their CUSTOMER POLICIES. They have policies for me to follow? Yeah right!

  • sinenomine Feb 13, 2013

    Which grocery store is the least expensive depends on the particular mix of groceries and other items you buy. In my case Harris-Teeter is the most expensive across the board, not the least expensive.

    Notwithstanding that I used to be a regular customer of the old H-T store at North Hills due to its convenience to where I live. Then in February of 2009 the old store closed and H-T moved across Six Forks Road to its present, two story location.

    I can count on ten fingers the number of times I have been to the new store. It's still possible to run in and out of the store quickly if all the items you need are on the first floor but woe betide you if you have things on your list which require a trip upstairs. Inconvenient as all get-out. Whoever convinced H-T to build a two story grocery store could, as the old saying goes, sell iceboxes to eskimos.

  • living the dream Feb 13, 2013

    H T has the absolute BEST customer service. I'm willing to pay a little more for that, and avoid the "Walmartiians" at the same time!

  • scoutmomof2 Feb 13, 2013

    I want to keep my HT. The employees are friendly, the stores are clean, the meat and produce are good and no one can touch their coupon policy. I have been looking at Publix's ads online with the rumors of them moving in the area and I am not impressed. Their coupon policy is not that good, they don't carry as many brand names and their one cent deals for the most part aren't worth making a trip for.

    I have saved so much at HT since I started couponing again and love my HT. Looking at the Wegman's ads, that would take getting used to but they are similar to HT.

  • Terkel Feb 13, 2013

    The other thing about Wally is I never feel safe buying their house brands because of the poisoned dog food imported from China and the lead-painted toys from India. If I must buy food there I buy national brands, when I could buy house brands at one of the grocery chains and not have to worry.

  • Naysayer Feb 13, 2013

    Great service at HT, but regular prices are way out of line with their competitors.

  • cray102 Feb 13, 2013

    99% of my groceries are from HT, rarely remember the coupons. But if they do sell, maybe it will be to something like Wegman's - nice store in PA. We have a PA bank, may as well have a PA grocery.

  • dougdeep Feb 13, 2013

    Oh no.

  • Native NC gal Feb 13, 2013

    NOT KROGER!!! Please - that would be the END of Harris Teeter as we know it. We lived in VA where all Harris Teeter stores turned into Kroger stores. Bad, bad move.

  • EnoughWhiningAlready Feb 13, 2013

    Noooooooooooooooo! I love shopping at The Teeter. Say it isn't so!

  • mokesky Feb 13, 2013

    People, it is a win win when Publix gets here. Their service is 100% better than HT........

  • thewayitis Feb 13, 2013

    I get the best groceries for the cheapest price at Harris Teeter. I don't even use coupons all that much. But I do shop the sales. The people who pay too much at HT are the ones who don't pay attention to the weekly specials. HT's weekly specials are the best around. And for those who don't know, when Harris Teeter has BOGO, you don't have to buy two in order to get the special price -- you can buy one at half-price. I also know what groceries cost at other places, so I always use that info when deciding what to buy. I find Wally World to be one of the most expensive places for me to shop, because they have very few specials. I get my groceries for far less at Harris Teeter. :-)

  • Wags Feb 13, 2013

    I love HT and Lowes but after one time shopping at Wally World, I couldn't afford to go back. W Mart has lousy, if any, customer service but the prices are great.

  • warbirdlover Feb 13, 2013

    Buy 100% of my groceries at HT. Never use coupons. Also like THE FRESH MARKET.

  • If the shoe fits.... Feb 13, 2013

    Just this week I shopped at Food Lion (when traveling) then came home to tell my husband how very fortunate we are to have a Harris-Teeter locally. The Rocky Mount H-T store is so clean and offers a larger variety of foods than does Food Lion. I would hate to see H-T close or change in any way. The store appears to do a thriving business - as do the ones in Wilmington, I hear. If the chain is thriving, why sell?

  • Chris_H Feb 13, 2013

    I hope they do not sell - Harris Teeter has great deals with very competitive prices. Yes the sale items, not regular prices. The employees are very friendly and helpful. I hate to go into the Walmart Markets and forget Kroger.....employees at both are not into customer service. Plus they do not offer the diversity of products that HT does. I hope if they do sell it is more to like a Publix....

  • TwoWheels Feb 13, 2013

    I remember when Ukrops was sold in Virginia... Lots of folks there loved Ukrops as much as folks here love HT. Ukrops kept the "kitchen" part.. It is "Martins" featuring "Ukrops Kitchen". They made a few changes, but seem to be doing well (love Ukrops chicken salad, mac cheese, and White House Rolls!)... I hope HT doesn't sell out - but if they do, I sure hope it's Publix and not Kroger. I don't think twice about buying HT store brand (or Publix store brand when i'm in SC).. but i will NEVER buy a Kroger store brand. The few items I have purchased were terrible.. one was down right disgusting. PLEASE don't sell Harris Teeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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