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  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Feb 14, 2013

    I consistently used Frontline Plus on my beagle on the 5th day of every month. After 6 years of success with Frontline, he finally got a case of the fleas. He is now on Trifexis (a combined flea/heartworm pill that is similar to Comfortis), and it's been successful for the 3 months he has been on it.

    I miss the fact that Trifexis doesn't cover ticks, but the vet said in the winter, ticks aren't a problem.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 13, 2013

    Forget the dogs and cats, keep putting their medicine on and then hang flea collars on your belt. Alos watch our for the cheap stuff, it's not regulated and can make you animals sick.

  • davidgnews Feb 13, 2013

    We alternate treatment types with our cats, but I also get Termidor and use that since it has one of the active ingredients in Frontline. We got them the fleas to near zero.

  • orangemoonlite Feb 13, 2013

    We had the same problem with our 3 dogs! Beginning October 2011 through January 2012 - NOTHING worked! We had properly & continuously used the same medication as in the past 10+ years, but all of a sudden they got fleas & we couldn't get rid of them...until they just went away again - 3 months of misery for the whole house! The fleas were much bigger than we had ever seen before & we used at least 5 different products over that period. I felt so bad for our pups having to have medicine baths a few times a week on top of topical treatments - it was awful!

  • Hatchcover Feb 13, 2013

    Dog Squat !!Been treating my 4 dogs for 12 years monthly and I also treat the yard 4 times a year. This past year NOTHING worked. I'm throwing down $80 plus a month on the so-called best vet approved flea medicine and Bayer lawn treatment and that cost another $60 plus every 3 months! Why after 11 good years the treatment worked and the last year nothing?

  • asn0307 Feb 13, 2013

    Comfortis was a heaven send when I got my puppy. Fleas everywhere, gave him the Comfortis and they were DEAD in an hour. Definitely a good product!

  • bubbasu1 Feb 13, 2013

    I have to disagree. I work in a Veterinary Hospital , both our vets changed their flea prevention products because it was no longer working well and their animals got the product every month (Spring,Ssummer,Fall,Winter). I too have used the same product for severl years,12 months a year and have experienced the same problem.I agree some of the problem is how the product is administered ( it may be topical or an oral prevention) and consistency is important ( same goes for Heatworm Prevention).In a discussion with a rep for one of the flea prevenatives I asked specifically if the fles and ticks can become resistent to the products and his reply was yes! It also helps if pet owners treat their yards and homes .

  • BigSteamnTurd Feb 12, 2013

    It's probably at Pandemic levels.

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