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  • dbass Feb 13, 2013

    This is a great idea, but not just for crime reporting. We once came across a woman on the greenway who was injured and needed medical attention, but trying to describe her location to the 911 dispatcher was an excercise in frustration. Mile markers would have been very helpful that day.

  • MadMaxx Feb 13, 2013

    RPD, you can find the suspect's body at mile marker 12!!!! Criminals beware, we are not taking this criminal activity anymore and standing up for our RIGHTS and PROTECTIONS.

  • Red Green Feb 13, 2013

    "If I have to carry a gun to take a nature walk, I'm staying home!" beachgal

    And as we lose more and more territory to crime the criminals continue to win! I'd rather see more people including myself carry.

  • lowepg Feb 13, 2013

    What a joke.... milemarkers?

    So now they can more easily find you after you've been assaulted... that's reassuring.

    It perfectly symbolizes that cops cant PREVENT these crimes... only come mop them up afterwards... People need to take responsibility for themselves.

    Dont walk/run alone, be aware of your surroundings (ie turn off the headphones), and be prepared to protect yourself.

    And, frankly, stay out of Durham.... theres plenty of nice trail that doesnt cut through the sewer...

  • joeBob Feb 13, 2013

    We walk the Neuse River Greenway all the time and have never felt threatened. Saw some bike riders for a while that had some sort of badge or something sown on identifying them as "greenway volunteers" or whatever. Haven't seen them in quite some time. Remember, concealed carry is concealed carry.

  • PeaceOut2017 Feb 12, 2013

    if only criminals obeyed no gun zones we wouldn't have a crime problem on the greenways would we?

  • mistervegas Feb 12, 2013

    Why doesn't the Raleigh police setup a sting operation to catch there criminals?

  • beachgal Feb 12, 2013

    Really? It's that unsafe to walk these trails? My husband was so excited when they finished the Neuse Trail. I refuse to go. Unless of course I take a gun, which I don't own. If I have to carry a gun to take a nature walk, I'm staying home!

  • BuglessDuster Feb 12, 2013

    If they have to put up mile markers so you can more easily identify the location you are attacked, I think I will get my exercise somewhere else.

  • letickle0927 Feb 12, 2013

    Actually, the NC constitution explicitly makes it a right to carry guns openly. No government body can restrict your right to carry openly. However, private entities can and municipalities can restrict concealed carry on explicit recreational places included in the statute and they must conspicuously post the restrictions while you are still allowed to store the guns in your car while at the recreational facility. Sources: CCH instructor, Law Student currently enrolled in firearms law and just covered this subject yesterday, NC constitution.

  • smcallah Feb 12, 2013

    I will add that the no gun signs would apply to open carry still, since municipalities can still enact laws against open carry within their limits. That is under a different NC G.S.

  • smcallah Feb 12, 2013

    "Seems like the greenways are gun free zones are they not? The one from Falls of Neuse towards Capital Blvd has signs posted. So if you are carrying legally elsewhere you are not carrying legally there."

    Then it would appear that Raleigh forgot to take down the no guns signs after HB650 was made into NC State law last year.

    No municipality may make a law against concealed carry in parks unless it is a specified recreational area. And the law specifically lists that the recreational areas can only be "a playground, an athletic field, a swimming pool, and an athletic facility."

    NC G.S. 14-415.23 if you need to read it for yourself.

    The Raleigh Greenway does not fit in that definition. Those signs were legal before the enactment of HB650. But now they do not apply to concealed carry permit holders.

  • Cleanup on Aisle Cool Feb 12, 2013

    Funny - the picture is mile post 2-3/4 - which is in the middle of the lake Johnson Bridge. Totally uneccessary for crime descriptions. Just tell the cops you were on that big wooden bridge over the lake. Duh.

    If you have to call the cops, give them a description of what trail you are on, if it's paved or unpaved, near water or roads, east side of the lake or highway, etc. Of course if you can't be bothered to learn which way is which and pay attention to your surroundings, then maybe you should at least go out with a big dog or a friend with some common sense.

  • AMazeder Feb 12, 2013

    Anyone who's had a bicycle accident on a greenway path can appreciate the value of these milemarkers. They will also help emergency personnel get to an injured person more quickly.

  • veyor Feb 12, 2013

    These paved "greenways" are facinating. They run right through buffers that environmentalists worship.

  • pab7165 Feb 12, 2013

    Police: "Ma'am...where were you raped?"
    Woman: "I dunno...somewhere on the Greenway."

    Police: "Ma'am...where were you raped?"
    Woman: "Near mile marker 3 3/4"
    Police: "Thank God for those mile markers. We'll make a note of it".

  • fishon Feb 12, 2013

    Seems like the greenways are gun free zones are they not? The one from Falls of Neuse towards Capital Blvd has signs posted. So if you are carrying legally elsewhere you are not carrying legally there.

  • smcallah Feb 12, 2013

    "Carrying a gun isn't the answer to every problem people. You can't make me carry one any more than I can stop you from carrying yours legally."

    Who said anything about making someone carry a gun?

  • geoherb1 Feb 12, 2013

    "It is unlawful to possess firearms or other weapons," according to the posted rules.

  • oshearyan Feb 12, 2013

    @nascar33 - its not happening here, but it is in Durham. Its a good idea to do something before it becomes a problem here.
    @immaannoid - I think that should be part of this plan already. Most people who use these trails are exercising, and may not be carrying a phone.

    Carrying a gun isn't the answer to every problem people. You can't make me carry one any more than I can stop you from carrying yours legally.

  • glarg Feb 12, 2013

    "A lack of violent crimes committed on the system has made doing so partially unnecessary."

    Hmm. Yeah it a big problem we cant fill out those reports.

    Here is a plan- we all use it more and I'll look out for you guys. Total cost= $0.

  • That Explains It Feb 12, 2013

    I think ya'll is missin da point. The mile markers is so you kin tells da cops where ya done lift da body of da perp-a-tater.

  • Hans Feb 12, 2013

    I feel safer already! This is precisely why you don't need to carry weapons, folks. The government has us covered!

  • zenonx6 Feb 12, 2013

    Concealed carry or even open carry there will greatly reduce crime and maybe deter some future trash.

  • fmacmaster Feb 12, 2013

    Great idea… Now you’ve given the thieves something else to steal.

  • JustAName Feb 12, 2013

    Maybe they should do the markers every yard or so. You know, so they can narrow down where they were attacked.

  • friendlyman Feb 12, 2013

    hilarious, no thanks I'll be packing so I can defend myself, thank you very much, as we all know, the Police do not have an obligation to protect us from harm (Warren vs. DC Police)

  • nascar33 Feb 12, 2013

    So we are developing and testing a system to track something that isn't happening... No wonder our government is trillions in debt!

  • smcallah Feb 12, 2013

    If I choose to walk on the Greenway, I choose to use my legal ability to carry a concealed handgun if I have to defend myself from deadly force.

  • That Explains It Feb 12, 2013

    For real? That's the response? Mile Markers? You just can't make up this kind of stuff.

  • BernsteinIII Feb 12, 2013

    What next? Phones with Blue lights?

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